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Simion Message December 2011_Contemplation and Commitment

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  • Ash
      Simion Channeling on the Energy forDecember 2011  Contemplation and Commitment! We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  This month of December is the
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        SimionChanneling on the Energy for December 2011

      Comtemplating the Light
       Contemplationand Commitment!
      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective. 

      This month of December is the end of your calendar year and the energy is full in the atmosphere of your collective conscious for Contemplation and also for Commitment.  The contemplation being personal assessment of your year's accomplishments and status of your being on this Earth.  Where have you come from, where have you gone, and what are you committed to being and doing in the months or years ahead.  There is no better time for this, not only because of the year's technical end, but because the forces of the universe will be demanding that you decide on your focus.  Are you committed to walking into your light, your potential, your truth as a soul on a mission? 

      Have you, or will you, give yourself some time to contemplate what all this means to you, as you venture down the path of your life.  Contemplation of your choices thus far, and choices to come, and what you
      are fully committed to being, pursuing and knowing.  Really, there is nothing more to be said on this.  That is all there is to it this month.  But, within these simple notions there is all your power.  Now is a wonderful chance to ride the waves of your own contemplations and move them forward with commitments.  Having no contemplation will lead to a lack of any real commitment, so they must go hand in hand.  You will want to know where you have been to know where you stand and where you will most want to go to ride the waves of force that will exist in the world of 2012. 

      In other words, you will want to find an awareness of self on several levels of your consciousness.  Spend a least some of your spare time thinking of your status over this past year on the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and multidimensional levels of your being.  In this awareness, you will find what you have committed to and where you can further reveal the most light.  Last month you may have checked your stew and spent some time perfecting its taste, and now you will be set for the reflection on what you have created and be ready to commit to yourself in your best light.  Reflect on your ego satisfaction vs. how much you have been in touch with sensing your soul's vibrations.  And beyond that, have you taken steps into glancing your multidimensional and eternal soul being?  these are just some ideas as to where to take your contemplation and future commitments as you flow through your illusion of time and space.  This illusion gives you the opportunity to do as we are suggesting.  Revel in this chance to contemplate and commit. 

      You have many holidays this month as well, and there is no coincidence in these events.  There was a recognition of spiritual masters and religious circles that this month of December offered some cosmic opportunity for a festival of lights for the soul journey.  All depends on the cycles you have perpetuated this year and your commitment to keeping the lights within alive according to the frequency of light you choose to emit hence forward.  The cultural implications of the holidays also afford one the chance to be in a state of giving.   Will you give out of some selfish need with expectations, or be in a state of giving for the sake of the love imbued from the heart into the universal consciousness.  The lights on the tree, or lit in the candelabra, represent your potential and what you will carry forth into the next 12 months.  What a splendid reflection of one's inner light can be bestowed on the world in this glorious month of December.  A chance to step out of ones self as an ego identity and into the soul's purposeful mission. 

      Contemplate this and make your choices of Commitment.  That which you commit to will receive amplified forces of light that will not diminish over time.  Choose wisely and Brightly!

      Have a beautiful Festival of Lights, in whatever way you choose to commemorate this sentiment and vibration of light in your world!

      ~ Simion in the light!


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