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Fw: 13 Leo The Angels of Perfection

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Lady and Cats (From CloudEight Stationery, Dreams III Collection) 13 degrees Leo The Angels of Perfection Also known as The Angels of Horog Beloved, there
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2001
      Lady and Cats (From CloudEight Stationery, Dreams III Collection)
       13 degrees Leo

      The Angels of Perfection

      Also known as

      The Angels of ‘Horog

      Beloved, there are two general paths to enlightenment, The Path of Love and Holiness, and the Path of Perfection. The Sufis, the wise mystics of Islam, say there is a third path. It is the Path of the Prophet, which is the Path of Divine Will.

      We are the angels of the path of perfection. Our particular emphasis is the path to perfection that comes through using the laws of creativity, the laws of the Power of the Word, to bring justice, grace and mercy to Earth.

      The Path of Love and Holiness is extremely simple. It may be difficult as well, but it is extremely simple. It is the mystical path of Love

      Divine. It is the path of surrender to the Love of God in All of His Forms. It is the Path of Faith.

      The Path of the Prophet, or the Path of Surrender to Divine Will is both complex and simple . It requires identification with and attunement to Divine Will, a single minded focus of Love and Holiness, and also a keen understanding of the Laws of Manifestation, which is complex, like the Path of Perfection.

      The Path of Perfection is extremely complex. It sometimes is the path of least resistance because it is the path of knowledge , but it is very complex. Here the wisdom and the wonders of God’s kingdom, both inside yourself the microcosm], and in the outer world [the macrocosm], are mastered and understood. This is the path of The Power of The Word.

      The Path of Perfection is the path of the Yogi , the Magi, or the Shaman. It is the path of ancient Understanding and Knowledge . In this path application is everything. Here lies mastery of the worlds of form, of feeling, of mind, and of spirit through the fourfold application of the meditations of each divine virtue.

      We are the order of angels who assist those who study the Power of the Word on the Path of Perfection in order to create heaven on earth.


      H…This letter symbolizes the Power of the Word. In fourfold whole brain thinking, the WILL of a divine virtue is held in the pure being of Delta brainwaves, the CONCEPT AND MEANING of a divine virtue is held in the deep inward thought of Theta brainwaves, the FEELING of a divine virtue is held in emotion of Alpha brainwaves, and the SENSATION, COLOR, MUSICAL NOTE, SOUND, AND RELEVANT BODY PART is held in the five senses, memory, and logic of Beta brainwaves. By using this technique to utter words, each one of which is made up of letters that have divine virtues associated with them, creativity of the highest order occurs.

      O…The letter O represents divine justice. Divine justice on a mental level gives a high level of justice, so that a person is ‘completely filled with the legality of Divine Providence.’ By becoming one with the virtue of justice, the power of creativity of the word is always used according to ‘the absolute legality of harmony’.

      R…The letter R symbolizes freedom and independence. On a mental level this gives an eminent mind, and a feeling of freedom of will and absolute security that is in complete accord with Divine Providence. A child of God follows sure inner guidance in creating grace, justice, and mercy in the world. On an emotional and physical level, the virtue of freedom and independence ‘awakens ingenuity and a rational widening of intellect, so that any knowledge can be comprehended quickly’.

      O…Divine justice in the physical world ‘evokes situations which bring about absolute success and happiness in every respect. The child of God mastering this virute learns to understand, and eventually control completely, the working and functioning of the electromagnetic fluid, which is the will and the emotions, in the human body and material world, and in their relation to the higher spheres. Endowed with this ability, a child of God becomes perfect master of astrophysics and metaphysics.’

      G…The letter G symbolizes the virtue of divine grace and mercy. In the physical world this virtue represents ‘all phases of riches and wealth, of happiness and satisfaction. By this virtue Divine Providence has created abundance and, like the Creator, a child of God may also bring about, for him or her self or other people, abundance in everything, should that be desired. On an emotional level this virtue gives the feeling of happiness, of complete satisfaction. Situations may be created by means of the elements and the will and feelings causing success and wealth in the world that is for the highest good of all concerned. In the mind, this virtue gives the experience of peacefulness, and the faculty of givine true divine blessing.’


      So important is this path, that when a child of God asks for our assistance,we make sure that the next teacher, or opportunity is there for learning the next level of this knowledge.

      We assign angelic teachers that guide your dreams, thoughts, and insights. We are there with you every step of the way to protect and guide and instruct you.

      Nothing is by chance. Everything that happens is by design. Every moment and situation is a classroom, every breath often brings a quantum leap in comprehension.

      Imagine Divine Wisdom and Love flowing into your mind on the inbreath and on your outbreath imagine that the radiance of your understanding and love is an illuminating Light shining unto the world. When you are creating new realities with the Power of The Word, remember the use of breath.

      Ask us to assist you as you study the teachings of old. Ask us to assist you as you study the Power of the Word. Ask us to assist you as you create the future.




      Names, phrases, or sections, in italics or single quotation marks are quoted or paraphrased from the books

      of Franz Bardon, [The Practice of Magical Evocation ISBN 3-921338-02-6 and The Key to the True Quaballah, ISBN 3-921338-13-4]. Publisher is Dieter Ruggeberg, Wuppertal/ W. Germany. These books have
      detailed information on the meanings of the letters on all four levels of will, mind, feeling, and form, and all of the beings of the zodiac. For serious study of the ancient language and easy reference, you can purchase these books online at:


      Previous angel messages and instructions on the ancient language, and the TIBETAN EXERCISE OF PARADOX, can be found at:



      homesite of spiritus sanctus is www.spiritussanctus.com

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