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Fw: Thursday August 2

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    Thursday, August 2nd ctssm42@hotmail.com All times are in EDT. Please add four hours for times in GMT. From Cyrus the Astrologer. The Moon conjoins Castor. To
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2001

      Thursday, August 2nd


      All times are in EDT. Please add four hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer.


      The Moon conjoins Castor. To write or create.

      Mercury opposes Neptune.

      Venus joins Jupiter in Cancer.


      As we receive greater insight into the Unity that binds us all, we are able to understand our individual life direction.

      We rely on each other for social and physical sustainment. When we attune to spirit, we feel alive and joyful. This zest for living is contagious and affects positively those whom we meet.

      The fixed star Castor is a twin to Pollux and closely connected to it in influence. Both these stars bring creative synthesis to the polarity of magnetic and electric energies, leading to deeper wisdom.

      It is this synthesis of the positive and negative elements that allows our creativity to flow and brings it into practical manifestation. Writing and all forms of communication are recommended.

      The ability to translate spiritual laws into practical reality is through the understanding of life and consciousness. When we begin to understand the consciousness mechanism and of the life processes which enable us to realise our destiny, "The immortal brother floods the mortal brother with the light and life of God." Then our heart-centre opens up and we are inspired to foster group understanding and group consciousness for the purpose of World Service.

      The two brothers Castor and Pollux interact between two poles, Soul and form. The mortal self or personality is the form and the immortal self is the Soul.

      In the polar opposite sign Sagittarius, the interplay between the two brothers or between the lower and the higher selves is fused into one united and direct effort. The versatile, changeable man becomes the self-directed Disciple, one pointed in effort while preserving all the versatility developed earlier while controlling and governing the tendency to scattering.

      The dualism of Mercury as it expresses itself in the lower and higher mind is transcended by the universal or spiritual mind.

      We are learning the application of cosmic laws in analogy with the laws of creation.

      It is important to learn to transmute the negative or limiting aspects of our subconscious mind so that they cause no harm but will help to realise our desires (see The Law of One or email to receive it).

      Our subconscious needs time and space in the material world for its realisation. This is true of all things that are transmuted into physical reality from the causal realm(Akasha).

      Withdrawing time and space and remaining in present-centred awareness, we are able to transmute our subconscious thoughts and motivations, thus changing our unconscious programming.

      Positive affirmations should always be in the present tense.


      Venus entered Cancer yesterday

      On the Soul level we realise the reasons for the sustaining nourishment of the different forms of love on our lives. We are willing to make the connections that allow such giving and sharing to continue. There is a greater consciousness of the source of love.


      The Moon in Capricorn remains void until tomorrow morning.

      Today affords a tremendous opportunity to restructure our lives by working on the inner realms of intent, thought and feeling.

      As we grow spiritually, the power of the form to control our motivations in life decreases. Finally all material attachment ceases and we move into a state of awakening. Our life is now motivated by our Soul aspirations.

      We are learning to structure personal and collective resources so that they may be used for group purpose.

      This is related to Ray Seven, the structuring of the physical realm and Ray one, the will and purpose of manifestation.

      When we begin to realise the Unity that overshadows us, we understand that helping others brings greater richness and vibrancy in our culture and advances us spiritually, increasing our joy and clarifying our Soul-purpose.


      Mercury opposes Neptune at 5:58 PM

      This aspect provides a connection to the Heart of the Sun. We may receive mystical insights into the love which underlies all ideas and events.

      The urge to communicate this Soul focused reality into the outer world is part of the our desire and urges us to communicate this revelation to others.


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