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Visionary Music: DNA 1.5 Vibrational Jewlery Auction Sale

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  • Ash
    September/October 2011 is DNA Activation Month We have many different offerings for you to engage with during these 2 months relating to our DNA Activation
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2011
      September/October 2011
      DNA Activation Month
      We have many different offerings for you to engage with during these 2 months relating to our DNA Activation series of soundscapes. You can begin this adventure on whichever level of our work you feel guided to participate. Wherever you are with your DNA Activation journey, we encourage you to ramp it up during these 2 months as much is being shaken up and shifted around during this time and it is a powerful opportunity for you to share your Light with as many people as you can. This will also prepare you the for accelerating energy waves that are coming during the 11:11:11 Global Celebrations around the World - JOIN US.
      DNA 1.5 Vibrational Jewelry
      Vibrationally Charged Cosmic Pendants
      Personally Attuned to align with your Higher Dreams & Visions

      We have 4 beautiful pendants that have been charging up on Grandfather Crystal for the last 3 months while we have been creating the DNA 1.5 Lucidity soundscape. These pendants have also been with Gary in the studios during the creation phase --- very potent and highly charged for all types of manifestation and magical ceremonies. They are programmed to assist you while you work with this soundscape to amplify your intentions and deepen your Lucid states of awareness during waking and sleeping hours. These are great pendants to wear around your neck during the day and to place on your third eye during meditations with the soundscape. They will be programmed specifically for their owner as well to include any specific intentions you may have.
      #1 Left Image: Six sided Amethyst hexagon shaped tube, sterling silver design with a blue topaz inlaid stone. 1" wide x 1" tall
      #2 Right Image: Pyramid Quartz Crystal, sterling silver design with turquoise inlaid stone. 1-1/4" square
      #3 Left Image: Quartz Point, sterling silver design wrap with Amethyst inlaid stone. 1-3/4" tall x 3/4" wide
      #4 Right Image: Octagon Cut Crystal, sterling silver design wrap with Amethyst inlaid stone. 1-1/4" tall x 1" wide
      Does Not Include Chains
      Opening Bids begin at $75 each
      Auction Ends Sunday Night at Midnight (10/2/11)
      Email your Bids to evolve@...
      The following events are not yet scheduled.....
      DNA 1.5 Lucidity Composer's Cut
      (we will be offering a Composer's Cut with the music in the background so you can hear the entire soundscape)
      Shapeshifter Speaks
      (Gary & JoAnn will share their current journey with their creation of the DNA.L2 series and where they see humanity's evolutionary journey at this time in relation to all the many events happening on the planet during this transitionary cycle - Q&A to follow)
      Composers Cuts for DNA.L2.2012 Series
      (listen to Shapeshifter talk about each soundscape after it was created.....they talk about the music as well as insights received during the creative process.....the music for each respective soundscape is playing in the background.....this is a great way to hear these soundscapes before you engage on a deeper level)
      Guided Journeys - Group Remote Healing Sessions
      (For our group remote healing sessions we will use the guided journeys that were created for each of the 6 DNA.L2.2012 soundscapes in a teleconference format followed by open sharing and discussions)

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