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Visionary Music: Remote Session - DNA.L2.2012 Initiation - Sat 9/2

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  • Ash
    Receive the Light, the Love & the Healing The healing & power is within YOU - I am here to help you find that place.
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      Receive the Light, the Love & the Healing
      "The healing & power is within YOU - I am here to help you find that place."
      -JoAnn "Shivanti"
      Remote Shamanic Healing Group Session
      for DNA.L2.2012
      Initiation to the Next Level of DNA Activation

      This is a special session only for those who have already been working with the DNA LevelOne Series and you feel it is time to start shifting your energy towards preparing to work with the L2 series. This is an initiation - a next step for you to engage with on a sincere conscious level. This will begin to clear the path for you to start working with these soundscapes. In order to begin working with the L2 series, you will want to have fully integrated the LevelOne series and your life reflects this on all levels. To learn more about this series, review the webpages HERE
      During my live group healing event, I will bring a representation of your energy with me. You can either send me a picture or just your email response will work. This connects us during the session via intent. During the healing part of the group, I will be holding your Healing Petition in my hands and sending Light and Divine Guidance to you via the Planetary Light Grid. If you are available at this exact time, that is great, but you can also pick it up at a later time with equal potency. Just open up your field to bring in the frequencies and allow it to come in waves as you move deeper into your meditation state. It is recommended that you also play any of the Shapeshifter soundscapes in the background to deepen the connection. If you have the soundscape we are using for this particular event, that is great but not necessary. I will send you more details about your preparation for this with your request.

      This is an opportunity to receive a boost of Light energy to assist you on your current path of Healing. This can be on any level of your being and you can submit specific requests to be focused upon. I will direct the energy and intention towards your request to assist you in receiving higher guidance and information that will assist you in unfolding the situation in your life. I will consult with both of our higher guidance teams to bring through the needed frequency codes that will assist you in making a breakthrough in your healing journey. I will generally receive some bits of guidance that I will send to you after the session that you can use to further deepen your healing process. This is a divine form of Shaktipat and the best way to receive is to surrender to your inner world of peace and harmony, let the energy find its way into your heart, mind and body. In addition you will also receive an audio copy of the intro guided journey for this session which you can listen to prior to listening to any of our soundscapes.
      If you have any questions, please feel free to LiveChat or email me at Shivanti@...
      DNA.L2.2012 Initiation
      (all 7 soundscapes will be used during for this session)
      If you have this soundscape, you can play it during the session or  whenever you are able to connect. If you don't, please use any of the others that you may have or order the download version now.
      Remote Shamanic Sound Healing for DNA.L2.2012
      Saturday, September 3rd,
      1-5:30 p.m. EST (New York Time Zone)
      Receive a remote healing transmission from Shivanti during this group session.
      SPECIAL NOTE: This session is only for those who have already worked with the DNA LevelOne Series and feel they have integrated them somewhat in their life - meaning that some shifts have occured and you are aware of the process on deeper levels.
      Suggested Donation: $10 to $35 (offer what is comfortable for you at this time)
      JoAnn "Shivant" at Visionary Music & The 3rd Eye • shivanti@... • 3rdEyeGuidance.comVisionaryMusic.com

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