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Simion Message September 2011

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      Simion Channeling on the Energy forSeptember 2011 Get on the Ball and Be the Change We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  This could be the most
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        Simion Channeling on the Energy for September 2011

      rolling ball
      Geton the Ball and Be the Change
      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  This could be the most important month of this year!  However, it is up to you to make the changes that will make it hugely significant in the history of your 2011.  This month of September is when you have the power available to make the changes you need to push yourself into a new realm of experience.  Whatever your heart has been set on or whatever you have been working on letting go of, will have an opportunity to take root in your manifested reality this month.  All the set backs of last month and the contemplations you allowed to take place will now have a reason and a meaning. 

      It is now time to take all your previous considerations into account and move forward based on what you have gathered and where you have decided to go. All will depend on what your mind and soul has been setting up, but no matter what you have been reeling on, this month is your chance to move in the new direction of your dreams.  This can be revealed in many ways.  Firstly, it is the perfect time to let go of the old habits and behaviors that you have noticed are holding you back from being your lightest self.  August may have found you stuck in a rut, but if you let yourself follow and sit within the rut, you will have become aware of what is keeping you from moving into your dreams.  Usually it is your own ways of thinking that stop you.  Hopefully, you have taken the time to ponder these blocks and are now ready to let them go so that you can truly and profoundly make the changes necessary to reel in your new self and take actions for a bright future.

      The changes this month can also be a reflection of projects or ideas that have been on your burner for some time.  There may have been delays and difficulties that have been frustrating your progress.  Those will dissolve now, and depending on your willingness to participate in the actions required to move on, doors can open wide for your ideas to take on form.  The form may require a change of lifestyle or at least an entirely new outlook.  If you are willing to take the leap ahead, you will be in for an exciting ride this season, whether it be Fall or Spring in your location.  The ball is rolling, so to speak, and you can either catch the ride or let it roll by.  The choice is yours.  Again, this month is about opportunity, but you choose to take it or not.  It is not the month to sit back and assess like last month.  Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and go for the wild ride.  It will be certainly new and invigorating!  Make sure your health is good so that you can make the best of all the energy in the air. 

      With all great changes there must be letting go of the old to allow room for something new.  Keep this in mind as you venture forward.  Be willing to let go of what is no longer serving you or the situation.  If you are too resistant to change you may miss your boat or fall over board before you meant to get wet.  A fresh mind set with a sense of adventure will serve you this season.  Be prepared to see a new perspective and run with your plans.  Things may happen quickly and you will need to be ready to move in some way, whether it be a change of mind, physical location, of job or attitude.  Keep your "get up and go" shoes on so you are ready to run as needed.  Don't spend too much time looking back.  That was last months activity.  You know what you need to say goodbye to and you know what you want to see flourish, so go with it and don't let the little things stop you.

      Even as the external world appears to be in limbo or a state of uncertainty, this should not hinder you from moving toward your dreams.  There may be a lot unsettled in the financial and political arenas.  This should not concern you personally, as it is residue from last months aches and pains.  A lot of larger global issues will also need to be shed and much of it will happen in the next month or two.  Many global changes will be startling to the general public.  For you this will be merely a sign of the changes to come.  They are a sign of the need for change and those that recognize this will get on the wagon and be a part of a better future.  Those that are resistant will be left in the dust.  The same opportunities you perceive in your personal life will be occurring on a global level in all sectors. 

      The general message for this month is "Be the Change and so it will Be!"  Now go to it, bright ones!

       ~ Simion.


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