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Quado's Garden: Cease Desperation Today ~ Meet Life Face to Face ~ Surrender to the Flow of Life

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  • Ash
    there is certainly a pattern of thought within all of these from the first to the third so for where one or all three speak to use may these help to give
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2011

      Cease Desperation Today

      Today, do not feel desperate about your life.  Do not look up in the sky and see the hands of the clock ticking away and feel that desperate need to accomplish something right now.  Do not spend your time and emotional energy in cataloging all of your faults and asking yourself over and over why you cannot seem to accomplish something, why you continue repeating old patterns which do not serve you, why, why.
      Cease this desperation and move toward peace.
      This very desperation and pressure which you put upon yourself is intensifying each old pattern.  It is keeping you prisoner to your old ways.  You do not escape old patterns through desperation and asking why.  You do not escape the deep rut you have been walking in by beating yourself up with criticism.
      The answer is in releasing the desperation.  The answer is in going beneath the emotional response. The answer is in releasing the past and focusing in the present.  The answer is in ceasing to ask ‘why’ and beginning instead to just ask ‘how’, how can I live well in this moment?
      You escape the narrow rut of your habitual life by lifting the heavy burdens of the past and the future, releasing the emotions, and becoming so peaceful and so light that you begin to float up out of those problems and cares, lifting up with lightness and a buoyancy born of love, joy and peace, high enough that you are free of the prison you have kept yourself in and can then look around and see where you would like to fly to, now that you are light enough to move freely.

      Meet Life Face to Face

      There are times when life presents obstacles in your path that seem enormous; you cannot see your way past them, over them, or how to move them even one inch. 
      These are the times for you to dig deep and find yourself.  These are the times for you to find your courage and your strength, to pull out all that you are and show it to the world. 
      Nothing is gained by feeling sorry for yourself or by asking, “Why me?”
      Everything is gained by digging deep and finding out who you are in the face of adversity.  Everything is gained by testing your courage, strength and patience against whatever the world tosses your way.  Everything is gained by believing in your strength and the help that is there for you.
      How can you know who you are, if you do not know who you are when tested?  These are the times which matter and you are equal to them, every one.  Dig deep into your well and you will emerge stronger, truer and more full of love for yourself and for life itself.  For when you meet life face to face, when you rise to meet each occasion, no matter how frightening it may first seem, you and life will develop a deep respect for each other, a respect which will turn to love over time.

      Surrender to the Flow of Life

      Today would be an excellent day to gracefully surrender to the flow of life, accepting things as they are in this moment and moving into the next moment from that place of peace.
      To surrender does not mean that you no longer care about your life.  It is not apathy.  It is acceptance that fighting the current will only exhaust you.  It is acceptance that the best way to move in a certain direction is to use the power of the river, sensing how things are and just gently dipping down an arm as a tiller, so that you might catch the fork of the river that appeals to you.
      Surrendering to the flow can also be recognition that if you allow life to propel you, you can do so easily and gracefully, with very little effort indeed.
      Look forward, feel the power and use it.  If you spend your time looking back at what has been, you will not see the wonderful things flowing toward you, nor will you notice the approaching rapids until it is too late to avoid them.
      Relax into the flow.  Steer yourself gently, taking advantage of the movement and current which surround you.  Watch and feel how things are and gently join the flow of life.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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