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Goddess Light Teleconference:Expanding Your Divinity Into Your Personality

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      Ansaluia My Friends in Soul!
      So what a month August has been!! I am hearing from people over and over that it has really knocked them around.  I hope as we move into September and the season changes that you will find yourself in a more balanced space, with life unfolding with greater ease.
      I love to link with the elements to work with shifting energy.  I’ve worked before with a number of storms, in particular, I love wind and rain.  Last weekend we had hurricane Irene come through our mid to north eastern states.  I blended with this storm and felt a very unique energy.  ‘Irene’ was moving her arms and conducting the storm!  She also informed me that it was no mistake there was an earth quake in Washington DC.  She mentioned that released the energy, then the storm cleared it out.  There was more in my post, you can read it in FACEBOOK
      My next Seasonal Celebration is September 24th!!  Be sure to plan to attend this group channel. Cost is $35. This is located in North Atlanta, Ga, details and registration is location on my website.  It will be filled with information, shifting of energy, healing and more.  The first event in June was great, I'm sure this will be even better~~ My channeling portion is 10:00 to 12:30 more or less, but there will people who offer Aura photography, astrology, tarot, massage, healing, numerology and more.  They are available starting at 9:30 and after my channeling is done.
      I really enjoy working with people one on one. If you are seeking assistance through this time of transition, please consider a private channel.  Many people are taking advantage of the combination offers from the online store.  You can blend a personalized meditation with a private channel or pre-pay for a series of 3 private channels and receive a discount.  This amazing energy that's flowing around is creating opportunities for change with greater ease! Please contact me if you are interested in learning more.  
      With great love and joy,

      Latest Goddess Light Teleconference:
      Expanding Your Divinity Into Your Personality
      The energies in this channel are particularly strong! The month of August has been infused with extra energies of the Solar Flares and expanding crystalline energy. As a result of this, the energy we worked with tonight was even stronger.
      In this process, the Goddess spoke of how our perception of our divinity is limited by what we can take in. In other words, we may all know our divinity is huge, but our perception is created through the limitation of our personality or our egos. For the purpose of greater understanding, in this channel the Goddess speaks of one’s ego and/or personality with the intention that it refers to who you are as your human self in this lifetime.
      As we were working with our perception, she took us through how much of our perceptions of ourselves are based on other’s beliefs. In addition, what limitations have we placed upon ourselves? By realizing what this is within you, you can shift it in such a way that you open to greater awareness.
      Our personality is created through our experiences in this life. It’s never all good or all bad, but a blend of it all. It also only understands what it’s experienced. Therefore as you infuse your divinity or something that is more than what it knows, it just doesn’t see it. So the process of this channel is to become of aware of this in your own life. From there you can expand your everyday perception so as to open to even more.
      As your perception expands, your personality will many times become more relaxed and allowing. This in turn creates an easier life for you. Everyone is seeking manifest whatever it may be, so integrate your divinity and personality and see how your life opens up!!
      I am still so THRILLED with my new website!! I'm in there every day, there's so much to browse through.  With the new website, you may access the audio portions both the journey and Q&A either the night of the channel or the following day!  The written transcription is a little slower, but they are posted as soon as they are complete.  

      Private Channels
      Testimonials:Here are some of the comments I receive from people about the channels they receive; some private, some the Goddess Teleconferences.  

      **** Once i decide to have a session with you, I find a lot of things come to the surface.  Then by the time we're done, I feel so refreshed.

      ***I'm always amazed at how much energy can be shifted by these sessions.  I feel like what we've done in an hour is the equivalent to a year of therepy! 
      Are you feeling confused and out of sorts? Do you feel a need to create change? Perhaps a private channel will open some doors for you, shift old energies or even just give you a chance to feel good. There is an amazing amount of work that can be accomplished with a private session, plus the pure essence love, compassion and acceptance will assist you in just feeling good! 

      A private session with Shelly can do all of this plus answer your questions, create communication with people; alive or crossed over. You can also receive information about your own angels, guides and perhaps your purpose for being here. 

      There are packages available if you would like to sign up for multiple channels that would be spread over time or combine it with a meditation.  
      Next Teleconference
      Sunday, September 4,  2011
      9:00 pm Eastern Time
      Access code : 642149#
      Featured Lightworker
      Featured lightworker:  I believe we are all here in support of each other.  For every expansion one person has, so do the rest of us.  In the section I am sharing with you people who I’ve come into contact with that I think you may also enjoy.  I will at times feature an organization or others who are even more well known.  If you would like me to feature you and your work, please send me your information.

      I’d like to share something different with you in this newsletter!  Following is the work of Jennifer Bundey an amazing artist!  I actually met Jennifer through private channel work.  I knew as I spoke with her that her energy was unique and special.  After talking about her many projects; classes she teaches, showings of her art, her website, etc. I had to check it all out. Man, was I amazed!! I find her work to have an amazing depth.  She works with many different materials depending on the project.  

      Jennifer is originally from Australia but currently living in Berkley, California, USA.  She has an extensive background as a teacher and after her partner transitioned, she moved to 
      California and began her career in art. 
      Jennifer: “I paint because I love color: its spirit, character and nuances. Painting is a contemplative and transformational process for me, keeping me in touch with the Divine and deepening my understanding of myself and life”.

      Jennifer’s work is on show through September at Blue Canoe Coffee and Tea, Anchor Bay, CA. Her Gualala studio will be open to visitors September 3, 4, 5, 10 & 11 from 10-5. (See directions to #23 at Studio Discovery Tour ) She will have a new show opening October 1 at the Dolphin Gallery in Gualala, CA. (Dolphin Gallery)

      Jennifer's website is called 'Colors of the Soul' and can be found here: http://www.jenniferbundey.com

      I encourage you to check out her pictures, cards, prints, etc!  Perhaps you are in a location where you can take her classes also!

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