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      August 30, 2011

      September, 2011



      "The World Puja Broadcasting Network: the Leader in Empowerment Internet Radio," is now in its 11th year of daily global broadcasting. More than 900,000 people have made their way to The World Puja Network's daily, powerful, compelling informative broadcasts, over 1,500 timeless, empowering archives and multi-faceted website.

      The Shift becomes easier with The World Puja Broadcast Network
      paving a clear-cut path for you, daily.


      1. NOTE FROM MAUREEN (Includes Free Downloads that have verifiably raised Vibrations, Awareness, Advanced Self Love and Self Empowerment.)

      2. Welcome our Newest Host: Panache Desai

      3. Save The Date: A Sampling of our Brand New Shows This Month

      4. New Tele-Series


      To say navigating through the past month of the astounding Mercury Retrograde was difficult would be an understatement, but we got through it didn't we? And together, with as much support as possible from our end of things here, we will assist you in getting through everything that is brought, thrown or lovingly sent your way until you pass through every eye of the needle that it takes to get from one world into the next.

      This has been (and will continue to be) the focus of the World Puja Network.

      Added to that I have personally been working to add unto your journey into the New World through several additional ways and means, as you will read below. Never forget that YOU MATTER!


      I invite you to visit my new website, just launched last week at http://www.maureenmoss.com. It is my prayer that after working for a very long time on this unique website, it will serve as a trusted resource, along with The World Puja Network, for inspiration, support, new tools that will quickly shift your consciousness, expand your awareness, elevate your vibration, and provide you with new ways of considering yourself and empowering yourself to be powerful, abundant, authentic, inspired, clear, made able to achieve your highest potential and attract your dynamic destiny during this profound time that we are traversing through.


      Many of you know that I have been teaching a world-wide class "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God" that began as a 9 month class last year. By request, it turned into a year long class. Students from across the world from Dubai to Australia, Singapore to Seattle and New York have heralded this focused, experiential, adventurous course, fully guided by Spirit and the Angelic realm, as a powerful Blueprint to Ascension.

      One of numerous worldwide testimonials called it "A Perfect Blend of Concentrated Focus and Holy Fires."

      It has changed lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, vibrationally and harmonically. How much better than that can it get?

      Loaded with wisdom to move from one world to the next, invocations, and activations that work and have been verified repeatedly, mantras, decrees, meditations, transmissions directly from the Higher Realms of Consciousness, from The Divine, Lord Metatron, St. Germaine and Lord Chamuel, journeys into sacred temples and more, are now made available to you.

      My work in the past two months was to bring this original series of 19+ hours to you at more than a 70% discount from the cost of the class, completely unedited and with all energy intact.

      I know without doubt that "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God" is an essential pregnancy for all of humankind that choose to make a substantial ascension.

      I know this for I know what was told to me when I was 'asked' to teach this class, or perhaps more accurately 'allow this class to come through me' and by not only teaching it, but by taking it myself and experiencing the stabilized field it created.

      I have long known that teaching is a privilege, not a right. That it's a matter of heart and Spirit combined with learning the intricate design of the Earth, the Cosmos, and Humanity, how they all fit together, and then bringing that knowledge forward. That is how I collaborated with The Divine to bring this class (and this new 19 CD set) into form.

      If you are ready to immerse yourself in the most important task of your life, to be liberated, free and come face to face with your dynamic destiny in the New World, then I invite you to go on the adventure of your lifetime... "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God."

      The 19 CD set awaits you, if you like, at http://www.maureenmoss.com under Audio Products.

      ***This month I will not be writing an article, though I invite you to listen and download for Free in the Free Download section of my new website more than three hours taken from "Birthing The Heart and Mind of God" on "The Human Template," "Consciousness, and Liberation" and "Advanced Self Love." It all awaits you at http://www.maureenmoss.com


      First of all a big welcome to our latest host Panache Desai and his new show launching this month, "The Guru Is You." If you haven't heard Panache before, he is not your everyday garden-variety host. He's irreverent, playful, direct, wide-open, invested in telling you the simple Truth, and then taking you there. Enjoy our latest lighthearted host, who will also remove some not so light blockages for you, on the first and third Wednesday each month at 7:30 Pacific Time.

      Our Featured Shows This Month Are:

      Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot
      Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer: "Ending Money Freakout"
      Miceal Ledwith with James Gilliland: "Alignment of Chaos"
      Panache Desai: "Energy and Emotion"

      Other Highlights Include:

      Pippa Merivale with Archangel Metatron:
      "Watering The Seeds of Your Creation" and "Metatron's Fire Power."

      Hillary Raimo, with John St. Augustine, discusses "The Heart Now Becoming The Brain of The Body."

      Hans King brings you four shows this month on Abundance.

      Rikka Zimmerman: Asks a really important question: Are You Really Living Your Life, and Not Your Parents' Life? And then she's going into Part 2 of Healing Sexual Abuse.

      DeAnne Hampton: All of her shows are compelling this month, "Facing Down Fear," "Core Level Change" "Accountability and Ascension" and "Think Bigger."

      Dr. Steven Greer gives details on: The CSETI Expedition to Mt. Shasta.

      Judy Satori delivers amazing messages directly from Source and The Elohim.

      Dr. Rick Moss talks with Dr. Jim Farrow about "Transformation With Breath."

      And, Sheila Gale has guests galore covering topics from "Quantum Entrainment" to "Psych-K."

      AND THERE'S MORE at http://www.worldpuja.org


      This month on August 31, 2011 I will be a guest on the "You Wealth Revolution" Tele-Series. Reserve your Free spot at:

      And also please join me on Lisa Garr's "AWARE" Tele-Series on September 15. Reserve your spot on this great series for Free at:

      I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance.
      May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!


      Maureen Moss

      President of The World Puja Network, LLC


      E-Mail: Maureen@...
      Or: Maureen@...
      World Puja Newsletter
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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