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Meg Blackburn: The Online Messages August 30, 2011

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    The Online Messages August 30, 2011 Great Changes are in the Air! August 30th, 2011 In This Issue   * From Dr. Meg: Great Shifts and changes - How to deal
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      The Online Messages August 30, 2011
      Great Changes are in the Air!
      August 30th, 2011
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      From Dr. Meg: Great Shifts and changes - How to deal with them!
      Online Messages August 30th, 2011

      Greetings to each of you! What a time we are in! Our temporary quiet time energetically has come to an end! As you may recall, the Masters have been giving us a blow-by-blow description of the star gate system that is reopening in our current times. Here is what they said in our last transmission in June:

      The next event will be the opening of the Renari Star Gate system which will begin in your August of the current year. This opening will be overlapped by the opening of the Leioni star gate system which will begin on September 9th of your current year. The tandem opening of these systems will be like a hot wind of energy flowing onto your world. There will be effects on multiple levels including world events and intensities of weather. There may also be a response from your planet in the way of seismic activities or volcanic expressions.

      In the past week we have seen earthquakes in unusual areas such as Colorado and Virginia, a 7.0 in Peru and others across the planet. We have experienced a huge hurricane too. As the energies open and become concentrated in their flow, all of creation responds. You might notice that for the most part, many people are responding differently to situations differently than they had previously. People are getting stirred up, at times difficult to deal with or outright unreasonable.

      Body issues are again at the forefront particularly sleep patterns (many are reporting very little actual sleep), muscular-skeletal pain and dysfunction, particularly neck problems, emotional variances such as lack of motivation or a tendency to be stuck in overdrive. Many people are also reporting feeling fuzzy headed, with memory difficulties or having a hard time expressing what they mean to say. We are also seeing political changes in the Middle East as well as other places such as Chile where suddenly whole societies are standing up and saying they have had enough. Abusive leaders are being ousted, while is other areas of the world, riots are happening in the name of truth and standing up to wrongdoings.

      The recent Mercury Retrograde has caused a huge number of communications issues and misunderstandings, more intense that usual.

      So what the heck is going on? Any time there are energetic changes in creation on any level those changes effect all else. With the star gate system reopening and refining its internal balance, energies are becoming directly focused, a tunnel effect, that literally acts like a fire hose sending energy directly into our reality with immense speed and intensity. As these energies cascade into our being, we are shaken, stirred and poured into reharmonization. As I have said in the past, anytime this happens, our stuff comes up, our bodies revolt, and our relationships can become challenged because communication is based not only on words but the emotions, motivations, intentions, issues and all else behind the words.

      But these occurrences are never permanent and that is what we must remember. As we are brought such cosmic changes, they affect our senses and our general abilities to intuit our next move. For some of us, our Etheric reach becomes much more vast, with new and different realizations. For others, emotionality clouds the way as old energies and emotions sometimes are literally ripped from our very construct. What we intend manifests with more clarity and speed than ever before, and we are left shaking our heads in wonder. Before we can get accustomed to the changes, they happen again, and again. Things are moving faster and faster and some days seem a blur while others seem never ending. So how to stay in balance, in touch and not get lost in the changes? If ever there were a time to know ourselves intimately, it is now. The more we know and understand ourselves from the inside out, the more we will know others and have the ability to see clearly, act efficiently and communicate well.

      Our reality is based solely upon our perceptions. When our perceptions are clean and unencumbered with illusion, the stories we create to bring ourselves a sense of safety and comfort (that aren't true of course) our reality becomes light and far different from the dense ways we existed while carrying around that story. Knowing who we are also alleviates the possibility that anyone else can convince us otherwise, making us subservient to their whims and control issues. We also become the masters of our experiences and stop living them based upon the will of others. After all, we are, we have, free will, right? Whatever your experiences in the next weeks, remember that you are whole and perfect children of creation. Inherent within you is the heritage of infinite possibilities.

      Wow, what a time we had on our crop circle journey! We literally had at least one new circle a day, and one day there were three! You can see all of the circles we visited by going to http://www.cropcircleconnector.com and click on early and late July UK formations. Somehow I seemed to be connected with the circle makers. On the plane, on the way there, I started having very detailed visions of a specific crop circle design. As I saw it, I described the details to Dannion Brinklley, who was my awesome teaching partner on the journey. Dannion was a true skeptic from the word goes, but he humored me around my visions. Our flight was during the night going into the UK. When we arrived, I got online and found that not only had there been a crop circle made during our flight, it was exactly as I had described it! This happened several times during our trip.

      Our group was a stellar bunch of human beings from all walks of life and literally from all over the world. Everyone bonded beautifully and the favorite expression became "STOP THE BUS!" as we spotted new crop circles across the landscape. Needless to say, it was an unpredictable madcap adventure since we couldn't plan our days, waiting to see where and when the new circles would appear.

      We had a great time exploring the English countryside, including the Roman Baths in Bath, Arundel Castle, Glastonbury and the Abbey there as well as the Chalice Well where it is purported that the Holy Grail was hidden at one time, as well as the great Druid Tor. We also spent a large amount of time in Avebury, where the energy is so sweet we never wanted to leave! One morning we had a private entry into Stonehenge. These days they don't let the general public into the stone circle because there was too much damage being done to the site, so I rented the entire place for a sunrise access. This is one of the two times a day that private groups can access Stonehenge and go inside of the henge. There, I held a high Celtic ceremony. The group was a bit stunned when I showed up in authentic Celtic garb with a stag's head staff and my Chalice of mead. It was mind blowing and I have to admit that that bit of shape shifting was a blast!

      Jane, my tour director, did a phenomenal job of arranging top notch accommodations and dinners for us. Our driver, Steve, fast became part of the group and addicted to the crop circles as much as we were. All in all it was such a good trip we decided to do it next year. Can you imagine what the circles will be like in 2012? We have planned for July 15th -28thth, right before the Olympics. If you want to come with us (which we would love!) try to register as early as possible. When we book the rooms early we can avoid some of the higher room rates that will be happening around the Olympics. Jane was able to get us early registration discounts of as much as $750 per person and the details are on my web site at Crop Circles 2012

      Also I do have spaces left for the 2012 Peru Journey. It is filling up fast so don't wait too long if you are even thinking of going! Be ith us as we fulfill a Gathering of Souls on achu Picchu during the actual 2012 alignment! Here is the info: Peru Trip 2012

      Just a reminder that I will be at the Annual Lightworker's Conference that is produced by my good friend Joanne Macko October 14th, 15th and 16th. Joanne is sharing some terrific registration specials so make sure to check it out at

      Lightworker's Conference

      My new book, Touching the Light, is being released November 1st. I am so excited about this one because it is all about the healing work that I have been doing all these years. Not only is it fully illustrated; it is the most comprehensive energy medicine book on the market. I have wanted to write this one for years and wow, it has finally come alive! It is available for pre-order on Amazon.com at Touching the Light

      As always, I wish you joy in your hearts, laughter in your days and love in everything that you do.

      Love and Blessings,


      Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.


      Message from the Masters
      Massive energy changes ahead!
      world guarded
      Message from the Masters August 30th, 2011

      Ansi, Anshallah, Asi, Asi, Asi

      Immense Greetings From the Light, With the Light and Within the Light

      We greet you. As we have spoken previously, it is a time in all of creation when alignments are coming together, star gates are reopening after millennia of dormancy, energies are changing swiftly as is the consciousness within al of creation. As all of these events take place and continue in their processes, so do the changes in you and your world.

      You must remember that everything in creation is indelibly intertwined and relative. There is nothing that is excluded in the infinite tapestry of the One. As the changes occur, all things are changed. As all things are changed, changes occur. You might consider that all cause results in an effect. In recent events, these effects are monstrous in relation to the human experience.

      You are seeing these changes in the form of weather patterns shifting and intensifying. Also, seismic activities as we predicted, are intensifying and changing in their locations as well as the types of events you are witnessing. We are given that there will soon be a seismic occurrence in the region of Alaska that will also have some unusual characteristics. You see, for every seismic event, movement of your earth's crust, there must be a percussive reaction. A percussive reaction can happen anywhere but is usually found at the end of the wave patterns of the movement of the earth. Often this happens across your ring of fire. When an event happens on one side of the Pacific Ocean, another will happen in response on the other side of the ocean. What is different now is that the responsive earthquakes you are witnessing are happening in previously unknown fault areas or areas of compression. You will see more of this in the coming times, particularly the next 9 months.(See link for rest of message)

      Where Will YOU Be on December 21, 2012? How about with me atop Machu Picchu?

      macchu picchu
      Come With Me to Peru For a 26,000 Year Anniversary Gathering Of Souls!

      I couldn't imagine a better or more powerful place to be during the planetary alignment in 2012 than in Peru, where the natives greet us with a simple "Welcome Home". While standing in the parking lot at the Cusco Airport recently, it came to me that in 2012 I was to bring as many people as possible to stand atop Machu Picchu where a massive convergence of ley lines occurs! As we gather there and together, send out a positive message to mankind and beyond, the energy and the intentions of our message will ride the ley lines all across the Earth.

      I have arranged a spectacular two-part trip to assist you in experiencing the best that Peru has to offer as well as visiting the amazing sites of Tihuanaca and Puma Punka in Bolivia. You may have seen these places on the History Channel with my good friend and spiritual brother, Jorges Luis Delgado, who will be our guide for part of our journey. Jorges will be bringing other groups to meet us at Macchu Picchu on the day of the alignment and we as a mass of souls will ring in our future with great love and ceremony! Don't miss this once in 26,000 year event! Come to one part of the journey or all of it! I will be waiting for you there!
      Sign up early this trip is guaranteed to fill up fast! If you want to be included and guaranteed space on this trip you can place your $500 non-refundable deposit with the link below!
      Trip Deposit 500.00USD
      ID/SKU: Peru Deposit 2012
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      Crop Circles 2012

      star circle
      Join us July 15 - 28, 2012!2012 is the big year of culmination of the Mayan Calendar, of heightening and expansion of consciousness, of moving into an entirely new age. The crop circle season this year promises to be filled with mystery and messages from Beyond! Join Dr. Meg and Dannion Brinkley as we explore this phenomenon hands on, trekking through the grain fields to experience the most recent crop circles possible!

      we will also have private entry to Stonehenge around sunrise, and the Glastonbury Well. Come with us to Avalon, where legends abound and the shopping is unmatched anywhere else in the world. We will visit castles, the roman baths, the Tor, and so much more! Click on the link for full itinerary and registration info.
      For more info or to register please contact Jane at jane@...

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      Meg Blackburn Losey answers these questions and many other in this ground-breaking book.

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