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Fw: Wednesday August 1

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Wednesday, August 1


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer.


      Pluto opposes Saturn and trines the Sun

      Uranus sextiles Chiron

      The Pluto-Saturn opposition draws ever closer and becomes ever more powerful. Chiron also draws closer in sextile to Uranus. The Chiron-Uranus aspect is catalysing the planetary energies and sending forth healing rays.

      There is a tremendous opportunity for renewal, both individually and collectively.

      Rekindling Universal Love within every heart is the goal of Humanity and ordained by Divine Will. The realisation of this goal is as certain as the rising Sun and the revolutions of the heavenly spheres.

      The only unknown factor in this equation is human free will. As we mature spiritually, it becomes clear to us that Universal Love is the goal of Humanity and the Joy of every individual.

      There are unexpected resources available just when all seems lost.. Grace works in mysterious ways when we are alert to the unexpected and refuse any limitations on our Soul-purpose.

      We are learning to look within for any stability and support. As the pendulum of public opinion swings one way, then another, people may endorse or repudiate our endeavours.

      When we look on the world with dispassion and are guided by spirit within, we can look upon praise and blame with equanimity.

      A courageous self confidence and a strong faith are worthy qualities that are essential to the Pathwalker.


      The Moon will be void off course in Capricorn all day.


      usiness people should keep in mind that the energy of the day is more than just about the bottom line.

      The universe is made up of pure energy which is always moving and flowing. Life is characterised by constant change and flux. When we realise this, we tune to the rhythm and we are able to give and receive freely, knowing that we never really lose anything but constantly gain.

      As we give out of our energy, we make space for more to flow into us. When we experience the emotions of fear and the mental attitude that ‘there isn’t enough’, we try to hold onto what we have and we begin to cut off this wonderful flow of energy. By clinging onto what we have, we fail to keep the energy moving and we don’t make space for new energy to come to us.


      Staying human and doing some selfless public relations can help others gain new perspectives and benefit from our wisdom.

      The Moon in Capricorn continues in its LONG void cycle, all the way until 1:53 AM August 3rd.

      We are being given a very long lunar void interval in order to take stock of our direction in life and make sure we are motivated for the right reasons.

      There is a lot of sincere soul-searching that's yet to take place.


      The Moon conjoins the fixed star Alhena at 8:13 AM. To have a mission.

      The Moon is inconjunct the Sun at 8:38 AM.

      The Moon conjoins the South Node

      We are leaning to refine and develop our receptivity to Soul impressions by fine tuning our personality.

      We begin to experience intuitive knowledge for longer periods of time and our guidance becomes clearer. As the personality integrates, we become vibrant in our inner life. As we heal splits in the personality, we are able to hear more clearly our soul aspirations.

      Sometimes our creative potential may become blocked as a result of rigid crystallised thinking, This aspect allows transmutation and reorientation to take place so that the form nature continues to come under the direction of our Soul-purpose.










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