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      Source: The Temple of The Presence



      Dear Devotee of the Light of God,

      I would like to address the quality of God Faith. I call to your attention the similarities between your Heart and the rose. Shall we talk about the rose for a moment? When the rose unfolds its petals and exudes its fragrance, it does not hold anything back. It manifests the full release and its essence is sensed by all. Likewise, your Heart responds like the petals of a rose when opened. The full release of Love flows forth unbridled, its Love perceived by all. Some would take offense at such intense Love. They would react by backing away, unable to contend with such Fire. Others would receive that Love, opening the petals of their own Heart chakra in response, and completing the unbroken figure-eight flow of Light between their own Heart and yours.

      You are asking, “What does this have to do with Faith?” As the rose unfolds, it is not concerned with the outer world or the possible rejection of its beautiful fragrance. The rose gives in full trust that all is well and that its perfumed essence will be received in like manner as it gives. When you bridle the Heart, and the fires are banked to release only a certain amount of Light, then you do not have Faith that your Love will be received. You close the Heart – stopping the flow before the precious Waters of Life have the opportunity to complete their cycle. Faith is not realized partially. You cannot have Faith by degrees. It is all or nothing. For even one increment of doubt, fear or questioning will act like the sting of a serpent’s venom, poisoning the rest of the release of Faith from your Heart, and all will be lost for the moment. How, then, do you strengthen your Faith to be complete and full? Start by trusting your own Heart. Become aware of your own inner Being. Feel secure, self-confident and able to hold your head high, gazing out through the Light of your I AM Presence.

      As you begin to hold firmly to the intensity of that Light, you will feel it consume every doubt and trepidation that could raise its head to question even the slightest Reality of the Truth ringing in your Heart. It takes vigilance. It takes being patient with yourself, maintaining your Harmony, being at Peace and feeling the flow of Love through the petals of your Heart. Faith will flow forth effortlessly as it does through a newborn child who naturally has Faith in the protection of the father, and Faith in the warmth of a mother’s love, coddling her infant’s form with soft swaddling garments. Become as a little child, wide-eyed with wonder. Learn to trust in your Heart with complete Faith. Your Heart, which is God’s own Heart, will never lie to you. However, you must be honest with yourself. Is it truly your Heart speaking, or other voices? Those who would prefer to satisfy the appetites of the outer man like to make excuses, saying, “Well, this or that really felt right to me. This was the way my Heart was leading me.” But you are only deluding yourself by choosing to equate the many voices of human desire with the still, small Voice of God that alone speaks in the Heart. Such delusion does not harm others nearly as much as it does oneself, putting undetected stumbling blocks into the pathway to your own enlightenment. Learn to be honest. Learn to stop playing games with your Heart.

      Beloved Ones, I ask you – do you have the determination to be in the Presence of God? Do you desire to have that oneness, or is it only a matter of passing interest because this is what you have been told should be the desire of your Heart? There are many who do not understand how to sustain a determination for God. They have tried all manner of application of the Law. And yet, the Heart restrains the extension of Blue Fire necessary to propel them into action toward God. Beloved, the missing ingredient is the quality of Faith. For, without Faith, without a conviction at the very deepest core of your being that there is a God, that you do have a Mighty I AM Presence, that the Archangels are real, and that the Angels of God’s Consciousness can assist you in your affairs – without this understanding – you lack sufficient Fearlessness to accomplish the goal. The goal, Beloved Ones, is to express God throughout all your being in a host of wonderful ways, putting on the garment of the Lord through each accomplished feat of overcoming Victory.

      In their Twin Flame essence, Archangel Michael and Beloved Archeia Faith hold the Divine Office of the First Ray to propel into the physical the Blue Flame of the Will of God that manifests the protection afforded by God Reality. Absent their protection, many lifestreams would never achieve the ability to cognize sufficient Faith in the outer consciousness to allow them to move into the next day. Without Faith, even the next breath could not come.

      Thus, there are degrees of Faith that must be built, one upon the other. It is easy to have Faith in certain things that one has already proven, certain actions hat one has accomplished or witnessed firsthand. But what of those unseen things never before experienced? Do you have the necessary Fire of Faith in your Heart that you will make your Ascension; that you will become One with your God Presence; that you will be able to balance your karma, and fulfill your dharma? Do you have Faith in the Law that is already written within the Flame of your Heart? That Law, Beloved Ones, derives from the same Source as the Flame in your Heart. When you are unable to connect with that Flame, you will not feel that sense of protection, security, or strength which go hand-in-hand with the unmitigated Faith that tomorrow represents a new opportunity for you to become more of your God Presence in Action.

      Faith cannot be recorded with any amount of worldly instrumentation. Faith is not always recorded by deeds, for there are times when inaction evidences a fullness of Faith in the Light of God. Many in the land have placed their faith in the world’s superstitions. They have abdicated their free will, consenting to have their course charted by others, thus robbing them of their own Victory. However, if you will but manifest greater Faith and stand firm in the resolve of who you are – for you know you are God in Action, you know you stand in the Blue Flame of the Will of God for your lifestream, you know today’s Faith will be tomorrow’s foundation – then each courageous resolution of Faith will truly buoy you up through this stream called Life and will keep you for eternity. When these great issues between you and your Presence are resolved, confirmed and internalized at a core level of every aspect of your life, the small challenges of this Earth, that require a more modest Faith, will become easy, almost effortless, and imbued with Christ Discrimination, for now you reside in an envelope of protection of the Will of God. Having such Faith requires knowing who you are. Having that knowledge requires Wisdom to internalize who you are. Internalizing who you are is required by your God Presence. You must master all aspects of life, all of its
      lessons, answer all of its questions, resolve all of the issues, and walk in the Light of the Christ, fulfilling all you came to do and returning home Victorious!

      You have not had just this one life in which to build momentums of Faith. You have been working on this for many lifetimes. Yes, you could continue to work many more, but why not “grab the brass ring” and claim the Faith to know that your hand will reach that ring! And, as you grasp it firmly, let it connect you with your God Presence. Let the momentum of the Archeia Faith be the example of the quality of your God Presence in Action in your world. Then, you will stand tall in Strength and Courage, in the fullness of the Light of God.

      When you have gained confidence in yourself, your Real Self, you will generate Faith enough to move mountains. It is impossible to reach the highest goals of the Light without such Faith. Every new rung on the ladder of Initiation brings a new sense, a new foundation and a new vibration. Without Faith that the ultimate goal is attainable, you might falter as each rung brings yet another new and unfamiliar opportunity to master the ever transcending way of life, which leads at last to your Ascension. Your Faith establishes a firm foundation based on the sure and certain knowledge that there are those Ascended Masters who have gone before you, who have traversed each step of the ladder you find so formidable. They are the true Way Showers – your Ascended Brothers and Sisters of Light.

      We do not call for blind Faith. We ask for the reality of true Faith flowing forth eternally from your very own Heart. You need not be blind if you will but open your Heart, remove the shackles of human creation, and allow the full Freedom of the Light of God to flow through you. Then you will know without
      a shadow of a doubt that with God all things are possible. There will no longer be any hesitation in your mind or a fleeting glimmer of doubt. Faith will be a way of life, for your Faith will be centered at the Altar of your Heart, nourished by the God Flame, ready to go forward to be the example, to be the strength, to be the way shower for others on the Path who need a helping hand. Something must begin the process of overcoming. Something must come first to “prime the pump.” That something is Faith. Faith opens the door to the Octaves of Light. There are many keys that will lead you to that door. But Faith can open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven right within your Heart. Heed my words and listen to your Heart. Allow me to present you with this gift of my own momentum.
      I charge and fill your feeling world with My Ascended Master Faith!

      Till we meet again, in the communion of our Light, I AM the Holy Spirit reaching out to you with the full Faith that you will receive my Heart. I send you forth to become Faith in Action.

      With Love,
      The Maha Chohan

      Copyright © 2001, 2002 The Temple of The Presence
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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