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Simion Message August 2011

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  • Ash
    Simion Channeling on the Energy forAugust 2011  Be like a Feline Relax, Assess, Revive We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  In this month you call
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      Simion Channeling on the Energy for August 2011

      Cat in basket
       Belike a Feline
      Relax, Assess, Revive

      We are Simion, The Evolutionary Collective.  In this month you call August, we suggest you become similar to the sun sign it represents.  The sign is Leo the lion.  With the energy of the Lioness flowing through your veins, you may want to consider even your house cats and how they behave.  The planetary energy and other available  frequencies are conducive to relaxation, personal reflection, looking back at your path and pausing in the shade to consider your moves to come. 

      This is not a month for hast.  It is one to sit and stare a bit or to stretch in your best feline yoga pose in contemplation of all that occurred last month and where you stand at present in consideration of your future.  Though, quite curious, a feline will carefully consider its moves before jumping and always takes a good look at the features of its environment before venturing far from home.  It senses and knows where it came from in order to find its way home and knows all escape routes in case of the unexpected disturbance. 

      Chances are you have had some disturbance or changes of some sort, over the last few months.  Did you have your escapes planned or your way home well thought through.  If not, that's okay, as now it is time to assess all that occurred and rest up so that you are revived and ready for the adventures of the next season.   Spend some time connecting with the feline way and it will help you to make the best use of the contemplative potential of this month.  Really let yourself relax and feel where you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Are you seeing all angles?  Have you allowed your curiosity to fully explore all that has occurred and is unfolding still? 

      Look at your box the way a cat would, as an opportunity for a good rest.  Whatever the shape of the particular box you are in, allow yourself to mold into it.  Get comfortable and view the world from you current position before venturing into the next scene.  Be fully present where you are on all levels and allow the grace of your situation to be revealed.  Chances are, there is much that happened lately that you are still unsure of, and you probably haven't had any time to assess.  This month is the assessment opportunity.  It is the time to sit back and inspect the place you are in, with the curiosity of a cat.   And then, like a cat, get nestled in while you revive yourself for what is to come.

      The more you allow yourself to ponder life in August, the more prepared you will be for the activities of September.  This does not mean to be lazy now, but rather to be inquisitive and thoughtful in a relaxed state of mind before taking new actions.  Next month will be better for the actions, once you have spent time assessing your situation.

      Relax.... and it will all soon make purrfect sense.     ~ Simion.


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