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Review and Revaluation for August 2011 Passion and Compassion: Two Sides of One Coin?

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    http://www.facebook.com/notes/rosalina-marez/review-and-revaluation-for-august-2011/246375615383993 Source: Rosalina Marez Review and Revaluation for August
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      Source: Rosalina Marez

      Review and Revaluation for August 2011
      Passion and Compassion: Two Sides of One Coin?
      "Don’t let the prophecies, ancient or modern, trap you in a box of fear and futility.
      Change the dance by becoming the light that you are—the light that continues through and beyond the box into the adventure of forever.
      Mars and Neptune, the two planets of sixth ray and devotion,
      begin the month of August in a relaxed relationship and
      end the month in a tense one. They also participate almost
      continuously in the key planetary patterns that mark August
      as a time of entente. We find this month feels important,
      not because of great pressures or challenges, but because we
      relax into states of mind and being that call forth our spiritual
      natures gently yet relentlessly. People everywhere may find
      their thinking approaches agreement, not on the details of
      belief, but on the intention. We will feel a shift from desire to
      aspiration, if only a tiny one.
      Traditionally, astrologers might have said that Mars and
      Neptune relating to each other could lead to weakness, infection,
      or paralysis. Possible failure is there. However, the potential
      alignment of these two reflects the strength of devotion—either
      to a teacher or to a cause—that transcends material or political
      differences. Mars and Neptune join to produce a field of possibilities
      that include exerting oneself to create a positive attitude.
      What attitude, exactly, can we anticipate? Neptune begins
      the month in its own sign of Pisces but retrogrades into Aquarius
      during the first week. By itself, Neptune suggests powers of attraction
      such as we feel when physical passions are ignited and desire
      is put into motion. We experience noble aspirations on the one
      hand and we may easily yield to temptations on the other.
      Mars begins the month in Gemini and immediately enters
      the sign of Cancer. Our energies may naturally drift toward the
      emotional side of experience with mood swings and impulsive
      action. We may lack some of the determination we normally
      associate with Mars.
      Together Mars and Neptune make it possible for us to
      sink or to swim in the emotional turmoil of desire. We may
      alternately revel in desire and mentally aspire to spiritual
      heights. We may meet with our teachers and guides, either
      in traditional teaching environments or through meditation
      or dreams. These meetings set the tone for our actions.
      Throughout the month, we feel increasing tension as we sort
      through the merely ordinary to capture the extraordinary
      power of our spiritual potential.
      In esoteric astrology, Neptune and Mars work on both sides
      of the veil between our material lives and our spiritual potential.
      We need both to become fully realized. We partake of the
      physical and the spiritual equally, even though sometimes it
      seems this is not so.
      Review and Revaluation in the First Week of August
      The first week in August is marked by a pattern of Mars, Neptune,
      Pluto, and Mercury/Moon together. We have a period
      of time in which we can bring spiritual aspirations to fruition
      with relative ease. We need to apply ourselves to this work, but
      we need not strain to achieve results. The planets form harmonic
      resonances that sustain themselves. In addition, Jupiter
      forms a grand trine with Pluto and Mercury/Moon, amplifying
      potential and creating conditions for us to receive spiritual
      messages that have practical impact in our daily lives.
      On August 2, Mercury turns retrograde and retraces its
      recent path through the last part of Leo. For the entire month,
      we review our experiences of recent months. We may understand
      growth that occurred because of the three eclipses in June and
      July. Illumination at those times revealed situations that were
      ripe for change, and now we see how those changes may come
      into effect. We may find better, more creative solutions for problems
      that have resisted our efforts. And we may find ourselves
      capable of greater insight into our personal roles in changes that
      affect family, society, and the world. The house Mercury occupies
      in your chart this month represents one area of your life that calls
      out for review and revision.
      When Neptune returns to Aquarius, it occupies the sign
      opposite retrograde Mercury. These two planets indicate the
      way you can reach awareness. Clear thinking is not enough by
      itself. You benefit from devoting yourself to discussion of the
      ideals that call out to you now. Do you seek independence, or
      do you desire to become a better elder? Does group effort seem
      like the way to go? This week affords you the chance to revaluate
      your position and choose to either persevere or take off in
      a new direction.
      Weekly Forecast for August Aspire to Fulfill Big Dreams in the Second Week of August
      Opportunities abound! The Neptune/Pluto sextile reflects the
      Earth’s potential for development of extrasensory abilities and
      powers. Meteor showers at the end of the week provide a metaphor
      for the showering of psychic information and gifts that
      occurs now. This is a week to dream big dreams, record them
      in our journals and our hearts, and aspire to fulfill them in the
      present. We no longer wait for the future to arrive.
      People will occupy themselves with unusual problems.
      Instead of focusing on the daily grind or on perennial problems
      in the world, we now can choose to pursue idealistic aims. We
      can tackle questions that have eluded us until now. We can
      solve problems that previously seemed too big to grasp.
      Depending on the houses involved, each of us has a specific
      path of spiritual evolution. We progress now because of
      cosmic input based on individual talents, skills, and experience.
      We each set aside delusions that have held us in check.
      We see the world anew and understand ourselves as part of a
      fully functional universe.
      Communication and Resolution in the Third Week of August
      With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus clustered together in Leo,
      creative pursuits may take on a more organized look. This
      could be a time for finalizing summer recitals or performances.
      With fixed star Pherkad conjunct the trio of planets, dance
      or choreography skills come into play on the one hand while
      very private artistic work could also take place.
      Two other stars, Ras Elased Borealis and Tania Australis,
      join this grouping to emphasize the value of communication in
      resolving contract issues. Don’t expect a problem to get resolved
      without negotiation. The end result may involve a change of
      leadership to overcome objections from one party or the other.
      Mars sextiles Jupiter on Thursday, indicating a period of fortunate
      activity and successful outcomes. This is the day to close
      deals! At the same time, this is a good period for enhancing compassionate
      activities. Social causes thrive when we apply ourselves
      to specific objectives with enthusiasm and energy.
      Coming Through Difficulties in the Last Ten Days of August
      During the last ten days of the month, Venus enters Virgo on Sunday,
      the Sun opposes Neptune on Monday, Mercury goes direct
      on Friday, and Jupiter turns retrograde on the following Tuesday.
      With Venus in Virgo, we may find that practical requirements
      cause us to postpone matters of the heart or bring indecision in
      this area. The Sun opposite Neptune reflects the potential for
      serious questions to arise without the possibility of immediate resolution.
      Emotional sensitivity is a near certainty, but so is greater
      psychic sensitivity. We may find that we understand at the feeling
      level without having to go through the steps of logical thinking.
      When Mercury turns direct on August 26, it contacts a
      fixed star Naos—an indicator of completion for many people.
      We may see contracts finalized or sales going through. We
      may also leave behind something that we no longer need.
      On August 30, Jupiter’s retrograde movement indicates
      the beginning of a period of philosophical review. The potential
      for huge achievements arises, particularly when we take
      the time for adequate review of practical resources and how
      we can use them most effectively.
      This ten-day period leads off with a tightly knit structure
      of aspects that suggest tension—the kind of tension we build
      into walls to make them stronger and keep them square. The
      balance in the pattern reflects our capacity to ask unusual questions
      and logically determine answers that we can use. There is
      a deep-seated feeling that we can nurture ourselves effectively.
      We will have come through difficulties with greater optimism.
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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