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Midnight in the Garden Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

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  • Ash
    This is truly worth the time to go through and there is much within for reflection and many affirmations. I am so grateful to Rosalina for posting this on her
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2011
      This is truly worth the time to go through and there is much within for reflection and many affirmations. I am so grateful to Rosalina for posting this on her page. Love, Shay

      Source/Post: Rosalina Marez

      Midnight in the Garden
      Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

      Greetings, beloveds. I am Metatron, lord of light. I greet you
      all in unconditional love. Masters, your lives are magnificent
      journeys of ever-continuing exploration. Certain lifetimes are
      more strategically aligned for quantum leaps. You are in such
      an alignment in the present. Accordingly, the present experience
      for many of you is more poised for critical gain. The myriad
      frequencial resonances and embellished energies of the ascension
      make this so. Yet achieving these gains, these quantum
      leaps in consciousness, requires concerted effort.
      Such concerted effort can and does occur in your higherdimensional
      aspect above duality, and it is available to you in
      the Earth plane. But a clear mind and appropriate work discipline
      is required to receive this energetic support in order to
      move forward optimally in this dawning of the ascension. We
      know that it is not always easy, dear ones, but we tell you it is
      extremely important.
      We say seize the moment and manage your time. For this
      is crucial to so much in life, from the learning and application
      of skills to everyday judgment and decision-making. And in
      the ongoing acceleration of energies, it is essential that you put
      forth your maximum effort. Masters, you have waited so long to
      be present at this prolific time, so it is time to bring your best
      effort, your “A game,” forward!

      Effort Is Divine
      Now, many of your epitaphs read “rest in peace.” But while
      there is peace in transition, you will find that you will receive
      a vast infusion of incredible light and energy on your passing
      from the Earth plane, and it will serve you well. You see, the
      fabled steps of Saint Peter’s heavenly gate are not for sleeping.
      We tell those of you who are lethargic this: The dimensional
      transition you term as death will not bring you an eternal resting
      place. You may rest for a while, if this is your wish, but it
      will occur in a period that is better defined as a review of the life
      experience that was just transcended and a garnering of what
      was gained. A reenergizing occurs in this time that associates
      you to the true nature and vast energies of your higher self.
      But be aware that in this higher energy, effort is also needed to
      move eternally higher.
      So not only must you use your abilities after death but you
      must also face up to yourself for those abilities that you did not
      use during your previous physical existence. This occurs somewhat
      in the same manner that an athlete may review a game
      film to determine what was done well and what areas need finetuning.
      You see, growth is eternal.
      We assure you that there is nothing more stimulating or
      more worthy of actualization than your manifested desire to
      evolve, to change for the better. This is indeed the mission of
      each of your lifetimes. And that process continues even after
      the university of Earth is completed.
      So we tell you that the ascension of 2012 does not mean nirvana
      has been achieved and you can rest on your laurels. In fact,
      the current period of the ascending Earth is a time of great intensity.
      It is quite difficult, and necessitates great effort on your part.
      In many ways, the astrological gravities bathing the earth in 2011
      and 2012 are a purposed training ground, not unlike an obstacle
      course designed to compel you into greater strength. So it is
      essential that you do not get tired or become overwhelmed. You
      can do this. Please do not fall into apathy—do not give up! From
      the greater perspective, love is the energy required to overcome
      apathy and inaction, which in your vernacular may be termed
      laziness. So this leads us into our present discussion.
      Masters, it may surprise many of you to understand that, in
      the wider stance and scope, mundane laziness is in opposition
      to the science and art of love. That is because laziness is the passive
      failure of love. At times, it is indeed the passive-aggressive
      nonachievement of love. And masters, learning to achieve the
      creativity of responsible love in its integral frequency is why
      you are here—period. In that context, we can say that apathy
      and laziness are the nemeses of love.
      Masters, we do understand that it is relatively easy to
      become confused in physicality and withdraw from the necessary
      calibrations of self-examination. That often leads to a sense
      of confused lethargy. If this is allowed to spiral downward, some
      may find themselves encased in a shell that leads to isolation
      and wasted opportunity. In this scenario, people may become
      stuck and not lift a finger to extend themselves unless they are
      compelled to do so. Their being becomes a manifestation of
      nonlove. To be clear, this does not imply that they are evil in
      your terms but rather that they are not on path.

      The Polarity of Love and Power
      Will is required to face the challenges of the university of Earth.
      And the development of strength of will is essential but must also
      be balanced in humility. Many of you in metaphysics are familiar
      with the axiom, “Take your power and stand in your truth.”
      This is appropriate, for integral love does indeed require a
      necessary component of great strength. Both power and love
      are sciences and arts that many of you have devoted many lifetimes
      to learning. You have devoted lifetimes to servitude to
      learn the aspects of love, putting others before the self. In this
      process, the frequencial aspect of self-love and self-worth were
      somewhat misunderstood and diminished.
      You have also had many lifetimes devoted to developing
      love and strength. Often these became quite polarized. In bringing
      the two together, the nuances of power must be refined and
      indeed shifted. Within love and strength, you see, the retrieval
      of what may be termed soul fragmentation may be faced and
      brought into merkanah harmony through great effort.
      And then, dear ones, when the segments of power and love
      are integrated, another process of refining the two incurs and it is
      complex. The key is to live creatively rather than destructively and
      to apply the wisdom gleaned from your sojourns in your relationships
      with yourself and others by dealing with the challenges of life
      that arise. That refinement is the “garden of power and love,” and
      it requires the extreme distillation of knowledge into wisdom.
      You see, every level of advancement creates a new paradigm,
      and each new paradigm brings with it more complex puzzles to
      solve. Certainly the challenges facing one on the verge of mastery
      are far different and far more complex than those in the initial
      stages of life in duality. And so as you reach the accelerated stages,
      it is inevitable that you will be forced to make choices that are less
      immediately apparent. Often these are no longer obvious choices
      between love and hate or good and evil in the subtlest of manners;
      the choices shift to those between love and power. Each gain
      achieved carries you into higher realms and higher dimensions.
      Indeed the polarity paradigm differs in each new stage.
      You see, love and power are perhaps the most compelling
      and complex of life lessons. True power exists within the
      gracefulness of love. But the seeming paradox is that love also
      requires the strength of will to complete it in duality. And in
      the development of will, it is crucial that this strength contain
      humility, lest one develop control issues.

      Lifetimes of Servitude and Lifetimes of Learning Power
      So, masters, we tell you that in your advanced path toward
      completion, each of you will face a juncture, a defining yet subtle
      directional choice that will either take you forward or circle
      back again to the same decisional crossroad. It is not the simple
      choice between evil and good but rather the choice between
      illusionary power and the true path of love. And so very, very
      often, the path of illusion is taken long before it is realized.
      This is because what is appropriate for one level of growth, once
      completed, is not necessarily best suited for the next.
      There are certain intermediate sojourns in which the requisite
      for developing strength of will was indeed the right choice. In
      such sojourns of learning power, the decisions were true-or-false
      choices, but now the testing becomes far more complex. It is a
      multiple-choice question with an essay, and all of the choices contain
      some of the answer. But only one contains your full truth.
      The dawning of 2012 is the quickening, the eleventh hour
      before the midnight of the illuminating morn. It is midnight in the
      garden of power and love. In the crucible of the ascension, the forks
      in the road are not always two-pronged. A singular path can open
      to multiple intersections, and none of them are clearly marked.
      Accordingly, many of you in advanced sojourns have a series
      of lifetimes—within multidimensional time holograms—that
      follow the focused study of either love or power. These lifetimes
      can become drastically different and separate sequences
      of experience, and many of you are now engaged in the task of
      joining the two in the final stages of lessoned growth.
      In other words, specific lifetime quests of learning to
      create power responsibly are paralleled within two separate
      series—one string devoted to learning the aspects of love and
      the other to learning the aspects of power. Often the earthly
      expressions and experimentations of these two strings take
      such powerfully contrasting soul paths that what may be
      termed soul fragmentation occurs.
      As a case in point, many of you have a series of lifetimes
      in the cloth—lifetimes of servitude in the realms of monkhood,
      sisterhood, priesthood, and so on. The focus is learning
      humility and the benefit of serving others in an open, loving
      nature. And then you also have a connective string of sojourns
      in explorations of power, sojourns in which you assume key
      leadership roles. These lifetimes may be spent as rulers, leaders
      in government or commerce, members of ruling dynasties, and
      people of immense commercial wealth.
      Polarized consciousness
      It is an interesting aspect of the filters of duality that your personality
      expressions in these two parallel studies are often so starkly
      dissimilar and contrasting that there is a separation of consciousness
      polarity between the two. This occurs in somewhat the
      same fashion, albeit to a different purpose, in your male/female
      sojourns. Humans tend to consider that most of their lifetimes
      are either male or female. Most males in humanity do not recognize
      or relate to the many lifetimes they have lived in female
      form and vice versa. It is a three-dimensional separation.
      This differential occurs even more potently in your lifetime
      strings of learning responsibility of power and learning the
      nuances of love. Both of these polar lessons are so comprehensive
      that completely different environmental and astrological
      patterns are chosen for them, and a soul chasm separates the
      two that necessitates bringing them back together.
      As we have stated, you all need to learn how to love and also
      how to create responsibly, so you plan separate lifetime strings in
      power setups and love setups. The focal study and experiences
      of these setups can become so vastly different that they become
      extremely polarized. Personalities within each setup evolve so
      differently that, in some cases, what may be termed a soul fragmentation,
      or soul polarization, seemingly occurs within the
      multidimensional holograms of your lifetimes.
      Some of you would be quite shocked at the extremities.
      Many of you in your spiritual contexts would feel repulsed by
      the personality expressions you have experienced in learning
      power, and vice versa, thus the soul fracture. Yet all must
      be harmonized, retrieved, and reconciled into soul harmony.
      The good in each must be chosen, and what does not serve
      must be released.
      This retrieval and harmony can and must occur. A process
      for this is taught in the merkavah phase, the second level
      of the merkanah crystalline lightbody, as well as the third. As
      you reach the more complex stages of your lifetimes, you blend
      the two life streams. This is among the most complex of puzzles
      and one of the last pieces required for true mastery. And
      so as you retrieve the soul—and many of you are doing that
      now—you will blend the two chains of studies into the present
      experience. This presents a great challenge, for at times
      as you travel along the pathway of enlightenment, you will
      come to algorithmic forks in the road where you must choose
      between two directions.
      A fork in the road appears that will seem to you to be
      right in either direction. The fork is between power and love,
      and both are necessary, dear ones. So the decision is which
      one takes precedent, and that lesson is among the most difficult
      you will encounter. Love does not mean allowing someone
      else to step on your foot, and power does not mean stepping
      on the feet of others who are in the way when you are
      sure you are right.

      The Double-Edged Sword of Leadership
      The decision process becomes so much more critical for those
      who achieve influential authority in spiritual leadership, for
      responsibility to enact the truth is required to keep what has
      been learned. Influence is the double-edged sword of spiritual
      leadership, dear ones, and it must be tempered and ever
      wielded in wisdom.
      All of you are sparks of Creator. All of you are family composed
      of divine mind. So remember as you move forward that
      love is a frequencial key that can never be forgotten. Yet there
      will be times when all humans do forget. And I speak to all of
      you when I say this. Walking your talk is imperative in spiritual
      leadership. Yet the pitfalls are more difficult to see as you move
      forward, and there may be times when you are less patient with
      others of a different mindset or lesser advancement. And that
      in itself is a setup of trial and growth.
      We beseech you not to put yourself on a throne and not
      to forsake those who abide in what may appear to you as the
      dimmer recesses of heart and mind. Do not so quickly condemn
      those who attempt to cast doubt on you or point fingers at the
      errors of others, even when the accusers refuse to see the faults
      within themselves. And while we recognize this is easier said
      than done, do not turn away from conflict so quickly and selfrighteously
      that your haste and knee-jerk reaction blinds you to
      a greater truth. Take time to self-review, and do so from a stance
      of dispassion. Doesn’t one of your four agreements tell you never
      to take anything personally? There is indeed wisdom in this.

      The Path to True Wisdom
      We will share another pearl of acumen. Take a moment to
      deeply consider this: Wisdom does not automatically occur through
      the mere collation of knowledge, regardless of how vast. Rather, it
      comes through the intense distillation of experience and self-review in
      pure unbiased thought.
      True wisdom can only occur in states of nonemotional examination
      of your experience via your own inner third-person stance.
      And to do this, you must filter out the untoward unconscious
      beliefs associated with experience in your three-dimensional
      mind. Do you understand? It is a conceptual shift.
      Indeed all of you will at certain points encounter this conceptual
      shift as a subjective experience of clear mind when
      you access the fifth dimension. It will enter as a pure, unbi-
      ased thought and feel like a refreshing, invigorating wave. It is a
      fifth-dimensional vibrational matrix that each of you must recognize
      and then nurture. For it is the mechanism that removes
      you from the gilded cage of hidden ego aggrandizement.
      When you blend lifetimes of power and love, all of you
      will have certain obstacles to clear. You will not yet understand
      that these were blockages at all because they may have
      served you to get to a certain point of growth in your threedimensional
      This will inevitably occur as you retrieve your life streams
      of power and love into oneness. It will occur as a moment
      of clarity. It enters in a crystalline wave, a blue tsunami in a
      field of seeming superconductivity explored and experienced
      within merkanah. But this achievement requires focus and
      effort in unification.

      The Unending Journey of Integrity
      As we have told you so many times, spiritual growth and spiritual
      leadership are journeys and not destinations. They require
      constant self-review and recalibration to maintain. So many
      through the eons of time have defaulted when the power of
      leadership led to ego imbalance. For indeed the steed of power
      can blind and unseat the rider and lead in its speed into rocky
      paths and untoward grounds.
      All of you will be tempted by the seduction of power, especially
      when notoriety and celebrity come into play. When the
      self-aggrandizement of ego enters, it often does so as if through a
      back window left open. It moves in unnoticed and unrecognized
      because it was not your intent. The tell-tale marking is revealed
      when being right takes on greater importance than love.
      Masters, the weave of ego into the energy field is often so
      subtle that the fall is unseen by the individual. How many of
      your wars have been fought in downward-spiraled destruction
      by so-called religious factions fighting over the dogma of what
      is sacred and whose truth is the real truth? Masters, humility is
      the key. Never take yourself so seriously that you lose sight of
      your own humanity within duality.

      Discernment Is Key to mastery
      Many in metaphysics who carry a great deal of spiritual
      knowledge develop the urge to share this knowledge. While
      this in itself is a positive attribute, it is also necessary to
      avoid the ego trappings of spiritual one-upmanship and
      guruship. It is correct to make known the mystery, yet each
      must use individual discernment to find his or her own inner
      voice. The time of the guru has passed. Each of you are now
      compelled to be your own guide. Discernment is the key. If it
      does not resonate, reject it.
      The goal is to develop the divinity within the self. The
      goal is not to channel ascended masters or angelic beings but
      rather to channel your own inner divinity. To be clear, there
      are indeed souls who channel ascended masters and angels,
      but this cannot be achieved without first channeling the
      divinity of self. Access to the master within you is all that is
      ever needed or required. You are gods!
      So we end this essay in acumen of truth: Individual discernment
      is ever the key, for one man’s truth may be another man’s
      folly. And the manner in which you harmonize multiple truths is a
      great test of spirituality.

      An Exquisite Odyssey of Algorithm
      Your sojourns on the Earth are a marvelous opportunity to discover
      and explore what is within and without you. You are on
      an exquisite odyssey of algorithm. The third dimension serves
      to assist you in moving higher and thus works hand in hand
      with the algorithmic puzzle by facilitating and prompting the
      outward manifestation of inner spirit through frontal mind.
      The octaves available in the third dimension are highlighted
      in your initial tarriance and campaigns on the Earth
      plane. But as you progress, the third dimension must give
      way to the higher crystalline octaves of the fifth dimension
      for true advancement toward merkanic, harmonic
      As each of you progress in spirit and wisdom, the path
      quickens into more challenging and complex sojourns, and
      the polarity shifts in kind. The forks in the road become less
      polarized in the obvious manner. The clarity between black and
      white becomes a bit more shaded in gray, and greater thought is
      required to differentiate the true path of mastery.
      The greatest power is the power of love. Love yourself and
      love one another, for the unity of love is a great and beautiful
      accomplishment for humankind in micro and macro terms. Masters,
      know that we are ever with you and we ever honor you on this
      incredible journey. I am Metatron, lord of light, and I share with
      you these truths. And so it is.
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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