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Chrysalis Fire 7.31.11 - The Next 18 Days

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  • Ash
    http://heyallie.com/2011/next-18-days/ 18 Days Posted by heyallie on Jul 31, 2011 in Astro-Shamanism, Astrology, Blog, Body-Mind-Soul, Consciousness, Culture
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      18 Days

      Posted by heyallie on Jul 31, 2011 in Astro-Shamanism, Astrology, Blog, Body-Mind-Soul, Consciousness, Culture & Community, Earth-Cosmos, Eco-Spirituality | 0 comments
      This weekend is important with a capital I, and in ways I don’t think any of us can fully comprehend.
      A new lunar cycle began Saturday, July 30, and the Fifth Day of the Mayan Ninth Wave started today.
      Within the year-long solar cycle, we’re crossing the mid-point between the June Solstice and September Equinox. The Lammas/Imbolc (Lughnasadh) gateway continues through August 7.
      As I wrote last week, “A momentous opportunity is coming along this weekend to mold the life and the world you want.” More about that in my post July 25 post: http://heyallie.com/2011/big-baby-steps/
      Here are some transitions we’re experiencing right now:
      July 10-September 24 – Venus in the underworld
      July 30 – Leo New Moon
      July 31-August 17 – Day 5 of the Mayan Ninth Wave
      August 1-7 – Lammas/Imbolc (Lughnasadh)
      August 2-26 – Mercury retrograde
      August 9-25 – Grand Cardinal Cross with Mars opposing Pluto, Uranus opposing Saturn
      August 9 – Mars squares Uranus (exact)
      August 10 – Mars opposes Pluto (exact)
      August 12/13 – Aquarius/Leo Full Moon
      August 16 – Venus-Mercury-Sun triple conjunction
      August 18 – Fifth Night of the Mayan Ninth Wave begins
      That’s a formidable line-up that speaks to the breakdown of existing order so that cosmic energies can flow, supporting the emergence of something new.  Grace fuels the chaotic energies.
      Meanwhile, three comets will be traversing our solar system over the next several months. Comets Elenin and Honda will easily be visible in the sky beginning as soon as mid-August.  Although they’ll be millions of miles away from Earth, comets don’t often get this close or show up when so many other celestial rarities are also happening.  I’m guessing it’s more than a coincidence.
      There’s a whole lot of speculation going on in the blogosphere about what all this means and how it will play out. More Earth changes and further political and economic upheaval seem inevitable. Beyond that, I don’t entertain speculation or specific predictions.
      I keep an eye on the celestial calendars and notice the natural rhythms of Earth and sky. Although realizations are spilling into my awareness these days like a rushing waterfall, I’ve learned not to jump to conclusions.
      The Experience
      At this point, I’m absolutely certain of one thing. No one knows what will happen next. We’re here to explore the mystery and shape the next world together through our actions and intent.
      This is a co-creative process we’re experiencing individually and collectively. The more we honor the process without second-guessing it, the more rewarding the outcomes will be.
      As we journey further into the Ninth Wave, the transformation becomes more intense. Perhaps the experience is highly individualized and dependent on our expectations of it.
      For me, the transition from the Fourth Night to the Fifth Day was a completely different experience from previous passages within the Mayan Ninth Wave. It was a tumultuous night, and I had the visceral sense of a profound, soul-wrenching shift deep within my being.
      I’d set strong intention for this new moon weekend, but I had no idea what the shift would feel like. It wasn’t the least bit comfortable. And I know it’s exactly what I requested. I can not continue to be who and how I’ve been if I’m going to actualize the potential for a life-changing, quantum evolutionary leap.
      I’m reminded of the possibility inherent in the Mayan Ninth Wave. Unity consciousness is the human experience of divinity, of union with Divine Source. And from that yoga flows oneness with each other and all of creation.
      That sounds so smooth and easy, yet the process is turning out to be anything but elegant. It’s intense, emotional, physically challenging and incredibly healing.
      As we begin this next leg of the journey, I’m lighting a candle in vigil. My prayer is that each of us as individuals will rise to the possibility of embodying divinity in form, and that together we will craft a reality of oneness rooted in love and truth.
      Solstice Eclipse Season
      Follow along with the big alignments of June-July that led into this new phase. Articles with many more links are posted in my blog: http://heyallie.com/blog/
      Specific ideas for working with the current energies are in this post: http://heyallie.com/2011/big-baby-steps/
      Personal Sessions
      Each one of us will experience the current transition according to our soul’s plan. I specialize in providing expert intuitive and astrological guidance by phone and Skype to support your ongoing journey of transformation. Recent sessions have been off-the-charts powerful as the celestial and earth energies weave their magic!  For details, please visit:
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      All rights reserved.
      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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