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The Art of Deserving and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines by DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    The Art of Deserving and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines by DL Zeta Our ability to access high-vibrational realities is tied to our feelings of what we feel we
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      The Art of Deserving and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines by DL Zeta

      Our ability to access high-vibrational realities is tied to our feelings of what we feel we deserve. These feelings exist deep down, beyond the conscious level, but they determine the realities we access in our daily lives.

      A person unsuccessful in manifesting a new reality may find answers in their feelings around deserving. At deep levels, each person places filters on the realities they are able to experience. These filters have to do with worthiness and deserving.

      We are Divine Beings Deserving of the Highest and Best

      As divine beings, we are always deserving of the highest and best the universe has to offer. However, the conscious mind, for purposes of learning, sets filters on available reality threads based on current beliefs about one’s level of deserving.

      The Ever-Present ‘Snapshot’ of our Life Actions

      When we contemplate a new course of action, the subconscious question is sent out. Do I deserve this? Can I have this? The subconscious does not judge, just responds by providing information to the conscious mind - a snapshot of the actions of this life. The conscious mind makes decisions about what is “deserved” based on its response to the snapshots presented.

      Our inner watcher is the keeper of the snapshots of our life. Our watcher is all-knowing, always observing our experiences here on earth. This part of us is not here to judge but to help us learn and keep track of things. It is like our store surveillance camera, our airline flight recorder. It keeps a record of what it observes and saves this record for all time. Our words, thoughts, feelings and actions are recorded here and accessed at will by our subconscious.

      Healing the Past from our Present Moment

      Our inner watcher and the snapshots it records are designed to help us gain spiritual understandings and become self-correcting. The awakened consciousness knows that if anything exists in this recorded field of information that it feels is "less than", the conscious mind’s filter will be triggered. The aware person who senses this can take steps to heal the past “snapshot” where this information resides. How this healing is undertaken is up to each person. A person who injures a child accidentally might volunteer to raise funds to assist children in need. A person who has abused or abandoned an animal might volunteer at a shelter or donate to animal welfare groups. The depth of one's response to past events determines the depth of the corrective measure in the present moment. We emphasize these are not punishments issued by an external entity. Corrective measures are always undertaken in accordance with the desires of the soul.

      Feelings of Deserving and Self-Imposed ‘Prisons’

      What is described above is a best-case scenario. If the consciousness is not awakened sufficiently to take corrective measures, there will be a very different outcome. For example, the person sends out the subconscious question, “Do I deserve this?” and when the information field is reviewed, the conscious mind’s filter says “no” and the event/situation/opportunity is rejected. This happens time and again, creating deep undercurrents of anger and resentment. It may feel at times that one is living inside a prison. In fact, there are many more people on earth living within the confines of self-imposed prisons than those living inside physical prisons.

      Unhealed Emotions Reside as Energetic Signatures in Cellular Memory

      What we feel we deserve is directly linked to experiences in the soul’s journey through time. It can be that an examination of the original events may bring insight, whether the events occurred in childhood or in another lifetime. This is not necessary for healing to take place. Unhealed emotions reside as energetic signatures in cellular memory, recreating themselves over and over again until they're healed. All that exists within cellular memory can be accessed within the present moment with intention and awareness. One does not need to take journeys to uncover all past instances. Such journeys are undertaken by choice if one wishes further study and learning.

      Identifying the Source of Feelings of Unworthiness

      Through aware ness we're able to observe when we feel undeserving. When we understand that feelings of “deserving” or “not deserving” are tied to past circumstances and actions and our response to them, we are empowered to bring about healing. With awareness, we can examine our observer’s memory tapes and files to find what is triggering feelings of unworthiness. Once we identify the source of these feelings, we’re able to consciously decide how we will bring about healing. By listening to the whispers of our soul, we are able to determine the form and depth of the healing needed.

      For more on fifth-dimensional consciousness, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
      For more on timeline shifts and reality creation, see Portals of Spirit: Multidimensional Doorways for Healing and Transformation by DL Zeta
      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

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