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World Puja Network: You Are The Creator, Incarnate

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      July 1, 2011

      July, 2011

      Brand New Article:
      "You Are The Creator"

      "The World Puja Broadcasting Network: the Leader in Empowerment Internet Radio," is now in its 11th year of daily global broadcasting. More than 900,000 people have made their way to The World Puja Network's daily, powerful, compelling informative broadcasts, over 1,400 timeless, empowering archives and multi-faceted website.

      The Shift becomes easier with The World Puja Broadcast Network
      paving a clear-cut path for you, daily.


      1. April's Broadcast Highlights

      2. Brand New Article: "You Are The Creator"

      3. Private Sessions

      4. A highly recommended new book.

      We promise that The World Puja Network with all of its components now and upcoming (stay tuned!) will get you through the shift with as much ease and grace as you are willing to receive!


      Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Ted Loder are broadcasting a Special World News Release that they pronounce, "will give humanity much food for thought."

      Rikka Zimmerman talks about "The Way To Create A Successful Business" using the tools of "Access Consciousness." Hans King has a great show about "Manifestation: Inviting It In."

      Dr. Carol Look brings you great shows this month that include "From Overwhelm to Clarity," and "Giving Up Sabotage Once and For All!"

      James Gilliland talks with Scott Mandelker about "Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan." Hillary Raimo has a conversation about the Tri-Eclipse Portal and its profound effects on the earth and you.

      Each of Judy Satori's shows this month is overlit by the Elohim, and have everything to do with the creative aspects of the ascension process. Each will also feature energy transmissions for you. Also, Christine Day has two Pleiadian transmissions and one is for Self-Expansion.

      Matt and Julie talk about "Radical Honesty" and "Effortless Freedom," both of which are powerful aspects for your ascension. Cullen and Rebecca, through Laarkmaa, discuss the "9th Wave of Unity Consciousness." DeAnne talks about "Evolving Partnerships."

      Jo Dunning continues all things abundant and features a show this month on "Taking Care of You." Kerrie O'Connor brings you the "Energy Forecast for August."

      Sheila Gale
      talks with Lindsay Wagner about "Quieting The Mind So The Heart Can Open," and with Patricia Albere about "Evolutionary Relationships."

      Pippa and Archangel Metatron send out two powerful transmissions this month for your upgrade, and Jacqueline Joy delivers two powerful "Diamond Alignment" transmissions.

      Dr. Rick and Dr. Gary talk about "Presence, Awakening and Heaven," AND there are dozens more broadcasts, transmissions and activations to help you through this next peak performance of energy!

      Please visit http://www.worldpuja.org for all of the details on the above broadcasts, and the dozens of others, including energy activations, attunements and alignments that will help support you through this month of energetic ups and downs.


      Dearest Hearts,

      As always, I pray you are well. This month I'm keeping it simple and straightforward, after a month of eclipses that appeared to complicate, irritate, and once again hurdle us across the boards of emotions. Not for nothing, each created the perfect scenarios for breakdowns and breakthroughs, once again, allowing for another upgrade in consciousness.

      As a result of the back to back eclipses, 9 day waves of consciousness, solstices and more, It would be easy to get complicated and scientific with all that is going on in our DNA, electromagnetic fields and solar systems, though I think straightforward simplicity would be of greater service to the all in the now. Additionally, I have been getting downloaded with so much information that I find it difficult in the moment to put it into a reasonable format appropriate for a newsletter, rather than a twenty-page article or a class. So here's my offering for now.

      With only 18 months left of this cycle, once and for all time, for the love of ourselves, our children, our ancestors and this beloved Planet, we must pull the plug on our former notions of ourselves, our materialism that we believe gives us our security and even happiness, and put our focus on where it needs to be, right now, on our proper identity and our responsibility to it.

      Though spoken repeatedly, in all sincerity, we have no more time to toy around with ourselves. We must grab hold of our proper identity, (know thyself) clearly understand ALL of its aspects, and begin living in deep and abiding humility, rapport and joy with it. That's the deal.

      If we are to make an ascension in consciousness, (which is the ascension, and where it all happens is, in consciousness,) this indeed is the clarion call.

      If we are willing to do this, (live in rapport with our proper identity), we will be saying an unequivocal yes to the ultimate deep cellular initiation that changes the trajectory of life and catapults one into the highest state of consciousness that a human being can embody, thus the ascension.

      Predictions still fly as to the very small percentage of humans that will actually make a substantial ascension by the end of 2012, stemming from a case of mistaken identity, old world consciousness, not being able to hold enough Light, resisting love for Self and each other, and simply not being willing to give up who they are not, coupled with a healthy dose of "if only my circumstances would change, and if only other people would change."

      All of the reasons are true, however, if each would allow themselves to open their minds, open their hearts and imbibe in the stillness to remember what must be remembered, and then activate that remembrance, the grand Lights would come on, the Love would flow, and then guess what would happen? :)

      It's time to embrace the magic of who you are.

      YOU ARE THE CREATOR INCARNATE. Take a breath. Don't let your mind get into the mix. You are the Creator Incarnate. Period. Take another breath.

      How could you not be, would be the appropriate question? It is you that created your reality, and always will. There are no energies either here or to come on this Earth that will change that very fact. You are the only one in charge of your Life, now, then and forevermore and even more as a result of the time you have chosen to live in. So what would that then make you? The Creator, Incarnate.

      In and through the hundreds of incarnations that you have lived upon this earth, you have been giving birth to your true Self through your various roles that you chose to play that were conducive to finding yourself on the inner planes, one lifetime at a time. Now, for your final role you get to play God, the Creator Incarnate, because you are! And, it is the only real role there is left to play. Any other role would simply be an unsupported illusion.

      Just as your Mother/Father Creator God chose to have a myriad of experiences through you to experience every possible aspect of its human creation, you have done exactly the same.

      You chose to have a myriad of experiences through yourself to experience every possible aspect of human Creation, and now you can experience being the Creator, The Divine One, God on earth, the moment you choose to, and activate your choice.

      You are God. You are the Creator. You Are the I Am. Behold the meaning "I Am That I Am." That expression has always told you the Truth of who you are, though through reverse truth and many religions it was twisted and turned, called blasphemy or never spoken of at all.

      Jesus, always spoke that Truth to the masses. "My Father and I are One." In saying so he wasn't separating himself from all others, it was quite the opposite, as he attempted to impress upon each, to embrace that same Truth, that indeed there was no separation from being Creator Source, only a shift in form.

      He knew that when we embraced that truth then, "greater things than I shall you do" would be made real to each of us. Why greater? It is due to the unified field that would be created through this acceptance of Truth that would have miracles springing up like daisies in springtime.

      Please remember that though Jesus, by design, had a unique pathway carved out for him, so did you. Oneness having many parts.

      He was expected to remember who he was, and in turn act in accordance. He was to discover his Father's/Mother's vibration, feel it at his core and consistently vibrate at that level. So are you to do the same.

      He came into his full power, liberation and glory under adverse conditions. So have you.

      He came to know who he was through the power of love. And you are coming to know yourself in the same way, for there is no other way to know thyself.

      He came to love all others by loving himself, knowing if he were to inspire others, and make the world a more peaceful place, he must first turn to himself, The Creator Incarnate, make the changes internally, and then turn his radiance outward into the world external.

      You are tasked with the same. There is no other way that this world can change, nor can you.

      Jesus had an early advantage, perhaps different that you. Once he remembered who he really was, he rarely forgot and when he did, he had a host of helpers to right him on his path.

      You did not, until more recent times, when the Cosmic Councils of Consciousness, countless Angels and Archangels, endless numbers of Earth Angels and your very own I Am Presence, have made it undeniable that they are working diligently on your behalf to head you into the direction of greater Truth about yourself.

      You are to know that all that you need to remember and stay on path and in your truthful identity, you do indeed have.

      In addition, the coding and the rewiring of you are taking place in ways we don't need to address further now, to widen the portal of your being, and open all of your channels so that more Light and more Love can be downloaded inside of you.

      Trust you are being taken care of and in order for the often-mysterious work to be effective, you must take care of yourself. Your part is to clean out the rest of who you are not, sync up with your proper vibration, and claim, with authority and action your rightful identity, in order that your claim may be brought to Life and you can move on and play a new role in a new consciousness.

      Copyright Maureen Moss 2011. Please feel comfortable to pass this along or post it, keeping websites intact:

      If you desire a private session, to help clear your path to accept your true identity, please visit the Powerful Living link on our Home Page, http://www.worldpuja.org for details. And then, please E-mail Maureen@... with your name, phone number and time zone if you would like a private session.


      "Harps of Gold" by Philippa (Pippa) Merivale is a book that belongs on every bookshelf. When Lord Metatron and Lord Melchizedek teamed up to bring this book through Pippa, a book of mind-blowing, cosmic proportions was born. Blessed to being asked to write the introduction to this book, I said yes, only after reading what I know to be a global game changer and a true gift to humanity. Available through Amazon.com

      I wish you each love, joy, blessings, clarity and abundance.
      May Grace follow you wherever you go. Know you are loved!


      Maureen Moss

      President of The World Puja Network, LLC


      E-Mail: Maureen@...
      Or: Maureen@...
      World Puja Newsletter

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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