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Fw: : Secret Water Webinar ...Confidential

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  • Rael
    Happy Solar Eclipse and New Cancerian Moon to All,   I am sending this for your discretion from within and if it so resonates for you to attend.   Blessings
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      Happy Solar Eclipse and New Cancerian Moon to All,
      I am sending this for your discretion from within and if it so resonates for you to attend.
      Blessings to behold beyond measure through this day's powerful portal of divine love,
      Rael of One ~ Universal Oneness Ambassador ~
      "May you embrace your divine inheritance and blossom to the nectar of universal oneness in the love and light of ever expanding perfection."

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      From: Barbara Church <starblazer560@...>
      Subject: Fw: : Secret Water Webinar ...Confidential
      To: "Allan Cox" <curmt22@...>
      Date: Friday, July 1, 2011, 8:00 AM

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      From: Suzy Star <suzystar@...>
      Subject: : Secret Water Webinar ...Confidential
      To: "A Me" <suzystar@...>
      Date: Friday, July 1, 2011, 5:45 AM

      Dear Ones,
      I know nothing about this water but if it does what he says it does, I would feel very remiss if I did not let you know about it! Since there is no cost for the  webinar, I can only suggest you might want to sign up for it and use your own discretion. This was sent me by Kasper and I have left his message below so read what he has to say and sign up if you choose to find out more. I do know that more and more water in our country is contaminated and we need every tool we can find to clean it up and make it potable again.
      Love, blessings & peace,
      Suzy Star
      Hey there,

      I am getting FLOODED with responses from
      today's webinar.

      Because of the massive demand, I am going
      to do the webinar again today, and over
      the weekend, but I am taking it DOWN next
      week due to the confidential nature of
      this information.

      If you missed this, sign up below, here's
      the original email I sent about this
      yesterday in case you missed this.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

      The super confidential webinar about water
      I am hosting is happening tomorrow, here's
      the sign up link:


      CAUTION: Please use discretion with whom and
      how you share this.

      This is extremely powerful, it will affect your
      life and  your health in a very positive way, but
      we don't want this to get into the wrong hands -
      we need this to be around for a while.

      The types of healing people are experiencing with
      this is beyond belief - and what this can do for
      our planet is mind blasting.

      Imagine that in my hand I hold a small glass of
      transparent liquid.

      It's not water.

      It's infinitely more powerful and valuable.

      It comes from the Earth, it's natural, it's one
      of mother nature's deepest secrets.

      Just a few drops of this liquid can transform
      the worst water on this planet into pristine
      clear water which heals your body - right before
      your eyes.

      It heals poisoned/polluted lakes, rivers, wells,
      not in decades or years, but in mere hours.

      It takes heavy metals like lead and mercury right
      out of your body, and removes stored up toxins
      and inorganic matter which causes arthritis and
      pain, and takes it away.

      This little secret was even used in Chernobyl to
      clean up radiation out of water and people with
      great success.

      The guy who's behind this is a really incredible
      human being who's on a mission to transform the
      water on this planet.

      Recently - they used this in a specific large lake
      in the United States which was basically
      classified as a rotting cesspool.

      The ecoli population in this lake was 100,000 per
      mL(off the charts), and the coliform was DOUBLE

      Within days, using this,... they were able to eliminate
      all the ecoli and coliform and completely purify the

      This is a game changer. A real solution is here.

      Everyone human being on this planet needs to
      know about this:



      PS. If you suffer from any health related problem
      or condition... you've got to be on this webinar,
      this could change your life - I mean it.


      Powerful Life Green Products
      PO BOX 97086
      Richmond, BC
      V6X 8H3

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