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[ANGEL] Grand Finale...Very Timely & Perfect.!!!

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    Light is everything in the world to men s eyes... Light thirsts after light yes, the soul, twin to the stars moves through space to find, be made eternal by
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      Light is everything in the world
      to men’s eyes...
      Light thirsts after light
      yes, the soul, twin to the stars
      moves through space
      to find, be made eternal by light
      and grasp, trembling,
      the sun
      a torch handed on
      from runner to runner
      through the millennia.

      - Gunvor Hofmo


      Deep within, a profound shift pulses rhythmically as the Sun, Earth and Moon move into alignment for the third and final eclipse of this Solstice season on Friday, July 1.

      The light of a thousand spiritual suns shines beyond....

      The air swells with potential.

      This new moon solar eclipse forms a volatile grand cross configuration that easily expresses as chaos.

      In the physical world, wildfires rage. Rivers overflow. Politics wreak havoc. Tropical storms are brewing.

      Seeping oil and radiation continue to threaten Earth’s eco-systems. As homes and lives are shattered, tension mounts.

      And yet, there is peace.  Hushed stillness, pregnant with expectancy. S-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g’s about to burst, as new life pushes through the birth canal.

      This Friday, the Sun and Moon in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn and square the opposition of Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Libra, creating a rare and auspicious grand cross in cardinal signs. Similar configurations have been forming, dissolving and reforming since last year and will continue through 2012, but this one is unique in two ways. First, the new moon sun will be partially eclipsed. Plus, the eclipse aligns with the great star Sirius.

      This is a rare cosmic moment to be savored, and honored.

      The entire eclipse series – June 1 new moon through July 1 new moon – is essentially one big eclipse, a shadow crossing our awareness for a full 28 days. Friday’s alignment is the culmination of this remarkable series.

      The effects are felt to our very souls. So much of what we thought about the world, this reality, who we are and what we’ve created is crumbling. We’ll be integrating and implementing the changes initiated during this sequence for years to come.



      The Potential

      When we work with eclipses shamanically, we’re able to transform our lives and our world.

      More than ever before, 2011 is a year to become empowered co-creators rather than passively watching and waiting for whatever comes next.

      Embedded within the June 1-July eclipse season is an enormous opportunity to break free from longstanding patterns, including beliefs, behaviors, addictions or anything that keeps us from expressing our highest destiny.

      This is one of those cosmic moments when our intentions and our evolutionary process are magnified.

      Possibilities include:

      Release of karmic bonds, including family of origin issues

      Purification and healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies

      Purification and healing of the Earth

      Dissolving the illusion of separation and resolution of seeming polarities

      Balance of sacred masculine and divine feminine energies

      Spiritual awakening

      With Sirius conjunct the grand cross configuration, the focus for all the spiritual energy is the opening of human hearts to greater love.


      What’s Next?

      Each year at this time, our Sun aligns with the magnificent blue star Sirius, creating an initiation portal linked to the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Egyptian goddess Isis and the all-seeing, all-knowing Eye of Cosmic Wisdom.

      The rising of Sirius with the Sun near the June Solstice marks the beginning of the Egyptian New Year and heralds the annual flooding of the Nile, replenishing the physical and spiritual fertility of the motherland.

      Under this auspicious alignment, nations have won their independence and leaders have been born.

      The conjunction is most exact on July 6, and the Dog Days of the Sun-Sirius alignment continue through August.

      Freedom and illumination are themes of this celestial gateway.

      The United States and Canada both celebrate their independence from England under this alignment.

      Bastille Day – the French Independence Day – is July 14.

      This intriguing synchronicity seems to underscore the themes of oneness and the resolution of

      duality so important in this pivotal year.

      The brightest star in our sky, Sirius streams the cosmic frequencies of love-wisdom to Earth.

      As Sothis, she catalyzes the purification of ego so we may more fully embody divine essence.

      In this way, the Sun-Sirius alignment amplifies the effects of the three-part eclipse series this Solstice season.

      Likewise, the lunations magnify the effects of this year’s Sirian gateway.

       Mid-July and beyond will continue to be intense, with shifting energies and the seeming acceleration of time.

      For those following the Mayan Ninth Wave, Day 4 of the final underworld began June 25 and crests on July 3/4,

      during the Sirian gateway.

      Morning star Venus disappears from the eastern sky on July 11 and begins her shamanic journey of the underworld where she’ll be transformed into the evening star away from our view.

      She reappears in the west after sunset beginning September 23.

      Space objects are hurtling through our solar system now, and Comet Elenin is on the way, due to appear in our neighborhood in August.

      Some say this comet is the harbinger of the end of the Mayan calendar, which may be true if Carl Johan Calleman’s interpretation is accurate.

      Carl calculates October 28 as the completion of the current cosmic creation cycle,

      which he says is the basis for the sacred calendar of the Maya.


      Reality Check

      Cosmic potential is only that – potential – until it’s realized.

       With the help of the illuminating alignments during this highly charged season, important realities are revealed.

      Where I live in northern New Mexico, wildfires burn with passion toward Los Alamos, the birthplace of nuclear weaponry.

      Two other nuclear facilities in the United States are threatened at this time, by floods.

      Three months ago, an earthquake and resulting tsunami ravaged the coast of southern Japan,

      sending three nuclear reactors into meltdown.

      Waves of radiation continue to flow unchecked. Last year at this time, oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico in a similar way.

      Recent and current events put us on notice.  It’s time to change our ways.

      The evolution of consciousness requires a radical shift on all levels – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.

        We can, and must, do more to preserve the precious gift of life on Earth.

      Sirius conjunct Friday’s grand cardinal cross eclipse raises the bar, challenging us to recognize the freedom we have

      in each moment to make different choices, to blaze a new path fueled by the spiritual light of the cosmos.



      In the beginning of the eclipse series, we showed Jack Johnson’s video of his now-prophetic tune, “Breakdown.”

      This song has carried me through. Since late May, I’ve been changing things up intentionally, breaking patterns,

      trying new things, focusing on doing something different.

      The song helps me remember what’s really going on when life gets intense.

        I think it’s still relevant so I’m sharing it again.


      We also discussed the crop formations from two years ago that seemed to depict a special planetary configuration visible from Earth in the pre-dawn sky on the morning of the first solar eclipse on June 1. One of these glyphs shows cosmic codes as heiroglyphics streaming through this planetary portal.

      Details and photos are posted on the Crop Circle Connector website:


      So here we are, one lunar cycle and at least a lifetime later.

      This week, the Sun and Moon move into alignment with the beloved Egyptian star and heavy-hitters Uranus,

      Pluto and Saturn.

      Watch for: More revelations about what’s behind the so-called “power structure” on Earth

      New scientific discoveries...

      Bursts of unbridled creativity and spiritual insight

      Further breakdown of forms, systems and structures that no longer serve humanity’s evolution and

      our individual paths of enlightenment

      Visions of a future beyond today’s apparent reality


      * * *


      In the moments leading up to and through the new moon alignment, stop to consider:

      What has broken down in your life over the past month, six months, a year?  How are your beliefs shifting?

      How have you experienced the shadow’s crossing?

      Who are you becoming?

      What are you creating?

      What do you commit to changing?

      Take some time to contemplate and move powerfully through this new moon solar eclipse

      -Sirius-grand cross portal with focused intent.

      Celestial and Earth energies are ripe with potential and brimming with ingenuity.

       Now is the moment for breakthrough.

      Notice the alignment on all levels. Breathe the new light.



      Copyright 2011 Allison Rae/HeyAllie.com


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