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[lovingpurelove]A story for the New Year

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  • Melanie J. Myers
    This lady came into the crystal shop where i work. she had raggedy clothes on of sort. it was a style possibly but the long jean skirt was all out of fashion
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2002
      This lady came into the crystal shop where i work. she had raggedy clothes on of sort. it was a style possibly but the long jean skirt was all out of fashion and looked old and faded (not the fashionable fade). the shirt i commented on as it was a tie die that  was adorable. she had just bought it . it had a pretty design in the back right where the heart chakra is that had like a burst of colors coming out from the center.. cute. her unusual metal necklace was in the design of a sting ray. interesting. i see people from all over the world especially Wales,England but she was different. and she was from Wales also. she was going to buy this broach which i naturally wanted to give her a bigger than usual discount. i made a suggestion to Alan(owner) and he said it was a perfect discount for the cost of that item. this woman actually did have some money i think but you would never know it.
      mis-matched old looking outfit that looked like it came from a dumpster with a 60ish shirt put on over it. even her hand bag was cheap and out of norm. a crapy plastic black with pink trim and a play boy bunny symbol on it. did not match her at all. then she motioned to someone out side to come in. it was i believe her husband or someone close anyway. he came spinning up in a wheel chair with one leg and one arm followed by a strange little girl with a large head and very frail looking body that wobbled from side to side when she walked and her jaw was retronathic(bucktoothed) to the max.and a long pointy nose. she reminded me of a little child witch or something and wearing a black wig as it didn't even seem her own hair.God bless them both; i found them not horrible but interesting how they interacted/ did my best not to stair. the man got around quite well with one arm and leg. he looked at a couple of things the lady had shown him and spun right back out of the store again after looking at me briefly while the little girl followed. they were in a playful mode together and stood off by themselves as if they guarded themselves from outsiders. a fear mechanism which they believed to protect themselves from getting hurt. they knew they were both unusual and didn't fit in the world of fashion and norm. they had each other though and that was enough for them. because of this, they secluded themselves from opening up to others because of past hurtful encounters with people that just didn't understand them and how it is really and what it is like really to go through life in such a way. some people strive for commonality, while others strive to be different, to stand out among a crowd. these two in their own little worlds strove to enjoy life as they best know how.
      enjoy the life you have been given, and be thankful for what you have.
      with all my love and blessings for a wonderful new year,
      a true story of a yesterday's event.
      Melanie joy
      ps, the lady didn't buy the broach however, she did buy the most unusual and interesting pendant that went along well with her unique taste.
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