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Inner Child Reading: Ten of Wands (Spiritual Homecoming ~ You Are Being Crowned ~ Explore the Infinite Circle of your Higher Self)

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  • Ash
    http://www.ishalerner.com/home/is1/readings_main.html#child   Ten of Wands Once the decision is made to cross the threshold into a magical garden, the long
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      Ten of Wands

      Ten of Wands

      Once the decision is made to cross the threshold into a magical garden, the long journey toward rebirth reaches its destination. The fairy who was gazing into the garden in the Nine of Wands is now entering and experiencing a spiritual homecoming in the Ten of Wands. The multicoloured butterflies on the gate have been transformed into a crown of white butterflies, creating a divine aura of protection and guidance. The fairy holds in her hand the magic wand, tipped with a beautiful rainbow butterfly, symbolizing her initiation into states of higher consciousness. The number 9 in numerology often suggests completion, while the qualities inherent in 10 are rejuvenation and exultation. With nine white butterflies encircling her and the tenth now a part of her magic wand, this fairy is ready for new responsibilities and service in the intuitive arts: healing, art, music, dance, and ritual. While meditating on this card, realize that you are being crowned. Your auric field is being purified, and like the white butterflies, you are set free to explore the infinite circle of your Higher Self. The rainbow butterfly is offered to you as a bridge, connecting your life of service to the greater community, humanity, and the Earth evolving in the cosmos.

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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