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Fw: July 27

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  • Polly A. Menendez
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      Friday the 27th of July


      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.

      From Cyrus the Astrologer


      The Moon went into motivated, penetrating, passionate, aware Scorpio last night.

      Saturn parallels the fixed star Zosma. A victim or Saviour.

      The Sun parallels the fixed star Arcturus. A different approach.

      Every challenge that we accept and undertake in the physical realm brings about the maturing of the Soul, the gaining of wisdom and greater self-discovery.

      Having faith in our guidance and our intuition, we go forward on the path of life’s unfolding adventure.

      Releasing attachments to the old mindsets of the previous paradigm, we are no longer afraid of trying new approaches to the challenges that we face.

      Humanity is awakening from the sleep of separation. We are coming out of victim consciousness and we no longer feel that our security means being wedded to wage slavery or other oppressive conditions of our own making.

      When we experience the spirit of awakening, our light shines through us and we feel physically lighter and stronger.

      Because our life is our own creation and the mirror of our transformation, all forms in our life will increasingly express the power and beauty of our spirit. As we awaken to the divine infant within, we feel ever beautiful ever young. This opens up our being to new life force from the pranic sources and this vibrant energy shines through our physical body also.

      Our new sense of vibrancy and well being causes the body to secrete different hormones which cause us to become physically more beautiful as well.


      The Moon trines Jupiter at 3:46 AM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm aligns with wisdom. The Second and Fourth Ray energies bring about the fusion and blending of heart and mind. We have a chance to anchor the expression of our Higher Purpose into the world of form.


      The first quarter Moon begins at 6:08 AM


      We are called upon to take action in the outer world and face the challenges of the moment.


      The Moon squares Neptune at11:30 AM


      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with wisdom. The past gives way to the present and to the inclusive quality of the Soul.

      Invoking the strong qualities of love and devotion that are now available helps us to transmute elements of our personality that have been blocking the inflow of life force and divine wisdom.


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