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  • Susan Manning
    Hello All! And Happiest of New Year yet for us all!!! I want to weigh in here on this subject of just sending our own thoughts and feelings - I rather enjoy
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 31, 2002
      Hello All! And Happiest of New Year yet for us all!!!

      I want to weigh in here on this subject of just sending 'our own' thoughts and feelings - I rather enjoy receiving the plethora of different things that people feel we all might find interesting. If it does not resonate with me, I am free to delete it, but I have it right there to see if I like it or not. I don't have to go to another website, and as much as it may sound silly, I am glad that I don't have to go to another website because sometimes my computer is very slow at connecting on. Plus there are times when I'd like to print it out and the website has colors and pictures and is not always (my) printer friendly (and not all web pages have a print mode button. I, of course, love to receive the website info so that I can see if this is what I'd like to delve into further.

      I realize that we sometimes receive things from other email lists, but not all of us do and, again, the delete button is quicker for me than connecting to another website.

      On another level I feel that this new direction is rather limiting in what people will feel that they can send. They may feel that people have been complaining about how much info they are getting and they may not feel as free to send something then that each one of us really needs to hear at that moment. And what is that which is being sent but part of 'our own' thoughts and feelings, just worded sometimes better than we can do ourselves? I've been part of lovingpurelove for quite a while now and enjoy its openness and all-inclusiveness and feel that this turn is closing things down a bit and excluding some things that might be more simply sent as part of the emails. People already do include the websites for items that are too long to copy into email, but I don't feel the need to extend that to even the short pieces. And sometimes they are not on a website..

      I may be in a minority here with this opinion and if this is what all decide is best, majority wins. But it would be nice to hear if others feel as I do.

      Thanks for your time and much love to you all! 2003 is already amazing!!!
      Love, Susan xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
      P.S. I realize that we have also decided that we would not include what others have sent in our email, but I am including the email below for continuity of this thread.

      >>> pmenendez@... 12/30/02 06:55PM >>>
      Dear Patti,

      I don't think you heard that from this list, we have not
      specifically mentioned channeled messages, however we have briefly
      discussed an interest in our own thoughts and feelings rather than
      forwarding on the writings of others. You might be referring to

      The choice in the case of sharing the works of others, is to try an
      provide a link, rather than the whole text. Adding on a brief
      description about it, may also be helpful.

      I see you are asking to share a specific channeled New Year's
      message. Some choices might be to send an announcement that you
      have a copy "Jane/John Doe" New Year's message and will gladly
      provide to anyone who needs a copy, or announce the link as
      previously mentioned.

      If the channeler is on our list, by all means, send us your messages.

      If following this method creates problems, lets talk more about it.

      Love, Polly
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