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How Do We Become Receptive of the Gift of Soul Mate Connections, Allowing It to Grace Our Lives?

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      Source: Maria Celeste G


      How Do We Become Receptive of the Gift of Soul Mate Connections, Allowing It to Grace Our Lives?


      written by Maria Celeste G



      How do we become receptive of the gift of having a deep and meaningful Soul Mate connection and allow it to grace our lives? The first thing to consider is that we may need to do the "inner work", identifying and working with issues within ourselves that are deep-seated and usually suppressed and ignored for a long time. One of the most important issues that many of us need to deal with is about trust. Many of us have much difficulty understanding the true value and the right use of trust. Because of this, many of us have experienced unpleasant and even traumatic scenarios in our relationships making us feel that the world is not a safe place to love wholeheartedly. 


      A lot of us inadvertently shy away from opening ourselves wholeheartedly to anyone again once we get hurt, rejected, and betrayed.  This tends to lessen our opportunities to receive the gift of soulmate connections because it blocks deep and lasting intimacy.  At the same time, though we may have told ourselves never to trust again, by virtue of not really understanding the value and proper application of trust, we would still be vulnerable to unknowingly 'trust' others who may bring us more pain, making us close our hearts even more tightly, and a vicious cycle ensues.  The life lesson that issues regarding trust can offer for growth may get to be downplayed.  Not learning the lesson cannot increase perception and can make us unable to proceed to the next level towards our highest good and greatest joy.


      So where do we get the faith and confidence needed to feel safe to trust and love again? The answer to this lies in learning to trust oneself, one's inner knowing most of all, in order for us to discern when it’s appropriate to trust.  How do we do this?


      Here's how:


      First, it is important for us to remember that what can be trusted are supported and nurtured by Infinite Source --  in service to the Divine Plan, in alignment with our soul purpose and the immutable Divine Cosmic Laws, and in tune with one's intuition (which comes through to us directly from our connection with Infinite Source). 


      Second, when we deal with another, trust each person according to their current level of spiritual development.  Please take note that to intuit into another person's level of understanding takes process in getting to know him or her to an ample degree, and this is where trusting oneself using one's intuition comes in regarding whether getting to know a particular someone as a process is something which feels right for you at any given moment.   When we accept others as they are, we can let go of the need to expect them to act in any way other than what they are, nor will we feel any need to let them unnecessarily occupy space or room reserved for yourself or for those who you have true affinity with.


      Knowing this, we become more confident to open up our hearts to welcome and receive those who are truly for us.  We will be graced with the presence of our true Soul mates -- those who have true affinity for us and would offer us the kind of relationships that are "made in heaven", so to speak.  Make room and recognize the ones that are truly for us by discerning the true value of trust in our lives.



      (This article was based on my Personal Experiences and inspired by the presence and works of Peter Phalam, Deborah Zeta, and Almine.  As my attention had been called by some people who have issues about references, I would like to include the following references: "Manifesting Your Inner Soulmate in Physical Reality"  By DL Zeta, and "Ring of Truth" by Almine.  For other questions please leave a message.)



      (IMPORTANT NOTE TO EVERYONE WITH REGARDS TO THE ISSUE OF THE ONE WHO HAD RELENTLESSLY ACCUSED ME OF PLAGIARISM FOR WHATEVER REASON AND MOTIVE SHE MAY HAVE. THIS IS WHAT I HAVE TO SAY:  I have never plagiarized anybody's work...ever! The truth is that I really wrote this article primarily based on my experience and personal insight and I claim it to be my work and the main benefit I had deemed in including my name as the rightful author of this article is to let those who would read this and resonate with the message be able to reach me in case they have questions or sentiments that would further the learning, sharing, awakening and healing of all those who are involved and concerned at any given moment. There was never any claim for fame and the like. Those concepts that insist on taking advantage of gray areas and accuse and defame another without resolve, are part of the obsolete programming of the old world of a lower order and harmonic, where trust will always be an issue because of the many fear-based principles behind convention and conditioned behavior. NOW is not anymore a time of "doing".  It's moved on to the next level of simply "BE-ING".  For when you are being what and who you truly are, 'doing' becomes a natural consequence of simply "be-ing" yourself.   At the same time, that is in alignment with Divine Plan thereby allowing for Unity in duality, Harmony in diversity, and Individual Sovereignty in the Spirit of Community. Think about it very carefully.  Look before you leap.  Or better yet, follow your heart.  At the level of your understanding, you will see only what you want to and are willing to see.  People only see what they are ready to see. - this portion was added on January 20, 2011, 11:03 AM CST)


      Copyright (c) 2011 by Maria Celeste Garcia



      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center
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