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Goddess Light Teleconference: Sananda Star Energies Healing

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  • Ash
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2011

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      Ansaluia My Friends in Soul!
      June has arrived!  Since May had 5 Sunday's we've had a long break here.... I look forward to talking with you and the upcoming channel this Sunday.  

      I'm really excited about the Solstice Celebration coming up June 25th in Alpharetta, Ga.  You can see the details under 'lightworkers' in this email & you can sign up through my website: SOLSTICE CELEBRATION

      I intend to host group channels with the change of each season.  I will be channeling Lady Gaia and all the other energies who come through that are pertinent for that time of the year. For one thing, it creates an energy of it's own.  For another people can plan to visit if they would like to attend but live elsewhere.  I am open to this growing into even more than what it will be this first time!  Come along and join the fun you'll find with me plus my friends who are also setting up shop for the day! 
      I’m going to be on the Blog Talk interview on JUNE 26th instead of May 22nd. This is the show hosted by Dr. Rhonda Smith and I've been a guest many times.  This time the subject will be 'Letting Go'.  So often people get stuck in a rut and struggle to move beyond where they are.  So please join us for this free  two hour show, June 26th! It'll be a big weekend!!
      I really enjoy working with people one on one.  I am always open to meet new people interested in private channels. Many people are taking advantage of the combination offers from the online store.  You can blend a personalized meditation with a private channel or pre-pay for a series of 3 private channels and receive a discount.  This amazing energy that's flowing around is creating opportunities for change with greater ease! Please contact me if you are interested in learning more.  

      Thanks again for all your love and support!  Hang on and lets see where we go next~~~
      With great love and joy,

      Latest Goddess Light Teleconference:
      Sananda Star Energies Healing


      This channel took place on the eve of the full moon in Wesak. For those of you who are not familiar with this, Wesak is a festival that takes place yearly and is about the blending of Buddha and Jesus as they return to the earth to assist in bringing in more light. This traditionally takes place in ‘Shamballa’ – Sananda used this name for place also known as ‘Shambrahla’ or ‘Shangrilla’ but the conscious experience can take place anywhere. This is an opportunity for you to truly expand your conscious awareness and your light.

      During this channel Sananda comes into the All That Is and my perception of him was as a cloud. From that cloud came 4 streams of energy representing; Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and Muhammad. As Sananda began to speak with us, he pointed out Abraham who also descended, so there were five total energies. These five represented the major religions linked under Sananda. It does not represent all the religions of the world by any means. In fact, if you desire to do so, you may call in whatever figure you so choose.

      Sananda spoke at length and it began with him assisting everyone to link with their lightbody energies. Once this was done, he created a portal that allowed everyone to descend into Shamballa. He spoke of the beings; Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad & Abraham as creating a 5 pointed star. Within that star was Sananda, God, Goddess, us and Gaia. This created a 5 pointed star within the other. As all began to flow the energy into Sananda he raised his hands above his head and it all flowed through him and into a shower of energy. The light was amazing!!!

      This was creating a bond of community that transcended earthly beliefs. There was such peace and balance throughout the world and universe. I invite you the enjoy this experience.

      Read the full channel transcript here

      I am still so THRILLED with my new website!! I'm in there every day, there's so much to browse through.  With the new website, you may access the audio portions both the journey and Q&A either the night of the channel or the following day!  The written transcription is a little slower, but they are posted as soon as they are complete.  

      Private Channels

      Testimonials:Here are some of the comments I receive from people about the channels they receive; some private, some the Goddess Teleconferences.  

       (This was from someone who ordered a series of 3 channels.) I can't believe how much I have shifted since having these channels!  I feel the information was a big help, plus the general good feeling that expanded with each channel was amazing. I will be ordering another 3 very soon!  Thank you. 

      *** (speaking of the gift meditation) I can't believe how this has changed things for me! I feel as if i've shifted in ways I hadn't expected.  Mostly, i feel at peace.  Thank you.


      Are you feeling confsed and out of sorts? Do you feel a need to create change? Perhaps a private channel will open some doors for you, shift old energies or even just give you a chance to feel good. There is an amazing amount of work that can be accomplished with a private session, plus the pure essence love, compassion and acceptance will assist you in just feeling good! 

      A private session with Shelly can do all of this plus answer your questions, create communication with people; alive or crossed over. You can also receive information about your own angels, guides and perhaps your purpose for being here. 

      There are packages available if you would like to sign up for multiple channels that would be spread over time or combine it with a meditation.  

      To schedule a private channel click here

      Next Teleconference
      Sunday, June 5, 2011
      9:00 pm Eastern Time
      Access code : 642149#
      Featured Lightworker

      Featured lightworker:  I believe we are all here in support of each other.  For every expansion one person has, so do the rest of us.  In the section I am sharing with you people who I’ve come into contact with that I think you may also enjoy.  I will at times feature an organization or others who are even more well known.  If you would like me to feature you and your work, please send me your information.

      I am planning to have a GROUP CHANNEL at the change of each season with this Summer Solstice being the first one.  I think the solstices and equinox are opportunities to tap into a lot of the wonderful earth energies and we can use this for change, enhancement, whatever we may be seeking.  So if  you can’t make this one, put out there that perhaps you’ll be able to join me for the next in September.
      When:   June 25, 2011   10:00 am – 12:30 pm
      Where:  Hilton Garden Inn Northpoint
      10975 Georgian Ln., Alpharetta, GA  30022
      (one block east of 400 on exit 9, Haynes Bridge)
      Cost:        $35  Register through www.goddesslight.net
      or call  770-926-2116
      I am also going to have four tables set up for what I’ll call vendors for lack of a better word!! These are people I know and respect who offer other types of energy work and information.  They will be available for you to meet and/or work with that same day.  I have the room reserved for the entire day although the channeling will be from 10:00 to 12:30 or so.  Therefore before we begin, during the break and afterwards if you would like to, you may work with one or more of these people.  My intention is that this will really, really grow and it will be an opportunity for LOTS of people to network and perhaps create new relationships. Plus it’s nice to have a mini massage, or short reading, or your aura photo or perhaps a Reiki session and more.  Here are the vendors for the Solstice Celebration:
      Lisa Morgan is doing Aura Photography. This is an amazing type of photography as it shows not only your aura, but your chakras. You can see what may be over or under expanded.   www.biofeedbackgeorgia.com
      Melba Black is a gifted Reiki Master, yoga instructor and more. She will be available to have mini sessions if you are interested.
      Gregg Ward is the creator of Kian Temple Creative Healing Arts: Massage and Healing Modalities; Life Success Consultant; Nikken Wellness Independent Distributer; Chi Kung & Reiki Instructor. He is truly excellent with all that he does. www.kiantemple.com
      Donna Bonter is a very gifted psychic who does reading for people in the North Atlanta area. She had a very keen ability to see you and what’s around you so as to assist with information or creating change.

      Rhonda Smith very gifted in numerology, does energy work, and host of awake now what will also be setting up a table. 
      I’m just so excited!!  I hope that you’ll be able to join me and that you’ll share this with your friends!
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