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Colleen Joy: Lesson on vision from Walt Disney

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  • Ash
    Dear Friends This week s lesson is inspired by the genius of Walt Disney. It s something we teach our Life and Business Coaches when they train with us. It s a
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      Dear Friends

      This week's lesson is inspired by the genius of Walt Disney.

      It's something we teach our Life and Business Coaches when they train with us. It's a small tip, with MASSIVE effect.

      So don't be deceived by its simplicity. How did Disney dream bigger dreams than many could? Because he had 1 critical rule. A rule that the Disney company still follows today and it's your lesson this week, see below.

      Lesson 46:  Vision like Disney

      The Disney vision rule is simply this.... Whenever you are visioning, dreaming and being inspired what you want to create (drum roll).....
      never, absolutely never let the CRITIC be a part of the VISION process.

      First dream, and dream in Disney style, then PLAN and plan with a hard hat of reality and practicality, then and only then handle the "But what about..." voice and solve every obstacle that you can think of. 

      So this week, let your visioning and dreaming be pure and untouched by the voice or the thoughts of the critic. 

      Think about this, when you think about starting something, or creating something inspiring, what's typically the next thought that pops up?

      I'll bet it's a "but" voice. Well next time tell the inner or outer critic, thanks but your turn will come later, after visioning and planning is finished.

      Meditation -

      Close your eyes for a few minutes and focus on a project or dream that you would like to see go to Disney proportions, if life and your efforts allow. Knowing that reality requires hard effort and flexibility, without attaching to the outcome, just spend a few minutes being inspired by the possibilities of "What if this dream were even more successful than you imaged? What might that look like?"

      Question -

      What dreams could you accomplish if you opened up to others with a similar vision?

      Let your apple tree be free!  

      All my love,  


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