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Conference on the science and studies of ORME's in North Georgia, USA

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  • Maggie
    I attended a really wonderful weekend conference in 2009 learning about ormus . It is a fascinating new area of subtle energy investigation. I want to share
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      I attended a really wonderful weekend conference in 2009 learning about "ormus". It is a fascinating new area of subtle energy investigation. I want to share this upcoming conference....Maggie

      Conference on the science and studies of ORME's in North Georgia, USA

      ORME’s (Orbitally Re-arranged Mono-atomic Elements) ORME, ormus and m-state all are generic terms for any normally metallic elements in the spectroscopically "invisible" non-metallic form. These terms apply regardless of which method was used to obtain them or the relative effectiveness of the element. http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/cone.htm

      The Second International Conference on the Science and Studies of ORMES will be held in Georgia in May 2011 at the ENOTA Mountain Retreat. There are many different uses and benefits from m-state materials and there will be fascinating speakers talking about their involvement with this science at this conference.

      The conference will start Thursday May 19th and end Sunday 22nd. The conference price includes food, housing, WIFI, and all the natural beauty of the North Georgia Appalachian Mountains. The ENOTA Mountain Retreat site was once the home of the Cherokee http://www.enota.com/Call 1-800-990-8869 for more information about the Enota Retreat.

      The speakers include:

      David Wolfe; one of the world’s leading nutritionist and a strong supporter of ORMUS. (http://www.davidwolfe.com/)


      Michael Tellinger; who recently discovered one of the oldest known civilizations on Earth; will be discussing his discoveries of how these ancient were manufacturing ormus materials through very interesting methods. http://www.slavespecies.com/ 


      Barry Carter; the world’s leading scientist in the field of ORME will be discussing the latest findings and other stories of interest. http://www.subtleenergies.com/

      Michael “Mehoo” McCabe; who has been making ormus products for years will be sharing his experience and some trade secrets.

      Chris Emmons; who wrote the book on using and producing ormus in one's own home laboratory: "ORMUS Modern Day Alchemy".  http://www.ormusmiraculous.com/_blog/Ormus_Blog/post/Ormus_Modern_Day_Alchemy_by_Chris_Emmons/ 

      Jan Denlinger; (Garden Shot) will be discussing how ORMUS can change the world one plant at a time. Her insight and knowledge of horticulture and ormus combined; offers a whole new meaning to “Organic Gardening.” http://ormusminerals.blogspot.com/2010/10/how-do-ormus-minerals-help-plants.html  

      Sharon Rose; an expert in Essential Oils and the properties of them, will be sharing her tremendous insight on the benefits and helpful uses of extract, oils, elixirs with ormus. http://pureessentialoilsforhealth.com/

      Tom Waters; alchemist and researcher will be speaking again. He is the man behind the popular group ormerevolution. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ormerevolution/

      Joe Lello; Atlantis Alchemy will be sharing his vast knowledge. Joe is one of the brightest minds of the ORME community. Joe is one of the sponsors this year. http://www.atlantisalchemy.com/  


      Thomas Geckler who sponsored the event in 2009 will be speaking this year. Thomas with many years in the medical profession has extensive knowledge and experience of using ORMUS as an integral part of “Alternative Medicine”. www.cherokeegold.net  

      David VanDerryt, will be discussing his path to the discovery of ORMUS. David has amassed a wealth of information on ORMUS and other subjects on his youtube channel. Here you may see clips of the 2009 conference. http://www.youtube.com/user/dwvand#g/a

      Tentative speakers (asked but not confirmed yet) include

      Dr. Joe Champion http://drjoechampion.com/ ,  Don Nance of Ocean Alchemy, John Milewski, Dorian Taddei, Lazaro "Laz", Denis of OZ, Rich Idiens, Arthur Ziegler, Peter May from Colorado, and more.

      Please visit ENOTA Mountain Retreat site http://www.enota.com/ for more details. If you are interested in attending I will be happy to provide information as I get it. I hope you will be considering in attending this event. I am sure you will be most happy that you did.

      Thank you

      David VanDerryt












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