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March 2011 Nightlight Newsletter - Chuck Spezzano

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    March 2011 Nightlight Newsletter Chuck Spezzano March is a month of challenges but if we meet the challenges then it is a month where we are uplifted and
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      March 2011 Nightlight Newsletter
      Chuck Spezzano

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      March is a month of challenges but if we meet the challenges then it is a month where we are uplifted and transformed. The key lesson in March is about our willingness to change. This is occurring both personally and collectively. In some cases, it has become change or die. This challenge could cause tumult, confusion and tragedy. There might be an earthquake or other catastrophes as a result of unconscious and collective conflict. Our change is our cure. Commitment to change is the way through. Our commitment leads us easily to the next step in our lives. Our commitment to others helps them change and grow in the easiest possible way and it also brings us closer to them. Giving ourselves fully to everyone around us and to what we do keeps the melee at a distance.

      Where change is resisted there can be revolution but it is meant to be evolution. When there is evolution, change occurs naturally bringing a better way. When there is revolution, the tower falls and there is both helpfulness and destructiveness because the change is forced.

      Toward the end of the month, there is some time for rest and recollection. Take advantage of this time. It allows integration, peace and assimilation of all that has occurred so that things can fall into perspective. Ask to be returned to ever higher and deeper centers within yourself. Take this time for yourself. Place your future, your family and friends in the hands of God. This heals fear and the dark feelings of the past so that transformation can occur in the easiest possible way.

      While stress around money is still present, there is an opening that occurs around mid-month, if you are not caught in dire circumstances. A number of days in the very center of the month will provide a channel of money. Commitment to deep and healing changes keeps you from being caught in money issues and allows some momentary relief. Be expectant and put your money issues in the hands of God. Allow the inspiration and follow guidance. Otherwise, be at peace and know you need do nothing. You are a child of God. As you let go of every self-concept in favor of this recognition, your birthright and inheritance are restored.

      From the second week on there is a lot of angelic intervention but if we are unaware of it, the help is less effective. Very old friends may turn up unexpectedly toward the third and fourth week of the month. This can run the gamut of experience from opportunities and greatness to bad luck and in a few cases danger. Put any good feeling of seeing your friend momentarily aside and it will become apparent within the first fifteen minutes what they are bringing. If you realize that your old friend is bringing in a lower energy, just don’t go there.

      There is a light that seems to shine down from above and light the way beginning in t he second week of March and continuing into the beginning of April. This could prove remarkable if you attune yourself to it.   

      The first week in March, we are inspired to hold and comfort each other. Holding is the tao for the week and it is very helpful for restoration.

      In the second week, there is a powerful feminine energy that heroically generates love and healing making the way clear where the ego has obscured the question so the answer can't be found. This transformative energy provides the way for the answers.

      The third week brings the archetype of the Innocent. This releases us from bondage, self-attack, as well as attack on others.

      In the fourth week and the rest of March, any problem is one that hides an astral attack. This is the area of the dark unconscious that is invested in keeping the status quo. This includes demons and dark gods of Buddhist metaphor. The se are ancient fragments of the ego and their power comes through our fear, guilt, greed and dark glamour. This is when it is important that we call for Heaven’s help and place the problem and the astral influence in the Hands of God.

      Let yourself be prepared this month but place your trust in Heaven to make every way smooth. One of the best remedies I found for ease and being carefree is a lesson from A Course in Miracles. “I Place My Future in the Hands of God.”

      Have a great month!
      Chuck Spezzano
      Nightlight Newsletter
      March 2011
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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
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