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Balance, the Power of Intention and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines By DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    Balance, the Power of Intention and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines By DL Zeta Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid --Basil King The above quote is
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      Balance, the Power of Intention and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines By DL Zeta

      “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid” –Basil King

      The above quote is quite true in that there are great forces in the universe that seem to either work on our behalf or work against us. These same forces bring us greater access to timelines aligned with our highest visions or they dump us onto reality threads where we experience many obstacles and roadblocks.

      We choose our Relationship with Natural Laws

      While it may seem at times that we are at the mercy of these forces, we are actually the ones who determine our relationship with them. It is our choice whether we work with the forces of natural, universal laws or against them. And the good news is if we have been in an antagonistic relationship with the forces of nature, we can change this in the blink of an eye and shift our destiny to a fifth-dimensional timeline.

      Natural laws bring divine order to the workings of our world. As we align more fully with these laws, we're able to lead a kinder, gentler existence free of the suffering and drama triggered when we swim against the flow through resistance.

      When we work with natural laws, we live in harmony and balance both in our inner and outer worlds. With harmony and balance, our actions are disciplined in accordance with our spiritual purpose. Through our highest intentions, we naturally flow along timelines where life unfolds easily and effortlessly. We are not as susceptible to the sudden downturns and unexpected shortfalls that are hallmarks of a life spent in disharmony with natural law.

      The Law of Balance seeks Proper Perspective and Inner Calm

      One of the most important natural laws is the Law of Balance. We fall out of balance when lose our higher perspective and lapse into negative habits and limiting behaviors. Criticism, judgment, exaggeration, dependency relationships, unrealistic expectations (of ourselves and others), contempt, vanity, comparing one’s self to others, aversion, jealousy, guilt, regret, greed, obsessive behaviors, addiction, narcissism -- all of these hold the power to pull us out of balance and set us squarely onto timelines of suffering and struggle. Whenever we allow anything or anyone to pull us out of our calm, clear center, we open ourselves to suffering in all its many forms.

      Struggle Manifests the Opposite of what we choose

      When we criticize something, we fight against it and, in doing so, we pull it more deeply into our reality. If we try to manipulate and force a manifestation, it is pretty certain we will not realize our desire. If we judge others, we may soon be experiencing a similar reality so we can gain needed understandings. All lower motivations are driven by the desire to build one’s self up. This says to the universe you do not like who you are and you aren’t worthy of what you seek to manifest. It says you know deep down you aren’t living in harmony with your higher purpose and you know the natural laws will not assist you so you must win by lower means. This is when the Law of Balance steps in to bring you what you truly feel you deserve, which is usually just the opposite of what you seek.

      The workings we describe are very obvious with relationships. You fall out of balance when you seek to possess the object of your affection. When you seek to love for the sake of loving and without expectation of being loved in return, you live in a state of love that is in harmony with the Law of Balance. When you seek to be loved and possess that which you love, you create a vacuum that tends to repel those things you desire.

      When you take advantage of others, when you abuse those who are helpless, when you abuse animals and damage the environment, you create imbalances that trigger the balancing actions of natural laws. By contrast, when you move through life with the intention to harm none – when you move through life with love and compassion in your heart, blessing all you see, you are transparent to triggers for balancing forces within the universe.

      The Power of Intention and Fifth-Dimensional Timelines

      At the root of what we describe is a denial of the true nature of your being. You are an infinite and divine being that needs no build up. You already contain everything you might seek so there is no need for striving. When you exist on the frequency of unconditional love, others are naturally drawn to you so there is no need to pursue or possess others.

      When you are in harmony with natural laws, the forces of nature work with you. Synchronicity greets you at every turn.

      To exist in a state of love, balance and harmony, simply set your intention to do so. Your intentions act as powerful filters determining your realities and the course of your destiny.

      If you feel yourself lapse into old ways of being and discover barriers in your path, simply stop, slow down and align yourself with the natural forces of the universe. With intention and awareness, these great forces will carry you with ease and grace into the next dimension.

      For more on fifth-dimensional consciousness, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta
      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org/

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