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January 2011 special offer and message from P'taah

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  • Ash
    Having trouble viewing this email? Click here         Message & News for January 2011 Dear Shay, First of all, Happy New Year! May you create much love,
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      Message & News for
      January 2011

      Dear Shay,

      First of all, Happy New Year! May you create much love, laughter and joy in 2011.

      An update on our On-Demand version of Outrageous Dreams...Outrageous Reality. We were so excited last month because it was available from Amazon.com. Unfortunately we soon learned that you can only do the On-Demand download in the US.

      For our many international friends, we are trying to come up with a download that will work. There is an MP4 version that looks promising, although the file is so big it takes forever to upload. Fortunately downloads seem to go more quickly.

      If you want to be a guinea pig to see if you can actually access and watch it, just contact us. We'll pick a couple of people from among the volunteers for a trial run.

      And lastly, we are again offering Ask P'taah! mini-sessions every month. For details, see the article below on the right. This month we are also offering a special introductory mini-session savings coupon at the bottom of the newsletter.

      Happy Holidays!

      With much love,


      In This Issue
      December Conversation with P'taah
      January Message from P'taah
      We Get Mail!
      Personal Sessions with P'taah

      December Conversation with P'taah -
      Dealing with the Pain of Loss

      Our December Conversation revisited how we can heal from the pain of losing someone or something that we love and go forward with our lives. Robbie Pointer was our guest with Chris Fine.

      Tracks on the December recording are:

      T1 - Suicide - are there moral consequences to choosing it? While P'taah says there is no judgment about suicide, he points out the many reasons why it's actually very selfish. He also talks about why we came here and why suicide is not the best choice.

      T2 - Can we find love again? Since love is the truth of who we are, P'taah reminds us that there is no limit to the amount of love we can have in our lives. Love is not small.

      T3 - Are all spiritual teachers on the Cosmic Board of Directors? It's important, P'taah says, that we use our discretion to determine the truth of 'teachers' and their messages. He gives things to look for in any spiritual teaching to determine whether it is or is not our highest truth.

      T4 - How do we get out of our own way and allow our Godself to dance? P'taah says that the heart knows. The human heart really does know if we will just take the time to listen.

      T5 - What is the best way to connect with 'Holy Spirit'?  P'taah reminds us that Holy Spirit is just another name for our Higher Self and that we are never really separate.

      To order the session on CD or MP3, click here.

      You can also become a Pay-As-You-Go subscriber and never miss another Conversation.

      Pay-As-You-Go subscribers are also entitled to a special $5 price on all MP3 orders.

      January 2011 Message from P'taah

      We are often asked, so how do you embrace fear? Well, we can say, "Step into it." We can say, "Make it all right."

      That is true but it does not help you when you are in the throes of the e-motion, hmm? For all of you who are very enlightened, we ask you to think of the last time that you got absolutely enraged. Do you remember what it was like? All of the logic, all of the thoughts of enlightenment, go straight out the window and what you are really experiencing is that surge of e-motion because you were terrified of being powerless.

      All right, so how do you really do it? What is a little trick that you can utilize? And for those of you who have heard all of this before, do not be bored. Listen again!

      Imagine this little scenario. When you were birthed, you birthed yourselves in the knowing of your greatest truth, which is that you are, in every Now, a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Creation.

      You birth yourself in the absolute knowing that love is just another name for Goddess/God, All That Is. That love is the building block of existence, and that love is the light of creation. Without this light of creation, there is no thing, even your physical embodiment which is indeed the embodiment of Gaia, Mother Earth. That light of creation is no different whether it is your embodiment or whether it is called man-made, called furniture, no different. There is nothing in existence which does not owe its existence to the Source.

      You knew this. You knew this even after that trauma of birthing. You knew this even in those early days where the greater energy of you is really not truly present, but coming and going. And then it anchors in. And as it anchors into the embodiment, and as you are becoming more present in your beingness as a
      babe, then you experience for the first time love withheld. Love withheld!

      Now, whatever that situation might have been, when you look at this with your adult
      eyes, it is of no significance really. However, for the little one, this first experience is a trauma. It is very much a shock. Then this withholding of love continues and so the little one, the little you, believes that this withholding is because you are not worthy of love or loving. You are not enough. Then comes the terror of abandonment. Then you start to look outside and you see what is going on in your external little world, and you see that you are absolutely powerless, and you come to realize that love equals pain.

      By the time you are four years, those ideas create an e-motion. And those ideas, by the time you are six, are set in concrete, in stone. Then your life is involved in repeating and repeating those situations that reflect to you that knowing, that belief, and that fear, that you are not enough. That you are powerless, that love equals pain, and that you live in a hostile world.

      All right, so then you grow in your embodiment. You grow in your intellect. You become grown beings, and there imprisoned within you is this baby person who runs your life. Now, this baby one's name is Fear.

      How many of you think of fear as some huge obstacle that you must overcome to become enlightened? Well, you know it is not a great mountain. It is not something that you must leap over with a single bound. It is only a baby you requiring lots of attention.

      So the little tool is this. The very next time that you come into that place of fear, beloved ones, we say to you, even if you are not used to paying attention to your feelings, pay attention to your belly and pay attention to your neck, your back, your body tightening up. You know what that feels like, hmm? That is your body saying to you, "Please stop and please deal with this Now."

      And you know what happens when you do not, you do not, you do not. Then you die of it. So you are feeling this fear, your signal to stop. If you are with other people, then take yourself off to the bathroom or somewhere where you can be alone and undisturbed even for a few moments -- this does not take you all day -- then breathe.

      Have you ever noticed when you get into that fear place, you stop breathing? And as it is within, so it is without. When you stop breathing, you are cutting yourself off from the Beloved, your Source, your Greater Beingness.

      Breathe, and as you breathe, you feel your body opening that you may be receptive, that you may allow the energy to begin to move. Then simply close your eyes and visualize that baby you, aged about four years. See this little one in your mind's eye standing before you, heartbroken, terrified, and lonely. Now what would you do when you see this baby one? Indeed you would reach out and you would enfold that little one to your breast and you would say to this baby one:

      "Beloved of my heart, do not be afraid any more. I am with you and I love you absolutely. Never again will I abandon you or betray you. I will never leave you. We are together forever, you and I, in this safe and wondrous place and together we are home."

      You will sit with this baby one and rock this little being until you feel the warmth spread from your belly to your heart, until your body softens. There you are, centered in your sovereignty, ready to make your next outrageous choice in your life, not out of fear and out of re-action, but out of a joyous and sovereign desire to create more and more wondrousness.

      Now, we will tell you something else about this little tool. It is a grand trick, indeed, because whilst you are doing it, whilst you are being in that place of embracement, you are being the God/Goddess alchemist and transforming that energy of fear. You are changing the frequency that you are experiencing and being that frequency of love. You see, it does not matter what you do in your life, my beloved ones, it only matters how you are being whilst you are doing. This is your journey in this timing to experience the transformation.

      What is the transformation? The transformation is simply to be in love. To know, "I and the Beloved are One." What is the beloved? The beloved is the Source, the Goddess/God, All That Is. The beloved is the greater Beingness of you. The beloved is Gaia, your Mother Earth. The beloved is that baby facet of you that has so long been hidden away. The beloved is every being upon your plane. The beloved is every creature, every flower, every blade of grass, the mountains, the rivers, and your oceans.

      All, all of this is the beloved and you are not separate. How could you be because you are each the Perfect and Eternal Expression of Source. Your truth is love and this transformation is simply for you to be open to that love that you are.

      Goddess/God has never abandoned you. Your teachers and masters have never been separate from you. Not even for one instant has your greater Beingness, your soul energy, been separate from you. You cut yourself off from the knowing by the fear, that is all. And the fear is just that baby facet that has forgotten, that nobody has taught how to be love.

      Well, now is the time and you have chosen, else you would not be here. And we say this to you, my beloved ones. It is you, each one of you, each one of you people gathering all over your planet, that are likened unto the tiny lights of creation creating a web which becomes a spiral. It is attaching itself to that energy absolutely which is supporting you in every Now moment to create the change that you all yearn for, that you so fervently desire.

      We say again to you, you cannot get life wrong. You can never make the wrong choice or the wrong decision. Each choice, each idea, each thought, each feeling is simply there as an experience.

      Well, you know, you have created enough chaos. You are bored with all of this fear, all of this old patterning. And, indeed, in this wondrous timing of it, you have created yourselves in this time and space to have this journey called transformation.

      You know none of it really is about the transformation. None of it is about becoming enlightened. And none of it is about your 2012. You already exist in that place where you know absolutely who you are. This is simply about the journey. The journey that has no ending.

      Some of you think, "Oh, when I am a fourth or fifth density wondrous being, it is all done!" No, it is not ever all done because you are the Perfect, Eternal Expression of Creation likened unto the Source and you are expanding into the more and the more and the more. You are perfection unfolding unto infinity.

      Is that not a good game? How clever you all are and you are never really going to know all of it. How boring if you did! You desire the excitement and the adventure of the unlimited wondrous possibilities and probabilities.

      The only difference is you will have more scope to experience, by the thought, anything that you desire, instantly without time.

      What will occur is simply that you, in your absolute love and knowing of your power, may transform your reality in the instant by the thought. You can do it now, really, but you do not know that you can. That is why you have the time lapse.

      You are powerful radiant ones, indeed. Go forth and play your wondrous games. I love you.



      "My Ptaah session on Friday was very good for me.

      Although I really knew the answers to a lot of the questions I put to Ptaah,  by hearing the answers rather than reading them, I felt so much more settled.

      My recording worked well too and I will be listening many more times.

      Jani is so lovely and even saying hello to her was delightful."

      JK, Australia


      'Thank you for the Journey of Connectedness meditation.

      I just want you to know that I think it was a wonderful experience to hear it. I have used it several times specially in the morning, and before I fall asleep.

      There is one more thing I have thought about that I will share with you.

      Just before receiving the CD, I sent a message to P'taah and told him that I think he has a responsibility in this  matter of 'taking us through transition,' both in these days and in the times to come.

      This may sound a little cheeky, but I have to be honest and tell you this since on the very next day I received this meditation from you.

      I think that we need more tools like this meditation in the times to come and P'taah must have a great many of them.

      For example I have a chronic disease and I feel a strong belief in that I could change this by consciously changing my DNA.

      Hmmm..... lots to think about."

      JH, Sweden



      It was no problem on downloading the file. It is so great and I enjoyed it very much. It´s simple, loving and profound.

      Thank you very much. I will be asking soon for the meditations.


      MG, Mexico


      Sessions with P'taah


      As we enter the new year of 2011, it could be the perfect time to schedule your own personal session with P'taah

      As P'taah talks about in his message this month, sometimes our lives feel absolutely out of control.

      When that happens,  a one-on-one talk with P'taah can be very helpful.

      Talking with P'taah helps put things in perspective and especially helps us to deal with the fears that consume our lives.

      Jani is usually available to do personal sessions  weekday mornings at 8:00 am, her time in Queensland, Australia. That is the same timezone as Brisbane.

      If you are interested in arranging a session for yourself, just call or email us.

      Also, we are again offering monthly Ask P'taah! mini- sessions. They will be held at 8:00 am on the second Tuesday of the month, Jani's time.

      For those in the US and Europe, that translates to your Monday. To find out exactly what time that is in your timezone, click here. (Jani is on the same time as Brisbane.)

      These shared sessions give each person about 15 minutes to interact with P'taah. We call you and the session is recorded so that you can listen again as often as you wish.

      Although there are other people on the call, we protect your anonymity by giving each person a 'screen name'.

      Many times having other people on the call is actually an amazing gift. We've often been told that it was P'taah's answer to another person's question that was the most meaningful part of the mini-session for someone.

      For more information, click here.

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