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Goddess Light Teleconference: Your Light & Sananda's Shining Forth

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    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2010

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      Ansaluia My Friends in Soul!
      Happy New Year!!  Has 2010 really passed us by?  It has been a year of great transitions for many people.  Some have experienced the transitions with ease, others through pain and struggle.  No matter what the year has been for you; this next year is a new opportunity.  It’s as if the slate is wiped clean and you can start fresh again. 
      Starting off the new year immediately before my teleconference I’m going to be participating in a  Blogtalkradio show with 3 other channelers. This is a 2 hour show from 6 - 8 pm EST.  We are offering people an outlook for the coming year, but there will also be an opportunity for people to ask questions.  I’ve participated on this blog talk show many times, so you may already be familiar with the host, Rev. Rhonda Smith.  You may call in through this number: 1-646-716-8988 or you may join through the internet.
      Here is the link for the show:

      During this last Q&A session there were 2 questions in particular that I think many people will resonate with.  In one the Goddess really helped someone in shifting energies to move forward.  In another she was talking about taking a leap or making a change; yet it all worked out.  I know many of you are feeling these same things.  So you may wish to check that out either in the written or audio. 

      The people who have been enjoying the daily messages from the Goddess keeps growing! These are messages taken from the teleconference, so they reinforce what's happening from the previous channels.  If this is something you'd like to experience, please click on the link below.
      subscribe to the daily messages
      You now have 3 options for how you can join on the Goddess Light teleconferences.  You may call in on the phone, call in through Skype or listen to it streaming through the Awakenet: www.theawakenet.org   We started this in December with good results. The Awakenet has different levels of membership, you may listen for free in the chat room called ‘Friends’.  
      I continue to offer the private channels at various times. Get a jump start on the new year!  For more information or rates please check it out on my website: http://www.goddesslight.net/store

      The class Your Ascension Process with Melchizedek was wonderful!!  His energy was very strong and he just so much information!  There was a lot of energy shifting, information and awareness. 

      I’m sending each of you love, light and joy!  

      Much love,


      Goddess Teleconference: Your Light & Sananda’s Shining Forth
      This channel is filled with some truly amazing light and warm loving vibration. The channel is on the 19th, just before the Winter Solstice. The Goddess has us tap into the energies of the solstice so we can take stock of what’s happening. She speaks of how the two solstices and two equinoxes are such power energetic times of the year. She was assisting us in feeling the energies of solstice as a means of taking stock in our life. She spoke of straddling the solstice so as to feel what’s been in the past and look towards what we are creating.

      Then something truly amazing occurred. Sananda came in to speak with us for a while and to shift the energies. As he came into the gathering, he was flanked by Melchezadek, Mary Magdaline, the Arch Angels, St. Germain and more. He spoke of the energies and experiences when Yeshua walked the earth. He gave us the opportunity to align with the experience and see if perhaps we were part of what took place.

      He then spoke of living on earth now. We were able to see the difference in vibration. We could see how much has shifted and how more than ever we have the ability to create our lives. It was amazing to see how much energy he could flow and shift. He then actually removed another veil as we all participated. He said the infusion of light has created a significant change and now is the time to remove another layer. He also infused light into what was without light. By do so it showed how so much of what was hidden will now come out.

      In the end, during this week of Christmas he spoke of how that life for Yeshua was about bringing in the light. The intention was not to create a church; but to infuse light through all that is within and upon the earth. This is a channel truly filled with love and awareness. May you connect even more deeply and allow your light to shine forth.

      Read the full channel transcript here

      With the new website, you may access the audio portions both the journey and Q&A either the night of the channel or the following day!  The written transcription is a little slower, but they are posted as soon as they are complete.  

      Private Channels

      Testimonials: I'm going to start sharing some of the comments I receive from people about the channels they receive.  

       I think that the Goddesses answer for my question helped me a lot! So thanks for channeling it! It gave me confidence that I could overcome past patterns. I feel like I experienced some subtle healing. I find it kind of funny that I almost forgot about it...in this case, I think it probably means that I shifted so much that I'm not so worried anymore. 


      Welcome to 2011!  It's a new year filled with new potentials.  Perhaps a private channel will open some doors for you, shift old energies or even just give you a chance to feel good. There is an amazing amount of work that can be accomplished with a private session, plus the pure essence love, compassion and acceptance will assist you in just feeling good! 

      A private session with Shelly can do all of this plus answer your questions, create communication with people; alive or crossed over. You can also receive information about your own angels, guides and perhaps your purpose for being here. 

      To schedule a private channel click here

      Next Teleconference
      Sunday, January 2, 2011
      9:00 pm Eastern Time
      Access code : 642149#
      Featured Lightworker

      I am creating a new feature in my newsletter where I feature people I’ve come into contact with who offer their type of light working.  I’m not exactly sure how this will unfold, but we shall see!

      January 2, 2011 I'm going to participate in a group channel. By this I mean that we are going to have 4 different channelers reading about what they see for 2011.  In addition to that, they will also take questions from people.  We anticipate lots of fun and energy and perhaps we'll do it again~~~  

      The show will be Sunday, January 2, 2011 from 6pm - 8pm EST.  It is actually right before the Goddess teleconference. 

      You may have already tuned into this blog talk radio show before when I've been interviewed at other times.  Here's the link for the show: 

      You can call in through the telephone at: 646-716-8988

      Today we're doing something different. Since 2011 is such an important year, we have 4 channels to give you information on what the year will be like. Rhonda will give you a quick overview of the numerology of the year and what kinds of "internal" forces will be at work. Then we have noted channels Julia Griffin, Kerrie O'Connor, Shelly Dressel and Virginia O'Hara as they bring you insights and inspiration for the coming Double Master Vibration year. To learn more about these lovely ladies you can go to:

      Julia http://www.onetrueself.com/index4.html
      Kerrie http://www.kerrieoconnor.com
      Shelly http://www.goddesslight.net/
      Virginia  http://voharaconsulting.com/

      veryone will be bringing their own style of channeling to the show and the energy will be flying!!  I hope you can join us! It is 

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