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Fw: July 21st

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  • Polly A. Menendez
    ... From: Spiritus Sanctus To: Spiritus Sanctus Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 8:02 AM Subject: July 21st Saturday the 21st of July ctssm42@hotmail.com All
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      Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 8:02 AM
      Subject: July 21st

      Saturday the 21st of July
      All times are in EDT. Please add 4 hours for times in GMT.
      From Cyrus the Astrologer

      The New Moon continues in Leo.
      Uranus in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Sagittarius
      Mercury is Inconjunct Mars-Pluto

      We have a desire to establish a conscious relationship with the invisible
      realms. Our relationship with the spirit in which we move and have our
      being evolves from the effective union of Soul and personality. Spiritual
      attunement is the key to wisdom and is our most important priority in the
      present paradigm.
      Practical living is guided by intuition as a direct realisation of pure
      potentiality. We are learning to meet the recurrent issues of life
      through intuition, guidance and attunement.

      Mercury is inconjunct Pluto at 11:01 AM.

      Wisdom combines with Divine Love.
      This is a powerful combination which seeks to create transformations in
      our minds so that we may be more receptive to the unfolding of the Path
      in the Soul's reality.
      In the stillness of the silence, we can be with our divinity.
      As pathwalkers, we are realising that there are realms that we do not
      perceive with our physical senses.
      We are beginning to sense the Spirit in which we move and have our being.
      This is the moment of awakening when spirituality is born within each of

      The Moon sextiles Saturn at 12:36 PM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm combines with magnetic will.
      This aspect produces a strong mental focus in the creation of structures
      that are needed for the Soul's purpose.
      We are learning to use our intent to attract those resources that we need
      for our Soul's unfolding.

      The Moon trines Pluto at 3:08 PM.

      Divine love combines with the emotional, intuitive realm.
      This influence confers wonderful opportunities to renew the past,
      destroying what is no longer needed and making better use of what
      remains. Emotional depth-work is recommended (refer to Trauma Clearing or
      email if you need the information).

      The Moon trines Mars at 6:49 PM.

      There can be a very strong emotionally based attachment to the past The
      Fourth and Sixth Rays combine and bring the energies from the solar
      plexus to the heart centre. Past attachments are being released so that
      we are able to align with Soul-purpose.
      Rigid, narrow thinking and limiting attitudes are the main obstacles to
      our Soul-aspirations.
      We are learning to live in the world of form without being attached to
      it. When we are willing to let go, we are able to connect to the infinite
      potentiality of Universal Consciousness.

      The Moon opposes Neptune 6:52 PM.

      The emotional, intuitive realm aligns with wisdom.
      We get stuck in certain roles and images when we put ourselves in little
      boxes with labels. There is potential for positive change within each of
      us in every situation.
      This influence expresses some very strong qualities of devotion. The past
      gives way to the present and the inclusive qualities of the Soul. There
      is a feeling of reverence for all live and mystical attunement to the
      unity of all beings.

      note:  Cyrus is having server problems that caused the delay in sending this sooner.


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