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HEAVEN #3634 It May Take a Hero , November 6, 2010

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  • Ash
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      If your email reader doesn't support HTML, please click here to read online.

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      HEAVEN #3634 It May Take a Hero , November 6, 2010

      God said:

      Wherever you are and whoever may be with you, you are representatives of Me. Everyone you see in the super market, no matter how odd-looking, no matter what they buy, no matter the expression on their faces, they are agents from Heaven just as you are.

      The one you may consider your worst enemy is also My agent. Therefore, there are no enemies. There are only representatives of Me, and I am no one's enemy.

      Because someone steps on your toes does not make him an enemy.

      Because someone overrides you does not make him an enemy.

      No one is an enemy, no matter what he thinks, no matter what you think, no matter what the world says.

      He or she may be misguided. You may be misguided. Surely you are. Surely, if you are irate, you have followed a false clue down an imaginary trail leading to a distorted view or even distorted action.

      The one who has stolen from you, whatever it may be, needs something from you. He needs some recognition from you. He needs something he doesn't have, and that may be understanding. If you are feeling put upon, odds are he is feeling put upon. Who will end this vise that tightens you both? Who will end this battle for supremacy? Is that not what the battle is about -- who is going to win?

      What is won, beloveds? Let the other win. He may need winning more than you. What exactly is it that you need when you have Me? Act in My place. What would you do? How ungiving could you be? You would be giving.

      The person who offends you may not know that he is My agent. You know you are Mine. So be it. Swallow your pride. Swallow your sense of self-righteousness. What will happen? What crop will you be planting? What will you sow? Sow love. Sow some seeds of love. Rise higher. Rise above the throng.

      No one can take away from you that which matters. It is you who takes it away from yourself. You want honor from this other, and here you are dishonoring yourself over a tuppence of pride. And if what he has stolen has great significance, still you are not to dishonor yourself which is the same as dishonoring Me. You are My agent, and you represent Me, not falsely, but truthfully.

      I never said, "A tooth for a tooth." I never asked you to retaliate, even if you retaliate in your heart alone. When your heart is embroiled in a perceived wrong, find a way to make the situation come out right. You have to change the mechanics. You have to create a new path. You have to let go of the old. That is your choice. There is no other choice. If you want to disband hard feelings, you have to let hard feelings go.

      When a gentleman is dancing with a woman and she steps on his toes, he says, "Excuse me." He does this because he is a gentleman. Is he less because he says, "Excuse me," or is he more? What has he lost, and what has he gained?

      And what do you lose, and what do you gain when you are a lady or a gentleman? It is not dishonest to avoid or end a war. It is not weakening. It is strengthening. This is rising above a situation. This is dispelling a situation.

      Anyone can build a fire. All it takes is a match. It may take a hero to put out a fire.

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