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HEAVEN #3602 Adrift from the Ocean of Love, October 5, 2010

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      HEAVEN #3602 Adrift from the Ocean of Love, October 5, 2010

      God said:

      Do I have you, or do you have Me? What is the difference? In Oneness, We behold the love of Our One Heart. That I am you, and that you are I, is a play on words, for Oneness alone is. Oneness is rich and never lonely. I am never lonely, and yet this particle you call yourself often is. Loneliness could be called a condition of life. No one likes it, and yet there is a tendency for My children to hold on to it as though the illusion of separateness were a precious thing. The good is that loneliness pangs your heart. Your heart that knows loneliness is fiction. Loneliness squeezes the Truth out of you. It leads you to confession. It leads you to the confession of Our Oneness. It makes you spit out the plum pit of Truth.

      It does say something to be lonely. It says you are longing to experience that which is yours and yet that which you feel far from. The opposite of imagined loneliness is the Oneness of Oneness. Oneness is not lonely. A perceived particle of Oneness experiences loneliness because it has distanced itself in its imagination from the Whole. There is no deserted island. Adrift from the Ocean of Love, a particle of the Ocean yearns for All of Itself. All the while, the idea of separation is preposterous. It is too awful to contemplate.

      And, so, here We are in Our Wonderful Oneness, and the imagined you imagines yourself isolated, and you choose a gang of one kind or another to keep you from the dismal sense of isolation which is an absurd sense, for Oneness Alone Is. You are One Wholeness of Love. That’s it. You are no “other.” There is no “other.” Oneness alone is. You may have turned off the light in your heart. You may have suborned yourself. You may have told yourself: “You are alone here. You are only a dot in the world. You have no standing, for you stand alone. Love has absented itself from you.” And then you beat your chest and you weep for yourself.

      Beloveds, weep for your folly in adhering to such an idea. Indeed, your imagination is great. You can even imagine Aloneness. If you can imagine Aloneness, you can imagine anything. You have imagined Nothingness as emptiness instead of recognizing the Everythingness of Nothingness. You have absented your innate perception of Wholeness. Oneness is not a splinter. Oneness is All of It. You are not a sliver. You are Everything. You are Everything, only you have dispossessed yourself from Truth. You have wandered off somewhere on an isolated lane, and you have called that lane proof of loneliness. You, who sit in My heart, have proclaimed yourself away from love.

      You own nothing but Oneness, and yet you have disowned it. You have disenfranchised yourself from your sense of Oneness. You cannot separate yourself from Oneness, yet you can detach yourself from awareness of it, and that is what you have done.

      In life, when you have gone down a lonely lane and you know that isn’t where you meant to go, you turn around and find the street you had meant to be on.

      Better you search for the lost sense of Oneness than to stay on the lane and mourn that you are lost in that little lane. Better to get up and find your true address. Your true address is where I dwell. Your true address is Heaven, or, if you prefer, your true address at present is Heaven on Earth. Yet there is no Earth, beloveds. There is Heaven, One Heaven, One Heart, One God, One you.

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