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HEAVEN #3597 Often Quoted Words of God , September 30, 2010

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      If your email reader doesn't support HTML, please click here to read online.

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      HEAVEN #3597 Often Quoted Words of God , September 30, 2010

      God said:

      Hello, Bright Eyes! Wake up. The sun is rising, and you have a day to make for yourself. It is like a dance the day you make. You dance here, and you dance there. You dance making your bed. You dance down the stairs. You bake muffins, and you dance to and fro the refrigerator and the oven and put dishes in the sink.

      At home or away, you dance with partners and sometimes in a chorus. Words come from your mouth. Are you singing a merry tune?

      What a dance you are part of, and how the sun shines its spotlight on you!

      Later, the moon takes over the shift of watching over you. And the stars dance to your delight. And bye and bye you close your eyes and go to Dreamland.

      Your daily life is Dreamland as well. Anything linked with measured time is dream, beloveds. Eternity and Infinity are not dream. I am true, and you are true, and enjoining love and Oneness are true. It is not exactly that We can say everyday life is untrue, for there is truth in everyday life because the Truth of Us is never absent. Truth may be put aside, yet not absent.

      Where can love go but where it is? Where can Oneness be but where it is? In dream and in Truth, there is Being, and there is Our Being together. There is no separating Us except in thought. Thought makes a dividing line where there is no division.

      Life has been compartmentalized. Life itself is one way, and yet an overlaid design has been spread over it. You dance in life on an overlay, and so there is up and down and right and left and high and low, and yet the foundation of life is none of these.
      The foundation of life has no floor, and it has no ceiling. You are the foundation. I am the Foundation. Eternity and Infinity are the Foundation. On these, borderless Eternity and Infinity, you and life are founded. Just as plants grow from the soil, so you grow from the field of God, and, yet, you are a grower of yourself as well.

      Language does not exist within the field of Eternity. Language grows in the field of life on Earth. Language grows itself from its roots or bootstraps, if you prefer.

      Was language envisioned before its birth? Was there a need for it? Or did the need come after. I ask you these questions because I want you to think a moment of all that you have.

      You have the intricacies and delicacies and movement of life, and you have the amazing soil that life grew from, and life is still growing and formulating itself before your very eyes. Life is creative, not passive. Life is in process, not done. All grow together in this field of life where dreams grow and Infinity and Eternity shine overall, and where you shine, and I shine, and Our light is beautiful and bright.

      Our Light cannot grow, and yet more light can be shown and seen. In that sense, there is yet more light to come. The whole Earth is going to visibly sparkle with light, day and night, and light will be known as it has never been known before in the Dreamland of Life.

      You are here to light up the world. In other words, you are here to light up your dream and make it such a wonderful dream that all creation will look up at itself and say with great wonder, “Ah, look at what we have dreamed, and look at what we are.”

      And I, God, will say: “It is good.”

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