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  • Patti Garrett
    *Hello: I am not sure if this is the website I am subscribed under any more because being away from the computer for over five months at the first of the year
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 2, 2010

      I am not sure if this is the website I am subscribed under any more because being away from the computer for over five months at the first of the year and still being behind has gotten me so confused that I no longer know which groups I am subscribed to or what e-mail address they are under.

      When I first subscribed so many years ago, I think I subscribed under both pattigarrett1@... and angelpjg1@....  However, along the way, the first one got so overloaded with messages, as it gets all of business mail, spam mail as well as regular mail, that I then added a new e-mail address -- pattiangel13@gmail, which is the address I now use for all of my special mail -- like this so I would so love to resub under this address, if that is possible, if I have not done so yet.

      Also I  recently talked to Cynthia about redoing my horoscope because my old one got deleted when I had my last computer crash.  Because I have recently gotten very concerned about my astrological beginnings and happenings, I do so hope that she will write me back soon so I can know if she can honor my request as soon as she has the time.  This time, I will download her e-mail address into my address file so that maybe I will not lose her address again. 

      I am constantly in a state of flux and feel out-of-sorts all of the time, probably because of all the stress in my life since my home was hit by the tornado in January, stress that continues until today because the contractor still has not completed all of the work on the house and it is like pulling teeth to get them back over here now, something that continues to stress me out daily. There are just bits and pieces left to do, but because the job is still unfinished, it still upsets me and causes untold stress for me daily.  So probably, with a lot of this being connected to cumulative stress, I also began having big problems lately remembering things. 

      While I feel sure that all the stress overload and accumulation is playing a big part in my memory suffering, but also the fact that I am just trying to do too much at the same time may also be playing a part.  Whatever is causing it, I just cannot seem to remember much of anything.  I guess I can truthfully say that the illness, C.R.S., is something that has come into my life big-time because I just cannot seem to remember anything any more, not for very long.

      In addition, I need some information about a man who wrote a letter to the group not too long ago, also a message I cannot seem to locate, who is from India.   He wrote a special poem, something he always does with so much heart and so much deep feeling, and I want so much to have his address again so we can re-connect on-line.  He and I have been computer pals for years, but one of those times a year or so ago when my computer crashed, I also lost his address.  And when I saw his message, I thought it would be a great time to write him again.  However, when I lost that message or filed it some place where I cannot find it -- before I added his name to my address book again, I wanted to kick myself because I really did want to get int touch again.  So learning his name again would be a real gift to me.

      So if you don't mind, would you please try to do the three things I asked here -- check with Cynthia about any information regarding my astrological report, send me the name of the man from India who recently wrote a special poem to the group, a man who has been a member a number of times in the past, just like me, and, finally, if it has not already been done (I cannot tell which group I am subscribed to myself because I am unable to link into any links at all today -- something that happens always with Comcast.), please send me a new link to pattiangel13@... so I can resub to this group under my gmail e-mail address, which is the only one that stays anywhere near being caught up daily.

      Thanks for listening and do have a wonderful and blessed day, a day touched by love in every possible way.

      Peace, love, light, joy and angel hugs,


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