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August 2010 Nightlight Newsletter - Chuck Spezzano

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    August 2010 Nightlight Newsletter Chuck Spezzano August presents opportunities for those who are willing. Openings appear where there seemed to be a solid
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      August 2010 Nightlight Newsletter
      Chuck Spezzano

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      August presents opportunities for those who are willing. Openings appear where there seemed to be a solid wall. Doors are suddenly unlocked. Welcome is made to you where you are welcoming that new chapter in your life on all levels.

      There is danger in the Koreas, and healing, prayer and pulling the power back from that bad dream is called for. There is also the chance for another major Earth problem at the end of August and into September. If the situation in Korea is averted, then world economy is the most likely spot for a fall, although there are other problem areas also. It is time for connecting to the Source, realizing that you could have peace instead of threat, and that none of the problem areas need to be. It is time to realize that we have the power to change the dream, which is fabricated by choices from the deepest areas of the mind and from our belief systems, which are old static choices. But you cannot change what you don’t take responsibility for.

      Guilt is the opposite of responsibility. There is no responsiveness in it, only self-punishment, as if that would make things better and not worse. Forgive any possibility of negativity until trust is restored. Given the patterned layers of our mind that may be a lot of forgiveness, but it is worth every minute. Unless there is an attitude of healing, our pain is both victim and revenge. Carried on for any length of time it is attack, emotional blackmail and extortion. It hides tantrum, bad attitude and an authority conflict of major proportions against God and significant others. It is time to realize our collusion in any situation. This is what I have found after nearly 40 years in the deeper mind. It’s not that we all don’t have challenges; it’s about how we face them and learn from them on the way to the restoration of Oneness.

      People long imprisoned in oppressive situations will have what it takes to resolve or begin to resolve their situations. Grace is always present, as are the answers, but they wait on welcome. Success is calling and it is time for us to answer the call.

      The first week in August has the energy of the Magus. This is a master of the inner and outer spheres, commanding success, money, love and truth. This is the time to use this energy to heal the challenge of the last ten days of August and what is coming in September.

      The second week we get to see our Greedy Stories. This acquisitiveness has been blocking love, partnership and true success with ease. When you see your Greedy Stories accept and forgive them; let them go along with the attachments, and even idols, we have around them. Finally, integrate them with your higher mind for greater confidence and wholeness.

      The third week contains Financial Flow. This goes against collective beliefs in scarcity and can provide relief for those economically strained.

      The fourth week in August brings up where we are wretched. This is a defense over the Unity level of the mind. It hides a tantrum, which in turn hides a fight with God—who by His Nature of pure Goodness can only extend that which is good. In our desire to be separate and do things our way, not the way of Love, we have placed ourselves in misery and framed God for it. While this is a collective issue for humanity, the more we have cleared this area, the more we can help our brothers and sisters through this ordeal.

      The last few days of August contain the energy of Despair. This is easily solved. When you are knocked to your knees in pain, I discovered that there is always someone in more dire need than you. Ask yourself, “Who needs my help?” When someone p ops into your mind, if you give your love to this person through the pain, or in this case through the despair, you will generate a new birth for yourself. If, in the rare case there is still more pain after the first time you do this exercise, then repeat it until you feel both released and exalted. This simple exercise opens vision level gifts. It can be done with any problem or bad feeling, but the greater the pain or problem, the bigger the gifts.

      If you can sense a bad time coming you can change it. You can do this by choosing again and committing to a better way. You can do this through love and bonding. You can do this through prayer and forgiveness. You can accomplish this through letting go, integration and centering yourselves. You can do this by asking for miracles and allowing yourself to relax in God while bringing light through your spirit for the world. You can achieve this by being happy yourself and infecting those around you with this same ease.

      Here is one of my favorite healing exercises adapted from A Course in Miracles:

      I will not use this as a sign of sin, destruction and death.

      I will not use this as an obstacle to peace, but as a means to it.

      I wish you all an abundant and transcendent month ~

      Chuck Spezzano

      London, and on the plane to Munich

      August 2010 Nightlight Newsletter


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