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Aluna Joy: Pilgrimages offered

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  • Ash
    Angels Above - Artist Bruce Harman www.harmanvisions.com We are at the brink of reclaiming the the final pieces of our divine power of attraction, creation,
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      Angels Above - Artist Bruce Harman www.harmanvisions.com

      We are at the brink of reclaiming the the final pieces of our divine power of attraction, creation, and manifestation that we took great care to hide away at the fall of Atlantis.  We hid this information in sacred sites around the world that we now know as the Maya world, the Inca world, the Egyptian world, the Grecian world, the Tibetan world, and so forth.   We are at the brink of re-claiming the awareness, the knowingness and the consciousness of unity, oneness, love, harmony, peace, respect, integrity, self responsibility and impeccability.  As the energy accelerates on the Earth, we are feeling drawn more than ever to return again to sacred places that call to us.  These places can be anywhere on the Earth that resonate with your heart, and fill you with a deep knowing of home.   Personally I have been feeling a need to revisit all the sacred places that I call home.   I don't completely understand why at this moment, but I have learned to trust Spirit.  If we are patient, time will prove all that we felt when in our hearts to be true.  We are gathering the last bits of memory, power, light, knowledge, and wisdom that we anchored here on Earth a long time ago.  This is why many of us feel there is still something very profound missing.  This is what makes us searchers, seekers, travelers, and explorers.   these pieces are being re-gathered in the hearts of those that are here to build a new world.  I feel that this process will be complete within the next couple years . . . and may very well coincide with 2012.  I would like to invite all, that feel a calling, to join me in the these adventures of the spirit.   Here is what were offering:

      Our first offering is returning back to Palenque in December of this year.  In 1990, I had an experience that changed my life.  It came with a certain quality of energy that the site was emitting at the time.  We returned to Palenque this last March and discovered that this energy was present once again.  After calculating dates in Mayan cycles, regarding all the dates in which we had visited Palenque, we discovered that the energy in 1990, and the energy that we experienced this last March, was in the same Maya 13 day week.  If our calculations are correct, we expect to hit the energy again exactly one 260 day cycle from the dates of our last trip in March.  This is why we are returning to Palenque in December.  We hope to experience another profound download of energy and complete our gathering of the knowledge which we anchored there a long time ago.  I know that this energy prepares us for the world that is unfolding in front of us.  It also changes lives, and elevates our consciousness.

      I never expected to return to Egypt, but the Masters of Atlantis, that I experienced on our first trip, are calling us back.  We will be returning to Egypt in March of next year.  This is a month in which we usually are in the Maya world, but I felt strongly that we needed to be in Egypt for the equinox.  I know that there are many more pieces to the puzzle for us to pick up.  As long as we have the guardians' permission, we will be recording all the messages which we will receive on this pilgrimage.  We feel we have gone beyond our karmic, past life initiations and are looking forward to a glorious and blessed filled pilgrimage in which we will have access to the energy anchored there by Atlantean Masters of light.  I do feel that we are our ancestors returned.  Even as I write this, I can feel the goddesses of Philae and the Hathors here with me.  I feel this trip will be a huge elevation from our previous trip.  We are really looking forward to it.  We hope that you will decide to join us.  There are still some spaces available on this trip.

      On December 21, 2012, we plan to return to the Maya lands . . . to the five cities of light that anchor the five elements of earth, fire, water, air, and ether.  I believe that ether is the final piece that binds all the pieces that we gathered together to manifest a new world.  This trip will be up on my website soon.  But you might want to ask to be placed on our alert list.  We expect that this trip will book up very quickly.  We have only planned to take 40 of our soul family with us on this journey.  I know we could bring many more, but we do have a commitment to quality over quantity.  Our groups have proven to be peaceful, harmonious, and have become quite a gathering place for soul family.  This recent gathering of soul family has made Raphael and myself feel very fulfilled.

      .... Join our growing Universal Peace team family.

      Phase Two - A call to gather a spiritual excavation research team
      on a pilgrimage to reclaim the power of creation of Palenque

      A Pilgrimage to the Sacred Mayan Temples of
      Palenque, Bonampak & Yaxchillan
      December 7th - 17th, 2010

      Join Author, Mystic, and Spiritual Archeologist ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN and the STAR ELDERS,
      with our Mayan spirit guide ENRIQUE ENCALADA, on a spirit-filled, informative and life changing
      Mayan adventure. This pilgrimage is packed full with Messages from the ancient ones,
      Meditation and Ceremony of Palenque.
      5 1/2 days in Palenque, and full days in Bonampak and Yaxchillan. No other pilgrimage offers
       this much time in these sacred sites. We know you can't rush Spirit. Aluna will offer messages
      from the spirits of the temples and the Star Elders. Enqique will bring his wonderful quality of spirit
      and ceremony to the group. We will also visit La Venta, filled with Ancient Olmec Relics.
      All this PLUS . . . BLISS, MAGIC, and as always . . . the Unexpected!


      A Spiritual Pilgrimage to Egypt
      Included will be visits to Sacred Sites
      & Messages from the Ancient Ones . . .
      We will be visiting Cairo, Giza Pyramids,
      The King's Chamber, The Sphinx, Sakkara,
      Cairo Egyptian Museum,
      Luxor and the Luxor Temple, Karnak,
      Philae Isis Ttemple, Aswan, Edfu, Kom Ombo,
      Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings, Hatchepsut,
      Abydos, Dendarah, King Tut's Treasures
      and The Temples of Ramses II and Queen Nefertari.
      This includes a 5 Day Luxury Cruise on the Nile on the Deluxe Sonesta Moon Goddess

      We have booked special private time
      in places that are difficult to arrange!
      Private time at The Sphinx
      Private time in the King's Chamber
      Private time at Philae's Isis Temple

      We are intending, with the help of the Ancient Ones,for a strong focus on the
      spiritual aspects of Egypt and minimal on recorded history.Old Kingdom energies and mysteries,
      including the Hathors and Goddess Nut, Isis etc... will be a strong focus. We have planned the most
      peaceful and harmonious trip possible by using Egypt's premier spiritual tour company,
      "Quest Travel", and by booking incredibly, beautiful accommodations.
      Still some space left in this group

      MAYA 12/2012 Pilgrimage 
      The Emergence of the Heart of the DOVE
      A Celebration in honor of the year Zero!
      A Pilgrimage to the Maya's Five Crown Cities of Light
      Palenque - Yaxchilian - Tikal - Quirigua - Copan
      December 18th - 29th 2012
      Ask us to put you on the alert list : )


      The Rainbow Awakening of Taripaypacha
      September 15th-27th 2010

      3 DAYS in Machu Picchu - Saqsayhuaman - Tipon - Cuzco - Sacred Valley of Gods - Ollantaytambo -
      Pisac - Pisac's Indian Market - Q'ero Ceremony & Ascended Master Transmissions - Moray -
      Chincheros... and more surprises as Spirit directs.
      Guided by Inca Spiritual Messenger and Mystery School Initiate WILLARU HUAYTA,
      & Author, Mystic, Spiritual Archeologist ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN
      Sorry... sold out for this year.

       More information at www.AlunaJoy.com 

      Sign up for our free newsletter, read articles and print out free
      Mayan calendars and benifit from our sacred site essence sales at www.AlunaJoy.com


      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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