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Goddess Light Teleconference: Remember to Laugh & Lightbody Energies with the Solstice

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  • Ash
    As always with all messages shared let us use our highest and deepest intuition and discernment receiving what rings to our deepest Truth and releasing the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2010

      As always with all messages shared let us use our highest and deepest intuition and discernment receiving what rings to our deepest Truth and releasing the rest. Namaste

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      Ansaluia My Friends in Soul!

      Is it really Thursday?  I know when I send out a newsletter my intention is to get them out by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I think this is a reflection of all that is happening.  I know in my life, it’s been an incredibly busy summer.  I laughed with my sisters the other day having said this and they said ‘summer started yesterday’!! But that to me represents how time is shifting.  How so much happens in such compacted periods of time. 

      For those of you in the US I say happy 4th of July!! It’s our independence day and I send that out to everyone, worldwide.  May the day be a day of independence for you!  I wish for you great abundance, love and joy!  I did consider canceling the channel, then realized that no it’s probably a wonderful time to tap into these energies.

      Oh, I watched a movie Horse Boy about autism and one family’s way of helping their son.  It was a great movie and wrote a blog about it both on my website and Facebook.  I do have a fan page on Facebook and would love for it to be a place of community; a place where we can share ideas and connect with each other.  The link is on the right----->

      I love hearing from you!  Please let me know how these channels are assisting you, how your life is going.  

      Much love,

      Goddess Teleconference: Remember to Laugh & Lightbody Energies and the Solstice

      This is a channel that took place on the eve of the summer/winter solstice.  Many people are feeling the shifting of the energies with a particular intensity that took place around the solstice.  This channeled meditation will assist you in reconnecting with those energies if you so choose.  The overriding essence of this message is to remember to have fun!  She spoke several times about the way that energies can shift or transform just through finding something light or fun.  She reminded us to look for the joy or look for the lightness in any part of the day.

      In addition to that the lightbody energies came through to speak with us.  We have been integrating more and more of these energies over the past nine months.  We first felt the introduction last August, then as more people work with and integrate their lightbody energies-the more there is available for all.  So this was an experience of linking into that source energy through the lightbody consciousness speaking to us.  They opened a portal into the Omniverse and showed us the immense energy and changes that are our potentials.  As we felt this alignment, we could all recognize how this also reflects ourselves in one way or another. 

      Finally, we had a sense of standing in a space of balance.  It was as if there was the balance of; human/ divine selves, Omniverse/ Earth, northern/ southern hemispheres.  The more that we tap into balance, in whatever form, the more enhanced our lives become.<


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