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VFF eNews: Call to Action: Collective WE Activities

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      By: Kristi McCracken Last months E-news had an invitation to become a part of the WE. As spiritual aspirants we’re being called to step up our efforts on
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      By: Kristi McCracken

      Last months E-news had an invitation to become a part of the WE. As spiritual aspirants we’re being called to step up our efforts on behalf of Earth through Master’s guidance.  To that end, I wanted to report a success and share some opportunities to continue to show up for our collective enlightenment.

      Last month’s teleconference of Master answering questions about the Gulf Crisis had over 130 phone lines from all around the world - many with multiple folks listening. Thank you to all our members who showed up as a collective WE to help. If you missed the event or would like to hear it again, click here to listen to an audio recording.

      This is a longer E-news than usual but it highlights all the events that Master have invited us to participate in since last month. Each opport unity listed below will help expand us into that collective WE. This quick overview will be followed by more details in subsequent E-news releases in the coming days.

      Step into your vaster self, and become a part of the solution-oriented WE by:

            •    Participating in pagoda light meditation to wick away distorted energy
            •    Joining the quartz cleansing ceremony July 6th
            •    Using your voice to send healing OM vibrations into the Gulf Region
            •    Mobilizing people for Earth Healing Day
            •    Offering others the gift of Master’s free daily thoughts
            •    Signing up< /a> for His monthly teachings - downloaded right to your computer
            •    Purchasing His newest CD series,
      Recession Proofing Your Mind
            •    Clicking here to register for Master’s upcoming workshops

                                - Denver, Colorado on  August 14-15

                                - Canmore, Alberta Canada on Sept. 24-25.  

      Master said that the oil gushing in the Gulf is a metaphor for the greed and corruption we're trying to clean up on the planet. Its dramatic release may initiate some serious ramifications for all planetary beings. WE have been called to use the imagery of Master's five-tiered pagoda of white light over the Gulf region. The pagoda is helpful for releasing the distortional energy there, and has brought peace of mind during my meditative time.  For more information about the Pagoda click here to purchase the March 2001 Teaching of the Month entitled Pagoda of Compassion.

      Marisela has invited us to join her in ceremony with our purified quartz stones to be pla ced in the Gulf to help Earth clear the negative history that’s spewing out with the oil in the Gulf. Visit the student message board in the member center at www.vajraflame.org for instructions on how to purify your stones and energetically connect with her and the collective WE on July 6th.

      Master has recently added an additional meditation practice of chanting OM into the waters of the Gulf three times a day for five minutes each to dissolve the oil, contaminants, and distorted energies. OM carries profound dissolving powers, and may be used at this time to reduce the energetic impact in the Gulf. It’s the force that clears away the old and allows the new to come forth. It’s very important to dissolve the energy around this catastrophic event. For more on that click here to listen to an audio explanation from Master.

      We can amplify our individual work by meeting in small groups once a week for 20-30 minutes of chanting OM.  Master has asked us to step out of lack and into abundance to manifest half a million people all around the world to join in Earth Healing Day.  We will dedicate our efforts to the healing of the Gulf of Mexico (waters, coastline, marine life, etc.) on August 15. Those participating will be meditating, sending healing energy and chanting OM from 12:00 to 1:00 in their own time zones, creating a wave of transformative energy that spans the globe.

      The July Teaching-of-the-Month (TOM) has more details about what’s going on in the Gulf and how we can help. Click here to read the July Plane to Plane Memorandum regarding Master’s latest words Earth’s urgent need for our assistance. Master's monthly teachings have become the spiritual food that nourishes me.  Sign up for his monthly teachings and join Master’s students around the globe who he lp seed the collective consciousness each month. Click here to purchase and download his July TOM from the website.

      Master is requesting that we continue to move deeper into the collective WE. You can help VFF spread the word by forwarding the links above to like-minded folks as well as a link for the Thought of the Day.  Then they too may benefit from the comfort Master’s words offer in these chaotic times. It's free and will help invigorate the members of this organization to become part of the WE.

      For the wonderful treat of sitting in Master’s presence, click here to register online for the upcoming workshops, Recession- Proofing Your Mind in Canada and Colorado.  To get a jump-start on the workshop, click here to go t o purchase the 6-CD series entitled, "Recession-Proofing Your Mind."

      Be sure to mark your calendars for Earth Healing Day on August 15 and set aside the hour from noon to 1:00 p.m. in your time zone for a special inspiring event.  By participating, you will amplify the effect of a massive WE and help the Gulf Coast directly by your participation. Those attending the workshop held over August 14-15 will have the privilege of being led by Master in this wonderful service to Earth. Join hundreds of thousands of other caring beings from around the world as we collectively create a 24-hour wave of purification and transformation.  

      May you be richly blessed for your love and continued support to planet Earth.  May She accomplish her complete healing, and may we all happily participate in her healing.

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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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