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FW: 2010 Bee Here Now Ceremony of The New Moon June 12, 2010

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  • Rael
    Hello Dear Family of Love and Light Abound, It again has been many moons since I have connected through this avenue of ether contact. There has been so much
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2010
      Hello Dear Family of Love and Light Abound,

      It again has been many moons since I have connected through this avenue of ether contact. There has been so much happen in my journey since I last contacted everyone but this alignment happening this new moon on Saturday is off the charts powerful and one to pay heed to in creating the New Earth which you hold in your heart of hearts. It is encoded in our DNA and therefore already wavering in consciousness. All we need to do is bring in the feeling aspect of it this Saturday as we have all the cosmos help with the alignment occuring on this date.

      Please if it feels right read the attachment I am sending on and if you can view Drunvelo's u-tube video he explains what I was up to on my 4 month journey across the United States last summer when I camped for almost the entire time and buried crystal grids all over the US in many many of the sacred sites I visited. These grids are infused with the Law of One, the Great Innvocation and Ho Onoponopono. The most amazing was at Mount Rushmore when the Ashtar Command ship, THE EAGLE came into view as I was at this monument by myself with no guards and no one else around, at night and able to bury this grid. They were so supporting me, us in every way to do the job that was divinely inspired and appointed to me to do on this most auspicious night. The whole place was lit up like fouth of July in its own magik way as I stood in awe staring at the monument of America's founding fathers. It truly was an experience I will never forget. I was called to take this
      journey across the continental US before my first grandson was born into the Earth plane (he came in on September 17th, 2009 a triple Virgo) and there was nothing stopping me even concerned family members seemed to get a calm over them when I told them I was going by myself and camping most of the time. Even my pregnant daughter. All I kept hearing was, "Assume the responsibility of the Mission and of who you really are.  This means contacting with your energies of origin to carry on each phase of the project for which you are based on here. All those that should listen, will hear and those that should see, will see, but all human beings will hold attention and understand what is appropriate."   And so the journey went and continues to go.

      I will give more details at a later date of all the most amazing sites I was able to encounter and bury grids at as I drove the eastern route from Michigan down south and then the southern route to California and then the northern route home. The four months seemed to melt all into one cosmic moment and for this I AM truly grateful as I understand that time is not speeding up. It is creation that is speeding up. My now nine month old grandson has really taught me this in his own joyfilled way. His main animal totem is the hummingbird!

      I truly related to what this article is bringing forth. How fun and for
      sure divine timing for our journey into the ascension of our planet and mass consciouness. Happy creating to all of you!

      With all my hearts blesings,
      Rael of One ~ Universal Oneness Ambassador ~
      "May you embrace your divine inheritance and blossom to the nectar of universal oneness in the love and light of ever expanding perfection."

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