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Aluna Joy: Passage to a New World

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      Center of the Sun ~ JUNE 2010 #2
      Aluna Joy Yaxk'in, PO Box 1988, Sedona, AZ 86339 ~ www.AlunaJoy.com
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      Passage to a New World
      Message received in Palenque, Mexico
      Solar Wave ~ March 20, 2010 ~ Aluna Joy

      The following is the first message that we received in the sacred site of Palenque on March 20, 2010. You can find other messages coming soon on our website at www.alunajoy.com under the link titled "articles". We are sharing this message here with you just as we received it, in present time, with very little editing. We do this for a very important reason. We know that the messages that we receive are not just for our groups, but are for humanity also. So as you read this, just imagine that you were there with us . . . the Masters and Star Elders assure me that the message and the corresponding energy will be transmitted to you. You might want to imagine that you are sitting with us in Palenque. You can use the PHOTOS for visual help.

      Our Solar Wave Ceremony was held in Palenque in the cross group.

      We (humanity) have mastered the elements of this dimension . . . the air, the fire, the water, and the earth, but the element we are entering into now is the element of ether. We call it ether from this dimension because it seems like a dream to us. But it is going to quickly become our new reality. This site, Palenque, anchors the heart of future knowledge of this element. We (humanity) have created and have now crossed the bridge from the old world, and are now stepping foot into the new one. The guardians here in Palenque say that they can already see the effects of this crossing on humanity. They are watching us merge into a sense of deep peace inside of ourselves; a calmness. When we become calm and feel safe, and merge into all that is, we will learn how to be ONE with all life. This energy we are feeling today is the beginning stages of us learning how to become ONE, unified with all life.

      Because we (and those reading this) carry harmony, peace and healing energies in our hearts, this energy is going to uplift all those living on the Earth. This will not just uplift human beings, but the animals, the insects, the spirits in the rocks and the trees . . . everything. We (humanity) have come to at least some recognition of the power and the light that we have inside of ourselves. When we as an entire human race put this light and power to use, especially on a day where the Earth is already giving us great peace and balance (equiniox), this consciousness is magnified beyond anything that we could ever manifest individually. There is support and collective power in joining forces for a greater good.

      The Star Elders are showing me visuals now, so I am going to have to translate. Those of us that have been here before, we have noticed a great shift in Palenque. I noticed a vast shift when I was in Peru last September (2009). There was a stronger physical presence in the site of Machupicchu than there was before. But Palenque is showing a different twist on this shift. When we walk into this site, we feel like we are in a dream. Soon we will forget the old reality, and we will actually live in this dream, because this dream is the new reality. This is the transition into ether. When we talk about ether, we think it is something mystical and un-obtainable, because you can't touch it, you can't feel it, and you can't see it. But we can here today. When we raise ourselves to a higher level, we will be able to be in it all the time. This is the reality which we all came here (Earth) to anchor.

      Even when we were little children, we knew that there was something in us that we needed to give to the world. This is our job, our destiny, to discover this gift and then to share it. What we need to share is a bridge between the old world and the new world. We are here to offer a different option in life, a new harmonious way to live, and to break our habits and addictions to with mechanistic behavior.

      Many others in the world serve us by growing our food, stocking our grocery store shelves, running the businesses. They are doing all the things that it takes to keep this world turning. Their sacrifice was even greater than the ones we have made by being here. This is their job. So we want to send our love and blessings to the guards, the guides and the people that take care of the grounds here, as well as those that have cooked our meals, cleaned our rooms, and the pilots that flew our plane. All of these people, that do these jobs, have made such a sacrifice so we could come here and merge with this energy and build this bridge to a new world. This world is growing inside of us now. It is such a blessing and an honor to be in this world and have the opportunities that we do. To honor their sacrifices which makes it possible for us to do our jobs, we must DO our job (the light workers of the Earth) and build the bridge so all beings can find their way across to the new world.

      Many years ago (1990) when I first came to this place, I saw an etheric city floating above Palenque. I was told by the Star Elders that it would eventually merge back into the temples and re-awaken the city of light here. This is the only site where I have felt an etheric city floating above it. Now it is right at the edge of re-booting and reconnecting with the Earth again. When I close my eyes, and I look at the temples, I feel them being filled with light. The etheric city is not quite anchored all the way yet. The energy is still osculating. This is why a lot of us are feeling kind of dreamy and other-worldly. Yet it still feels very present, and the sites feel very solid to me, but ethereal at the same time. When I close my eyes, I can see the temple stone turns into crystal. You can almost see through them. Two years ago, this etheric city was still floating above the temples of Palenque. It is now coming to anchor on Earth, because it is time.

      The Star Elders are now showing me some other visuals. They are bringing in all the energy of all the people that have been doing the global Solar Wave before us. They are putting it the middle of our circle now. Their love and peace is pouring in from a tremendous amount of people, groups and individuals. I am feeling many countries like a real strong Australian energy and real strong pulses of England. I am feeling the east coast of the United States, little pods of energy coming in from Mexico, South America, Brazil, and real strong energy from Brazil. I even feel Figi who began the Solar Wave when we were eating dinner last night. Now the Star Elders are adding our energy to this huge wave of energy, and they are going to send it out to the ones that are going to be doing ceremony after us. In only twenty-four hours, we wash light across the planet throughout all the collective consciousness with our hearts, our collective heart, and raise and lift those that are suffering and for those that are still asleep.

      The Star Elders are taking little tiny bits, like a little seed, from this whole collective, and they are making an etheric essence. They are putting it into each one of our hearts. It is like a little tiny seed, but it holds the energy of all the love and all the beauty that people are putting into this Solar Wave today, and they are giving you a little seed of it . . . like an essence. Only I don't have to get out the bowl and make water (an essence). It is nice. No work involved for me. :) It is a little seed.

      Now Jeshua has just appeared. He says it is a mustard seed. Christians understand the story of the mustard seed. You can move mountains if you have the faith of a little mustard seed. This concept is building on what they told us the first day (read previous messages). They are going to help us realize the strength and the power that we truly are, so we can become living masters. When we reach this level of awareness then the ancient ones, the starry ones, will be able to come back and visit their family again, because we won't worship them and give our power away to them. We will be in our own power. Our starry family misses us, and we miss them. We have missed them for a long time, since we were little children.

      So this little mustard seed is going to help encourage the courage that it will take to help us grow, so you can be a self-contained living master. You will know that everything you need is inside of you, because you have this seed. What is inside this seed is everybody, the collective consciousness of light workers and healers. Everybody that has been working today in the Solar Wave; it is in there. So we are all ONE now in that sense. If you would like to have this seed, just ask it to be placed in your heart, and the Star Elders will put it in your heart for you. You always have the option to say "No", if something doesn't feel right to you. Or, the Star Elders say, you have the option to give it to someone else if you so choose. But they think it is a good idea that you keep it. This is their suggestion only.

      Now let us call upon the Great Creator . . .

      Dear Great Creator . . . We come before you with humble, grateful and peaceful hearts. We stand here filled with overwhelming love and respect for the Earth, humanity and all creation. We accept with great honor the positive intent of balance, peace and harmony along with the immeasurable blessings and love our family from the East has sent us. We thank you for these blessings.

      Dear Great Creator . . . we have the eyes to see as you see. We now have the ears to hear as you hear. We have the hearts to love as you love. We have the minds to understand as you understand.

      Dear Great Creator . . . we now bring the forth the new gifts that are within us. We now awaken to the new light that is within us. We now walk a new path that is ahead of us. We now walk in balance, peace and harmony with light, love and truth of the glory and power of the universe. We have the courage to seize the blessings that are offered to us. We have new boldness to share these gifts with the world. We have the perseverance to live each moment in the way of balance, peace and harmony. We now intend that the balance, peace and harmony, truth, love, integrity and compassion that we feel in our hearts today are anchored here on Mother Earth through all time, space, dimension, past, present and future, through body, mind and spirit of all living things. We ask this happen seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty-five days a year.

      We can now send these positive intents forth to our brothers and sisters in the world with great love and gratitude.

      So now the Star Elders are lifting up the remainder of the energy in the circle, and they are going to send it up into the sky to be used by the next group that calls upon it. Our hearts and love go with this energy, so they feel the blessings that we have together as a group, and the blessings that we have in being in this most sacred Maya site of Palenque.

      Pacal Votan has just appeared . . . He would like us today . . . if we do it together or apart, it doesn't seem to matter . . . to spend some time in front of the Temple of Inscriptions . . . that is the big temple. (use the recent photo taken of this temple for visual reference). The energy is pouring out of it quite intensely. There are messages for each one of you. You may get it as a message with your mind. It might come as a drawing, a painting, a song, or it might just be a feeling. Do not judge it. Just accept it if you wish to. Of course, only do what feels right for you.

      OK, they are going around the circle to make sure that all of the seeds are anchored in your hearts. They are going to seal them in you now; that is for the ones that accepted them. It is done.

      Here we opened up the circle for other to speak . . . Many group members shared, but only some of the sharings were picked up by our recorder. We share their thoughts here . . .

      Our group member Carla shared:
      I feel it is important for everyone to anchor in, as much as you can, what you get in this site, to anchor down the etheric city . . . This is a storehouse for advanced knowledge on archaeology, astronomy, geology, ascension, and whatever it may be . . . like the paws of the Sphinx, and temples in other places in the world. And so it is important for people to be grounded in their bodies and bring it through and anchor it here and that will lock in the city of light that is just a hair short of popping, and we can do it, all of us, with what you do today.

      Jane shared a wonderful song . . . Aluna told Jane that the spirits of Palenque really came in with her singing. She was then invited to sing another mantra in which everyone joined in to sing (I have this recorded also).

      Aluna shared about sound in Palenque:
      One of things that the Star Elders taught initiates here was about sound and how to transfer yourself or dimensionally shift with sound. That is why there are cones on top of these pyramids. So singing in here is beautiful, and the fact that the guards are letting us doing it is fabulous. Thank you guards for letting us be. The Music of the Spheres is anchored here, so keep your ears tuned to buzzing or weird pressure in your eardrums. Kind of listen beyond the sounds you are hearing, and kind of just pay attention, because it really does exist here. You have to be still and sit still and go beyond the sound of the bugs and the birds. Listen just a little bit beyond that, and you will hear a windy kind of sound that carries the history of everything. It is beautiful when you get a chance to hear it. A lot of it depends on the day, so don't feel bad if you don't. It might be here the last day that we come here. Maybe this is why the Star Elders wanted us to stay an extra day.

      (Post note: on the last day, March 23rd and 24th, we did in fact hear the music and see the light!)

      ALUNA JOY YAXK'IN is an internationally known author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, ordained minister and modern mystic. She inspires and encourages others to recognize and accept their own authentic divinity and connection to God. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak) Clairvoyant, or seer of living energy.

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      Phase Two - A call to gather a spiritual excavation research team on a pilgrimage to confirm the energy influxes of Palenque

      A Pilgrimage to the Sacred Mayan Temples of
      Palenque, Bonampak & Yaxchillan
      December 7th - 17th, 2010

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      5 1/2 days in Palenque, and full days in Bonampak and Yaxchillan. No other pilgrimage offers this much time in these sacred sites. We know you can't rush Spirit. Aluna will offer messages from the spirits of the temples and the Star Elders. Enqique will bring his wonderful quality of spirit and ceremony to the group. We will also visit La Venta, filled with Ancient Olmec Relics. All this PLUS . . . BLISS, MAGIC, and as always . . . the Unexpected!

      Palenque is my favorite sacred site of the Mayan world. I have been exploring its mysteries and watching its energy subtly evolve for one complete Katun cycle (a 20 year cycle). My passion for Palenque began in 1990, in my more radical, younger years, when I snuck into the site after hours and spent the night (A long story). read the story here It was during this overnight stay, while sitting in the Temple of the Sun, that I was a witness to something that changed my life forever. I received a rare energy down load. I heard the music of the spheres, learned about the creative force of the universe, and saw a glimpse of the future regarding when this energy would return to Earth, and we would again experience Paradise on Earth. This time is nearing us now. I was aware of an ethereal city that floated high above Palenque. I knew that this city of light would return one day along with the ancestors and the starry ones who had lived here a long time ago. I was able to understand this energy, but it was not yet time to anchor this energy into our hearts, so we could be able use it consciously.

      (The original Palenque experience Maya calendar dates were 4/23/1990 = 8 Men (Yucatec) (9 Lamat week) and 7 IK (Kiche) (Ajmak week) - 4/24/1990 = 9 Cib (Yucatec) (9 Lamat week) 8 Akabal (Kiche) (Ajmak week)

      Palenque has been my most reliable barometer for watching the evolution of Earth. Most sacred sites are placed on alarm clocks to re-activate at specific times in the future. This past trip to Palenque in March of 2010, my long wait for the return of the energy I saw in 1990 was beginning to manifest again, 20 years after the first life changing download. During this March 2010 pilgrimage we were able to use this energy to awaken our Solar Hearts within. It is apparent that the temples of Palenque and the surrounding area are a heartbeat away from being fully re-awakened. It is obvious that the future of the new world is approaching very quickly according to what we see in Palenque. I know that by watching the energy shifts in sacred sites, we can see a progression of events and the evolution of the Earth and humanity. In our Maya pilgrimage in 2008, it was clear that something was dramatically shifting in Palenque. The heart of the site was reactivated, and the energy of this reactivation was obvious to anyone who had experienced the site before. It was clear that the creative force of the universe, and the light that was once in Palenque before, was beginning to return. During our following Peru trip, we saw similar energy shifts in Machu Picchu and other surrounding sites. Then we walked between the worlds in our 2009 trip to Tikal and Copan.

      On Pakal Votan's birthday, March 23rd, it was apparent that the influx of light was flooding Palenque profusely. It was the most powerful energy rush that I had ever felt in Palenque during the last twenty years. In the past, the way I connected with Lord Pakal was to see him deep inside the Temple of Inscriptions in his famous resting place. But now, he is at the top of the temple steps looking down over the city. He is returning. If Pakal is returning, then this also means that the divinity of humanity is beginning to wake up also!

      By March 24th, the energy pouring in was almost too much to bear. The energy was so full of new light and energy that it felt heavy to our 3D bodies. Many in the group found themselves taking naps under trees and on temple steps. The hoards of tourists did not arrive this day, and I think for good reason. We nearly had the entire site to ourselves. Even the local sellers began to leave early. I had a great need to lie down on the ground and have my spine touch the ground. I could literally feel the undulating, kundalini energy rising up from the earth and connecting with my body. When I opened my eyes, I could see little micro spheres of light. They were dancing in the air in an organized, yet chaotic way. I kept blinking thinking that I was seeing things. These little spheres of light felt like they were whole universes unto themselves. I also felt like they were the ancestors returning. The temples were vibrating so strongly that the doorways were blurred. You could see the vibration distort visual reality. It was like we could see two or three dimensions at once. It was transforming before our eyes. During these two days of intense energy, time seemed to stop . . . as well as race ahead. Time wobbles were very apparent to everyone in the group.

      The current Palenque experience Maya calendar dates were 3/23/2010 = 10 Kan (Yucatec) (MEN week) - 1 Ajmak (Kiche) (Ajmak week) 3/24/2010 = 11 Chicchan (Yucatec)(MEN week) 2 Noj (Kiche) (Ajmak week)

      The energy of the Palenque blew the roof off the old world and blasted our hearts open. Yet the trip left me feeling like something was not finished. I felt a great need to go back on the same Maya calendar days, exactly 260 days later, in hopes to repeat the download of energy so as to complete the Anchoring of the Solar Heart. So I did some research on all the days over a 20 year period that I have visited Palenque (Thank you Linda for your help!) I mapped out the dates that I found most powerful. I was excited to see that most of these dates fell very near to each other in both Kiche and Yucatec dates in December.

      It took me a few weeks before I considered taking on another pilgrimage this year. But this is one of those deals.... that if I don't go and see for myself... I will always wonder if I could have pin pointed the energy influx patterns of Palenque. If I can, this would be a great advantage for spiritual seekers to maximize their experience there just by choosing the right day. So I would like to invite a few good adventurers to be a part of a research team and pilgrimage to either confirm or dis-prove my theory about the energy influxes of Palenque.

      My best guess when we will experience the influx of energy in Palenque will be December 8th thru 15th in Palenque. These dates also happen to be during the last powerful 20 days of the Tzolkin in Yucatec (12/5 - 12/24).

      To really absorb energy in this site, you must go very slowly to deeply anchor what is here. Thus this trip might not be for everyone. If you like to move a lot, or if you get bored easily, this trip might not be for you. This is the trip that I have always wanted to do; One that takes a lot of time to transduce down our busy mind and heart to really GET what this site has to offer. Being in Palenque, and coupled with the possibility of hitting one or two extremely rare and powerful days, makes this trip even better in my heart. Listen to your heart to see if this trip calls to you. If it does, then it will be a honor to have you with us.

      We are not looking to book a big group. We are asking Spirit to provide us with the right group regarding this pilgrimage. We are looking for those who would like to help us compile an energy record / dialogue of Palenque. This will help us prove, or disprove, the cyclic energy influxes that Palenque is known for. During this pilgrimage, Aluna will be focusing on helping you learn to read, channel, feel, understand, etc... the energy of this and other sacred sites. Everyone will be asked to bring a journal. We will be supplying a list of questions each day that will help you begin your spiritual excavation in the right direction. In the evenings, we will compile the insights, which we have collected together as a group, into one document. I feel by understanding the cosmic cyclic patterns of Palenque that we will come closer to comprehending the new world that is emerging.

      This time is an exciting count down to the Shift of the Ages prophesied by the Ancient Cosmic Maya. Palenque is simply magic beyond definition. This powerfully, serene site is situated in the highlands of the Chiapas surrounded by dense jungle filled with parrots and monkeys. Here in the jungles are temples filled with hidden wisdom that hold the keys to the beginning of a new and enlightened time for Earth and humanity. It is time to finally begin the task of manifesting the vision of a new world that we hold so dear to our hearts. It is time that we realize that our small actions toward manifesting paradise begins a chain reaction that cannot be stopped.

      Palenque is considered the home to the great hall of records... the living library of Wisdom. Palenque and surrounding sites, like Bonampak and Yaxchillan, have held mystery and intrigue for hundreds of years. It is considered by many an ancient school for spiritual initiates. In the Keys of Enoch, Palenque is considered the head of a huge geographical dove grid anchoring a new definition of peace and wisdom. Palenque is also a center of the Earth's Merkaba that connects with a universal grid. The locals call Palenque the navel of the earth. Palenque shelters a living library that reveals universal truth to those who listen with an open heart. What we hear can and does change our lives profoundly.

      Palenque, Yaxchillan & Bonampak is where the ancient starry ones lived Heaven on Earth. A Cosmic Messenger's energy, Pacal Votan's, still radiates from the Temple of Inscriptions. Many other Masters influence the energy of this area including the elder race we call the Star Elders or Invisible Council. Even Christ healed the sick and performed baptisms in the Queens falls when he visited during the "lost years". He learned from the Star Elders about cosmic time, and the Star Elders learned about the Heart and Peace. Their energy is still there, and so is their wisdom. Palenque is nothing less than pure magic and is still one of Aluna's favorite areas after traveling 2 decades in Central and South America.


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      Need help picking an Essence?
      Here is a handy chart with some suggestions on which Essences are right for you! Regarding our essence suggestions . . . Always remember listen to your heart, and only pick ones that call to you!


      Each month we tune in to spirit to see which essences are particularly appropriate for the current energies, and reduce the price so they're more affordable. The ones on sale are the ones we find ourselves taking these days.The sale will be in effect until June 20th, 2010.

      What is on sale right now...

      For the Heart Opening:
      I AM Unconditional Love
      I AM Compassion
      I AM Christ Consciousness
      Archangel Chamuel

      For Strength:
      I AM Strength, Power & Courage
      Archangel Michael

      For Truth & Wisdom:
      I AM Truth & Wisdom
      Archangel Jophiel

      For Passion & Creativity:
      I AM Creativity, Inspiration & Vision
      I AM Joy & Bliss
      Archangel Raphael

      You can order "I AM" Blessing Water Essences here


      Converting your birthday into Mayan Astrology just got easier!
      We are happy to announce a launch of the

      You can order it here


      S*A*V*E* when you buy all 3 HERE!

      A few Angels are still here!
      Tzutujil ANGEL KEY CHAINS

      These cute beaded Angel Key Chains are made and sold by the Tzutujil (zoo-two-heal) Mayans of Santigo, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. We sat on the steps of the community church and bought a small sack full of these little angels and had the blessing to get to know some of the local Tzutujil girls. We sold out of them so fast. So... we wrote a friend and she shipped us more.

      The Tzutujil Mayans in Guatemala speak of simultaneous Twin Realities: the dream world and the awake world. These worlds are likened to the opposing wings of a Butterfly, Angel, or Bird. The dream world is one wing, and the awake world is the other. The past world is one wing, while the new world is the other. Between worlds is where we are at this time. They believe the wings must connect at the Heart Center for us to bridge these realites.

      Your Choice . . . Multi-colored or white or both :) $9.95 each

      Order ANGELS Here


      Recent Newsletters here ....

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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