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  • Triaka Smith
    ... From: Triaka Smith Sent: Thursday, June 3, 2010 3:02 PM To: Triaka@webtv.net Subject: THE DISASTER OF MISPLACED POWER AloHA! U.S. President and former Army
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      From: Triaka Smith
      Sent: Thursday, June 3, 2010 3:02 PM
      To: Triaka@...

      U.S. President and former Army General Dwight Eisenhower warned Americans upon leaving the White House in 1961 that the "military-industrial complex" posed the threat of a "disastrous rise of misplaced power".   He saw it coming and gave the warning, but not many were awake at the time.

      Since Eisenhower's warning, no such prophetic words have been spoken by any prominent American political leader and the general population has paid little attention to the gradual takeover of U.S. political power by top secret operations of the military-industrial interests, enhanced by the Presidential authorization for the super- secret Central Intelligence Agency to kill (murder) people, a new world order of criminal-like behavior. 

      Disclosure of  military-industrial-intelligence "black operations" have been revealed by insiders who often cloak their true stories as fictional to avoid being charged with treason.  One of them who worked in national security operations at the White House, Army Colonel Fletcher Prouty, wrote as far back as 1973 "the CIA and its allies (are) in control of the U.S. and the world".  A short time later, resigned CIA official Victor Marchetti disclosed that the secret government was "overthrowing foreign governments, subverting elections, bribing officials...and waging secret wars".  

      In substance, this ever growing military-industrial-intelligence world is a highly compartmentalized Secret Government that operates beyond all national borders and even into space.  It is comprised of thousands of secret people operating in unknown numbers of secret places, within an unknown number of secret programs, with untold numbers of secret devices and techniques, through untold numbers of secret agencies, both domestic and foreign.

      it has become abundantly clear that this rise of misplaced U.S. government power is a total disaster for what was once seen as the founders high hopes for a Constitutional republic - of the people, by the people and for the people.  But by virtue of its unintended loopholes and unexpected subversions, the U.S. Constitution has produced a disaster for the general population - a government of military-industrial-intelligence elite,, by the military-industrial-intelligence elite, and for the military-industrial-intelligence elite. 

      Today, the unsatisfied cry for "liberty and justice for all" can be heard at the  grassroots level worldwide and the answer can be found in the new level playing field of the CONSTITUTION of UNITED DIVERSITY http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uniteddiversity

      In the Spirit of AloHA,
      Triaka-Don Smith

      "The world has never seriously,
      sincerely or honestly tried out
      the dynamic idea of individual
      pre-eminence and balancing free
      will" (God created humans with
      freewill as well as the powers
      to learn from our mistakes, 
      praise God).
       This is a political liberation
       movement from universal
       government force and bondage to
       universal Freewill and balance,
       wherein lies equal political
       power for all participants
       everywhere for the first time!
       "The same passion for
       principles of freedom that
       ignited the American and
       other revolutionary fires
       feeds the flames for
       worldwide transformation."
      WHEREAS We Members of the
      Human Family hold these 
      Truths to be self-evident,
      that the world is no better
      than how each person
      is treated constitutionally,
      that Individual Humans are
      endowed with certain Inherent,
      Intrinsic, Inborn, Ingrained,
      Instinctive, Intuitive and
      Inalienable Natural Rights of
      SOVEREIGN FREEWILL, that among
      these are Life, Liberty and
      the Pursuit of Happiness free
      of coercion, and
      until these are balanced among
      all members of the one human
      family, there is no true
      Justice, Peace or Freedom, and
      WHEREAS whenever any form of
      government fails to uphold
      these Natural Rights, it shall
      be peacefully transformed to
      be in harmony with this Natural
      Law, therefore,
      BE IT RESOLVED that these
      Natural Rights of Sovereign
      Freewill shall be Empowered,
      Protected, Balanced and 
      "superposed" over  all
      existing earthly governments
      in a system of Cooperative
      Governance as illustrated
      by the "World Cooperative"
      DIVERSITY http://groups.
      AND SO BE IT.
      If you think the whole world
      should hear about this new
      form of government, radio
      spot advertising may be a
      good start if the funds can
      be raised. 
      In the Spirit of Aloha,
      Triaka-Don Smith
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