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    Uriel Heals Newsletter   Follow me on Facebook Enlightening Your LifeMay 24, 2010  Greetings! The Cord Disconnection and Healing meditation CD has received
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      Uriel Heals Newsletter

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      Enlightening Your LifeMay 24, 2010


      The Cord Disconnection and Healing meditation CD has received rave reviews and testimonials. To purchase, click here.     
      Happy new year! We held the energy of 2009 until its final moment and now it is over. The 2010 predictions are now up and you can read them here. This month's article is entitled A Purposeful Life. What is our purpose in life, why are we here and what are we supposed to do? We each want to know our purpose, which we believe will answers these questions and guide us on the best and right path. But our purpose is not some grand and glorious thing we will do in the future. It is happening within each moment and we are always in our purpose.
      • What is the meaning of life? Life has no meaning, it is simply an energetic representation of our purpose. When we try to create meaning, we get stuck and lose our purpose.  Read about it in the first article. 
      • Are you running out of road? Have you gone as far as you can on your current path? This is a point of transformation that allos you to take your learning and create a new direction. This is the topic of the second article. 
      • Archangel Uriel's message this week talks about the energy of becoming, which is possible when we embrace transformation and allow the energies to shift us into new dimensions. 
      • One of my Indigo children is learning about options, planning and what it means to be an adult. I'm watching an interesting transformation occur in him as he prepares for a major life transformation. Read more in this week's Indigo and Crystal article. Visit the website to see a list of traits and decide whether you are Indigo or Crystal ... or both.
      Read the May article on the Uriel Heals website.
      The series on Indigos and Suicide is available on the Today's Children page in response to your requests. Read the newsletter in Spanish at Templo del Sol, thank you Xitlalli! The link is on the Uriel Heals home page. Be sure to visit the Lightworker Resources page on the website to see helpful tools for your spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. I would like to welcome all of our new subscribers and thank you for joining the Uriel Heals Newsletter. Recent newsletters and articles are available on the 'Archives' page. The subscriber list grows daily and your emails and testimonials are appreciated. To ensure that you receive the newsletters please add its email address, healing@... to your address book. All articles are copyright (c) Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. Reprint is allowed with author and website mention. For more information visit www.urielheals.com.

      Purpose and Meaning  

      Our lifetime purpose is completed once we have finished our healing work, for that is the purpose of every lifetime lived in the third dimension. Then our life, by definition, has no further purpose, in the scope of what we originally set out to do. Arriving at that glorious moment of knowing we have completed our purpose is not an easy journey because we overthink the concept of purpose and confuse it with meaning. Although we try to fulfill our purpose we are really looking for meaning to make sense of our suffering and pain. And in the process, we lose sight of our purpose because we try to make it mean something.

      Purpose is learned through detachment, finding understanding through simple knowing and faith. It looks at every situation and asks "what's in this for me and my soul growth." Meaning looks for answers and proof that it is right. It wants to know why and seeks validation. Purpose is content to 'be' in the unfolding flow of the Universal energy, and meaning must be in control of whatever reality it is faced with. When we look for meaning we are giving our power away to the illusion of life, blocking the flow of energy whose purpose is the unfolding journey of partnership between the humanity and spirit.

      The search for meaning has been our karmic destiny for our many lifetimes. Our purpose is to heal the karma and keeps us flowing in the energy of healing. Meaning creates something we can fuss over, poke and prod, and ask 'why' until we understand. If we give up the search for meaning we move into the energy of creation. We can be purpose seekers, who look for meaning and try to fit what has happened into our purpose, or purpose knowers, where we can find comfort from being in the energy of creation and are fully empowered through spirit. This is the destiny and purpose of humanity. 
      The purpose-ful life exists beyond meaning. Within it everything is connected and exists within the one-ness of our being. The meaning of life and everything else flows from our purpose. And when we escape the confines of the third dimension the lack of meaning no longer scares us and we are comfortable with being in the flow of shifting energy that is moves as a continuous creation of higher levels of purpose. When one purpose is fulfilled another begins. How is your purpose changing now? What meanings are you willing to release to allow new purpose into your life? Allow them to unfold without fear so you can embody your divinity in your humanity and ascend into the places beyond meaning.
      I will talk about this in greater detail on this week's radio show on Blog Talk Radio
      Read the May article. You can read the Frog and Scorpion fable from November's message by clicking here.
      The Uriel Heals  Enlightening Life radio show 
      The next Uriel Heals Enlightening Life radio show will be Wednesday, May 26 at 8PM Central time on Blog Talk Radio.   Listen to last week's show by clicking here. We will discuss the newsletter and readings are available to callers in the second half of the show. Call in at 718-664-6504. Click
      here for show details and to download or listen to previous shows. 

      Running out of Road
      There comes a time on our spiritual journey when we run out of road, we have to admit that we cannot go any farther and we have three choices, to quit, to figure out how to continue on the current road or to find a new road. Each choice has its benefits and drawbacks, one is not better than another. What we choose depends on how much awareness we have and whether we are ready for the new road, which could be anything from a completely different road to a new mindset to a new way of looking at ourselves.
      When we're feeling tired, stuck, and depressed feeling, beaten down by life and everything that has happened to us is where we have run out of road. And we've had enough. We want to quit. We think our efforts have failed but it is only the end of the road we're on. It is a turning point, where every reason for being open to transformation is revealed to us. And all of us are at that point. Sometimes that point takes us back to the place where the road began. This is happening to me this week as I'm back at the beginning of my road, in the place where I began channeling Archangel Uriel and started this newsletter.
      This turning point may be presented as a new opportunity that terrifies us, or something that disrupts the status quo to the point that our life will never be the same again. But as scary as the change may be, we also know that it can no longer continue the way it is. Something has to change and we know, even if we do not want to admit it to ourselves, that the change has to occur within us. This is our moment of truth-are we willing to be our true selves? Are we willing to be open to a new road?
      We are all running out of road because our current path no longer suits our new post-healing purpose. Some of us will be taken back to a point where we can gather our scattered energy and make new choices. We will have the opportunity to reclaim our power so we can create a new path. Others will be presented with new pathways that may be terrifying but they speak to their most cherished dreams. And when we realize that running out of road simply means that our path has opened to new opportunities that are waiting for us to choose from among them, running out of road becomes a chance to allow all of the work we have done and the learning we have acquitted to take us in new directions.

      Uriel's Message -- Embrace Transformation and Become 
       Transformation is a new path for humanity and a gift from Source, whose desire is to enable humanity to use this energy for the purpose of becoming. Becoming is a new paradigm for humanity, it is the path of growth, change, of shifting forms and allowing new energies to merge with those of the third dimension. Becoming is the path of unfolding and allowing, of being open to shifting your forms, which is transformation. It adds to the third dimensional experience and is done without loss, but it does require release of the belief in limitation.

      Because transformation requires the movement of energy, the changing of your thinking and embracing new ways of seeing yourselves in expanded ways, it is a path that you find difficult and full of challenges. But that is only because you are often so grounded in your limitations and rooted in your beliefs that the process through which they are released can feel like much is being taken away from you. This is the third dimensional experience of becoming, where something must be lost or die so another can replace it. In higher dimensions becoming is expansive and it adds to your path without loss because it is simply a transformation, where one thing becomes another.

      Transformation is followed by a new sense of peace, as you move from constriction to limitlessness. Yet it creates fear because that which you have used to ground yourselves is removed. Transformation shifts your energies so much that rather than feeling free, you have the sense of being without a foundation, of being stranded in a sea of the unknown. This is where you have the choice of becoming and allowing your ascension to happen. Ascension is not possible unless you release what has rooted and grounded you in old belief systems so they can become at a higher level.

      Every energy exists in multiple dimensions of being. Humanity has embraced the third dimension with limited or no knowledge of the higher dimensions that have always been available to it. Teachers have come to awaken humanity to this knowledge but until it was ready, there was no energy available for becoming. It is human nature to be rooted, it is the nature of Spirit to flow freely. Transformation creates a new level of partnership between human and Spirit which allows you to find new ways to be grounded within Spirit. As you allow this energy to flow through you, you become a higher aspect of yourselves and then you are everything your soul has always known you could be.
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      Pam Dussault of Passage to Inner Joy, website
      Brenda Teagarden of Oneness Blessings, website
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      Teaching about Options
      I've been spending a lot of time with my Indigo son this week as he prepares to make a major life change in the form of a new job in a different country. As we have been busy sorting and packing his things, I have been surprised by his willingness to listen to my advice and to take suggestions about his different options. Previously, he would have been angry, mostly with himself, for not being more prepared and then at me because I can't fix everything to work out to meet his needs.

      I'm acting as referee in this situation, because he did not prepare well for this move and now has to scramble to get everything finished. Instead of getting angry and frustrated, which is a typical Indigo response, we have been discussing different options, and creating a plan to ensure that he meets his deadlines and everything is completed. For an Indigo, this is a huge step as they do not plan well and do not function under stress. And this is very stressful.

      This is a great learning experience for him and he is holding up well, considering the short timeline and the pressure he is under. More importantly, he is learning to not see the world through the narrow lens he often uses and to consider that there are multiple options he can choose from to complete his move quickly and effortlessly. Indigos tend to see one way that something can be done, usually the most difficult one, and then have a hard time envisioning that there are other, perhaps less challenging, ways that they can choose. And when things get tough, they stop moving, become frustrated and resort to anger.

      For my son this has been a lesson in adulthood, as he is learning about responsibility, planning, and timing, as well as finding other options when the one he is considering is not feasible, appropriate or possible. For me this is another example of how our Indigo children take their time in becoming adults and need their parents' help far longer than we did when we were their age. But I'm glad to be able to help him through this period and know that when it is over he will have learned some valuable life lessons, be more responsible for his choices and decisions and most importantly, have a chance to follow his dream.

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      Teaching About Options
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      Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer & Archangel Uriel January 16, 2012  Dear Friends, At the risk of sounding like a broken record (that shows my age,
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        Enlightening Your Life with Jennifer & Archangel UrielJanuary 16, 2012 
        Dear Friends,

        At the risk of sounding like a broken record (that shows my age, doesn't it!), this is the last newsletter that will be sent from my current provider. Starting Jan. 23, they will come from my new mail service. If you have not yet subscribed using the new signup boxes, please do so before Tuesday, Jan. 17. The boxes are at www.urielheals.com and www.enlighteninglife.com. Before you do that, please add info@... and support@... to your email address book and whitelist them, or add them as a preferred sender so your emails do not go into your spam or junk mail folder.
        The 2012 predictions have been posted and I'll be discussing them throughout this month. They may help you with some of the things that we experience in the upcoming months. Click here to read them now.
        Are you an Indigo or Crystal? Do you know what that is? Visit the website to see a list of traits and decide whether you are Indigo or Crystal ... or both. 
        I would like to welcome all of our new subscribers and thank you for joining the our community. To ensure that you receive the newsletters please add its email address, healing@... to your address book. All articles are copyright (c) Jennifer Hoffman and Enlightening Life OmniMedia, Inc. Reprint is allowed with author and website mention. For more information visit www.urielheals.com.
        There are over 2000 subscribers in the Earth Energy Group and you can join us by clicking this link

        New Energy, New Expressions  
        In the 2012 predictions I used the word energy in many different ways because we will, over the course of this year and beyond, have a much different perspective on energy than we have ever had before. We have looked at energy in a very simple way in the past, we used the term 'having no energy' when we feel tired and 'being full of energy' when we feel motivated and enthusiastic. But it's a far more complex process than that, as we will learn because energy is what moves us, the earth and the Universe, we are affected by and in control of it, and we're either working with it or against it.
        We are energetic beings, which is expressed in our physical body. Our muscles move because their neural synapses fire, much like a spark plug in a car. Our heart is an electrical pump and our entire nervous system works in the same way as the electrical wiring in our houses. These are automatic processes that we don't think about and yet we can control them with our thoughts. We can make ourselves sick, just as we can make ourselves well. We can raise our energy, as well as deplete it. And as we become more conscious of our place in the Universal energetic field we can become an active participant in its flow, moving and directing it at will, because that is one of the roles we play as co-creators of our lives and of the Universe.  
        Energy is present in everyone and everything, it is part of the air we breathe and within and on the earth. All of humanity has become more conscious of the earth's energy, its precious natural resources and how we interact with it physically. But we also interact energetically with the earth, which is why we are attracted to some places and not others. It's also why we are affected by the movement of the planets and the weather. We can affect that too, by monitoring and choosing our thoughts because we are both part of the earth energetic matrix and responsible for its vibrational levels. As partners with the earth, we are also partners in its evolution and ascension.
        Everything in our reality is an energetic construct, a reality that is nothing more than a reflection of our energy. With conscious intentional shifts in our energy, up or down, our reality has to shift accordingly. And this works on all levels, within humanity, the earth and the Universe. As we set an intention to integrating ourselves with our divinity and highest vibrations, that intention is magnified throughout humanity, the earth and the Universe. Imagine what would happen if everyone did this, every day. We would allow everything, everywhere to express its highest vibrations and divinity and this would indeed create heaven on earth.
        Click here to read the 2012 predictions
        The  Enlightening Life radio show 
        The next Enlightening Life radio show will be Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 8PM Central time on Blog Talk Radio. We will discuss the newsletter and readings are available to callers, dial 718-664-6504. Click here for show details.

        Previous episodes are now on Itunes. Click here to access.

        Do I Want to Know This?
        Is it better to know something, even if it is hard to hear or are we better off not knowing? This is a question I have been asked by many who inquired about the results of my cancer screen. And I haven't heard from the doctor yet, which I think is a good thing but I'm not pressuring her either because I want her to give me an advised opinion. 
        I've had the experience of knowing only part of a situation and making a decision based on partial information and it created a lot of fear and anxiety. 
        Read the full article on my blog posting by clicking here.
        You attract according to how you value yourself. From its first lesson 'You are powerful' to the last, 'Recognizing Your Miracles', the 30 Days to Everyday Miracles book and the Miracle Mastery program helps you create a powerful value statement for your life. Find out more by clicking here and reading about how you can create your miraculous life

        Uriel's Message -- Celebrate Your Failures
        Readings with Archangel Uriel offer healing, clarity, amazing insights and more. Click here for more details and to schedule a reading.         
        Is it possible that the greatest reasons to celebrate are in the form of what you would call a failure, those things that did not end as you expected or become the fulfillment of a hope or desire? How can you be happy about something that causes you sorrow and whose outcome means that you must re-create a part of your journey or find another path for your life because the one you have been on is finished? That which you call a failure is actually an expression of your soul's healing if you understand its true meaning and value.
        The meaning of a failure can be found in alignment because what you cannot create what you are not aligned with. In the past you may have been able to create a version of it but as you increase your vibrations you will notice that your failures come more quickly and with greater intensity. This is because you are being guided to follow the path of alignment, that which is aligned with your energy, your soul's desire for your highest good and greatest energetic expression. When you intend to be powerful, anything that is not an expression of that power is removed from your field of potential.
        The value of failure is disconnection from energies that do not serve you, from karmic cycles and the repetition of past behaviors. All that you know emanates from your past, other lifetimes, your karmic history and cellular memory. The highest expressions of your energy represent the path of the unknown and it will unfold with your intention. As you fail at one thing and release it with detachment, joy and forgiveness, you allow a higher expression of your energy to come forward and become part of your reality.
        Every failure is confirmation that your energy is no longer at that level and within those possibilities. There are higher potentials and energies available to you and you will invite them to become your reality when you can bless your failures and release them, knowing that this is how your soul advises you that you are no longer able to create at that level. It is also an invitation to expand your awareness of yourself, your dreams, desires and to embrace a higher potential. So celebrate your failures, be grateful for them because they are showing you that all is well, you are on the path of transformation and that another reality is waiting for you to create it.

        Bless the Babies 
        I was at an event this weekend and someone brought in a little baby, who was about  6 months old. She was very cute and very small-I have forgotten how small babies are because my own children are grown and I'm not around little babies very often. Of course everyone in the room was drawn to her, she had very sweet and gentle energy and calmly looked at everyone as they talked to her. When she looked at me I silently thanked her for being here and that I was here to support her work. She rewarded me with a big, toothless smile, she heard me and knew exactly what I was telling her.
        The new generations of children are here to continue the work that we are doing and as we go through our energetic work, we are laying a foundation for them and creating the energetic paradigms that they will have to change or can expand. In everything we do, we are creating energetic vibrations that may start in the present but they resonate in the future. Energy doesn't go away, it hangs around forever (remember all of the energy that we had to shift) which is why we benefit ourselves and all future generations by becoming more conscious of ourselves as energetic beings.
        Today's children are very energetically sensitive, which can show up as food allergies, illness, disease, irritability and behavioral issues, including autism. When they can't connect with energy or find energy they can align with, they close themselves off, reject it or become a reflection of the energy so others can know that it needs to be transformed. When we bless these children, show them that we recognize who they are, support them energetically and send them a little love, they are reminded that they are part of the continuum of transformation and ascension, and are not here alone.
        Bless a baby, any baby, all babies, it doesn't matter if it is yours, a friend's, a stranger's or a baby around the world you will never meet. I pray for the world's children every day, grateful for the work they are doing to open humanity's eyes to the need for energetic transformation through their often short lives in which they experience much suffering. But as we bless these children, sending them our love and support, we remind them that we are working together, they are part of our path as much as we are part of theirs and we are aware of their energetic needs and are conscious of our role in helping them with their work, and doing our best to help make their work easier by creating energy they can expand and multiply for the greatest good of humanity and the earth.
        Read about Indigos & Crystals

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        In This Issue
        New Energy, New Expressins
        Do I Want to Know This?
        Uriel's Message -- Celebrate your Failures
        Bless the Babies
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