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Morning Messages: Become a Stabilizer and Anchor

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    Personal Message; Message from the Team; Special Announcement; Telecast info Extended offer of Code Gratitude $88.00 Special for Private Readings Greetings to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2010
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      Personal Message; Message from the Team; Special Announcement; Telecast info

      Extended offer of Code Gratitude
      $88.00 Special for Private Readings

      Greetings to my beloved Morning Message familyMay 12, 2010

      ___________My Personal Message___________

      This morning as I write the weather is gray, overcast with expected rain. Our limited days of sunshine have certainly been precious. I have been so busy at the desk there is a longing as well as a need to work in the garden. I did make an agreement with myself to begin with at least an hour a day. I have a half acre of land which I call the Garden of the Beloved. There was a time when I spent the twilight hours each night lovingly caring for the landscape and the labyrinth. With the bounty of rain we have welcomed this year everything is green, lush and calling for care. It is so important to the balance of my life to be in the garden. (a visual of the garden is at www.peggyblack.com)

      These past weeks my office time has been spent on the exciting project of the "books." Yes I did say books. As I began to layout the eighty eight messages with drawings plus the story of the unfolding process I discovered that I had too much material for one book. At first I was disturbed and frustrated realizing if I included all the material the book would be almost 400 pages long. In speaking with the company who will be doing my marketing and printing they offered to include a second book for the initial cost. What an incredible miracle.
      So the first book is almost complete and will be ready by June and the second book is moving along very well and will be ready shortly after.  Each book will be sold separately however they will also be a set. The first will be The Morning Messages "We Are Here" Transmissions of the eighty-eight messages from the website and the incredible story of my experience how this has all unfolded. The second book will be The Morning Messages "We Are Here" Invitations. This book will include the forty-four invitations to be used as a daily guidance of conscious exercises, plus the transmissions from the 'team' that has only been available in the monthly newsletters. I am so thrilled and excited about this project. 

      It is with deep gratitude I thank the sponsors for making all this possible. I also thank each of you for your prayers, your generous donations and incredible support. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you and this work. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many individuals during private sessions. The 'team' requested that I continue to make the "code gratitude" special available since so many are experiencing financial challenges and are desiring guidance during the times of great change.  

      _________Messages from the "Team"_________

      We Are Here and we honor you with our love and support. We invite you to take a deep breath, and settle into the core of your physical form. In doing this you become an anchor for transformation. You become a stabilizer of the chaos energies in the collective consciousness. These are challenging times; these are times of great opportunities. When you anchor and stabilize, you claim your power to make a difference in what is occurring on the planet. It is time to claim and own your true magnificence and power.

      When you observe the out picturing of some occurrence, whether it is man made or a natural disaster, this is the time to immediately focus your energy and intention in the resolve and the support of those who are experiencing the tragic event. You are not a helpless observer. You are a part of the solution and the resolve.

      This is the time for you to step forward in consciousness and know that you energetically join others who are also stepping forward to welcome a different reality. Your thoughts, emotions and intentions are the energetic tools that you offer in partnership with others, in partnership with the elements of nature and in partnership with the consciousness of the planet that begins to create a shift in the outcome. Energetically joining this collective matrix of consciousness will support and assist in the uplifting, healing and transformation of the chaos. Know that without a doubt when you hold a vision of a better solution, when you imprint the quantum field of energy with more light, forgiveness and love there will be a different result. This is true for what you are personally experiencing and it is also true for the larger collective reality that you witness.

      These are the opportunities that are before you, it is by stepping into your power, and stepping into your absolute knowing that you are affecting the end results of any situation as a divine creator. When you realize you have an active and personal role in the evolutionary shift occurring in the collective consciousness of humanity you are powerful beyond measure.

      Each moment in your life offers an opportunity to raise your vibrations, adding your coherent frequency of love, joy, gratitude and appreciate to the whole. We are aware that this exercise in consciousness is most difficult especially when you are witnessing natural disasters around the world, as well as experiencing the personal adversity of job losses, health problems and family dynamics. The key is to know that you are not the victim of these circumstances, which in itself is an incredible shift of consciousness and awareness.

      Practice mentally, emotionally and visually joining others energetically in the quantum field of all possibilities. Call upon the divine powers that be, the celestial realms, the angels and the elementals to assist and support the resolve of the various natural and man made catastrophes that occur. Hold the vision of safety, and divine outcome for the good of all. Work consciously in the non-physical realms of energy to bring the perfect healing, the perfect solution, and the perfect resolve to all situations that you focus upon.

      From your sacred heart awareness, engage the power of your energy, engage the power of prayers; use the power and expression of sound to release any emotional expression either personal or in the collective, give a voice to the pain, sadness and fear that you or the collective is experiencing. When this exercise is done as a sacred and holy act, it will transform what is being held in the personal or collective emotional energy field. Replace what you have released with the intention and quality of something better and more expanded. 
      Be mindful to give yourself grace in facing these challenges. Know that divine support is ever available upon request. Call upon the assistance at all times. Invite divine presence to work through you in all your actions. Become the anchor, the stabilizer of LIGHT and TRUTH in all circumstances. Allow yourself to feel our embrace of gratitude as you step into your true magnificence and power to invoke change.

      ©2010 Peggy Black All Right Reserved. You may  share this message and distribute as long as nothing is changed, credit the author and include this copyright notice and web address.  www.morningmessages.com

      ____________Special Announcement____________

      I am planning to offer special webcast classes with Cyndi at www.metaphysicalwisdom.com.
      I am looking at several ideas,
      Allowing Prosperity, The Power of Sound and Connecting with Your Own "Team"

      Let Cyndi or myself know what appeals to you.
      There will be a small charge for these webcast classes.
      Watch for these exciting announcements.

      ____________Personal Channeled Transmission____________

      Make your appointment NOW for your personal reading/transmission.

      CODE GRATITUDE SPECIAL $88.00 for one hour session.
      Give me a call. I would love to share the "team" with you.
      They are clear, loving, humorous and expansive. You will feel their energy.

      Testimony: Good Morning Peggy, in the past 15 plus years I have more healing, activations, transmission, attunements, mastery sessions, clearing regressions, etc. than you can imagine. This session with you and the Team has definitely been among the most powerful. Thanks you very much. Blessings Cathy

      Phone my appointment line 831-335-3145 between 9:00-6:00 Pacific Time. You can also e-mail your phone number and time zone to: apersonalmessage@...
      A half hour channeled transmission of guidance for $55.00 or an hour for $111.00. Audio file of transmission sent free.  A CD of the transmission is an additional $10.00 for shipping and handling.

      ____________Telecast Information____________

      Join me for June 2nd telecast with Cyndi &
      May 16th telecast with Randy.

      All information is on the website www.morningmessages.com on the telecast link.
      JOIN the FREE "Wisdom Wednesdays" Always the first Wednesday of the month with me, Cyndi Silva and the "We Are Here" team
      DATE & TIME:  June 2nd, July 7th 2010  
      1:00 pm Eastern, 12:00 noon Central, 10:00 am Pacific
      FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone)

      The link to the telecast and the free archived telecasts are found on www.metaphysicalwisdom.com               
      There is an audio file for the May 5th, 2010 "Powerful Alchemical Process" 

      FREE Telecast hosted by Randy Monk

      DATE & TIME:
      Sunday,  May16, 2010 at
      11:00am Pacific, 12:00 Noon Mountain, 1:00pm Central, 2:00pm Eastern,
      7:00 pm London, 8:00pm CET
      FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)

      Please note that the access phone number has changed.
      Phone-Number to Dial:
      (408) 490-3078
      Backup Phone Number:
        (703) 344-2171
      Use Conference ID:

      USA Local Access Numbers*: http://nconnects.com/Local/
      If you are not sure what time this event is in your area follow the link below.
      The telecast will be Pacific Time (San Francisco,California).

      Randy Monk can be reached at  www.TimelyGuidance.com and  www.AskArchangelMichael.com


      Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those, beloved supporters who surprise me their financial gifts. May your gifts multiply a thousand fold  with grace and ease.

      Donations are appreciated to help fund the technology, this website and services required to make these message available on a global scale so that people everywhere might benefit.

      Thank each of you for your kind donations. You have been so very generous.  Thank You for your support. Click to Donate

      I send you my deep love and gratitude for our connection. You have truly enriched my life. Thank you each personally for your support and love. 

      Blessings of grace and joy, Peggy
      Transducer, Scribe and Witness

      Share freely, pass this site on to others, and
      stay in your joy, gratitude, and appreciation.



      Morning Messages P. O. Box 199 Felton, CA 95018

      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
      The Universal Heart Center

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