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Loving Yourself Is Holographic to Loving Others By DL Zeta

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    Loving Yourself Is Holographic to Loving Others By DL Zeta Self-Love is the Foundation of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2010
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      Loving Yourself Is Holographic to Loving Others By DL Zeta

      Self-Love is the Foundation of the New Earth, Part 2

      It is difficult to love others if you don’t love yourself. The relationship with yourself is holographic to the relationship
      you have with others. Everyone in your life reflects to you some aspect of yourself. You draw to you those who vibrate in resonance with some aspect of your own energy.

      Discovering Aspects of Yourself You Don't Love

      Your relationships with others can help you discover aspects of yourself you have not yet loved. If a person reflects to you some aspect of yourself you don't love, this can trigger a reaction. This is something to pay attention to. It is the feelings you have about parts of yourself you don't yet love that stand in the way of unconditional love. Before you can experience true love, you must love every part of yourself, even those parts you don't believe are worthy of love.

      If there is a part of yourself that is not giving, or who is unkind to others, send this part of yourself love. This part of you is crying out for love in the only way it knows how. If you look closely at these behaviors, you will find younger aspects of yourself who do not feel loved. You can talk to these aspects and ask them why they feel as they do. Most always, you will find at the root of these behaviors misunderstandings stemming from an emotional wound.

      Ask these parts what you can do to help them heal. By reaching out to these wounded parts of yourself, you are handing them the lifeline you have always wished someone would extend to you. This is self-love, which requires patience and forgiveness, the focus of a quiet mind, the willingness to listen, the willingness to release judgment and the courage to face your fears. These are all qualities of love. The person who has learned to practice these qualities within themselves knows how to extend these qualities out to the world.

      Self-Love Creates the Foundation for the New Earth

      Imagine how different the world would be if each person on the Earth practiced self-love. There would no longer be wars or violence. There would no longer be murder or cruelty to animals. Scarcity consciousness, unkindness, negative emotions and "un-love" would not exist in such a world.

      This is because a person who is in harmony within themselves is in harmony with all others. As each person practices self-love, this naturally extends to all beings on the planet and the planet itself. Each day becomes another glorious dance with spirit. Every day shines new light into every decision, every action, every intention, every thought and every feeling you have.

      Excerpt from Manifesting Your Inner Soulmate in Physical Reality By DL Zeta
      & Meeting a Soulmate in Consciousness: a Guided Meditation
      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.com/

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