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Stalking Preferred Realities and the Journey of Awakened Consciousness by DL Zeta

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  • DL Zeta
    Stalking Preferred Realities and the Journey of Awakened Consciousness by DL Zeta There is a location in consciousness, in what you think of as time -- where
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      Stalking Preferred Realities and the Journey of Awakened Consciousness by DL Zeta

      There is a location in consciousness, in what you think of as time – where the energetic zip code of what you seek to manifest exists at the energetic level. To bring your intended manifestation into your physical reality, you will need to stalk it in consciousness. You can't stalk it in physical reality because it is not yet in the physical. People who attempt to stalk their desires in the physical soon become discouraged as their desires prove elusive. Those who persevere sooner or later find the seed of their intended creations within themselves and begin to energize it in their physical reality.

      The Art of Stalking Preferred Realities

      To clarify, stalking in this context is a process of intention combined with alert listening and observation. When you set an intention to bring something into physical reality, you make a commitment to do whatever it takes to realize your intention. The awakened person makes commitments based on the visions they receive from their higher self. The moment the commitment is made, this person has no idea what will be involved in following through with the intention to follow their vision. This is by design. It is the journey undertaken to bring the desired reality into being that distills the spiritual understandings being sought.

      The average person falls into judgment with themselves because they don’t know how to bring their visions into being. The awakened person trusts that once they commit to their vision, they enter into a relationship with the universe where insights, guidance and resources are provided within the moment they are needed to bring their vision into reality. All they need do is show up each day with an awakened heart, mind and consciousness and participate.

      The phrase “within the moment” is particularly important here. This is where the stalking comes in. In order to enter a state of alert listening and observation, once must by definition remain awake. Those who are not yet awakened fear the awakened state because on some level they recognize the responsibility this requires and the tsunami of change it triggers. Everyone in the evolution of their soul passes through the unawakened state and weaves in and out of it depending on the lessons they are working on.

      There are many now who are attempting to enter greater levels of awakened consciousness. This can be a painful process of sifting through unprocessed emotions and learning to walk through the world in a new way. Once their emotions are healed and cleansed, the newly-awakened person is free to begin stalking realities and experiences aligned with their new gifts of vision.

      Cultivating the Skill of Transparency

      Transparency is an awakened skill that allows one to master the art of stalking preferred realities. As your spiritual eyes open, you begin to see through many things in the world. You may see others behaving in ways that don’t serve their growth and well-being, but you don’t respond to their behavior emotionally or attempt to change them. In this way, you respect each person’s need to grow and learn.

      As a person cultivates transparency, they learn to observe and pass through many situations with a trusting and open heart.

      The Awakened Person’s Journey

      The awakened person’s journey is a process of discovering how they will view and experience reality. This is sometimes referred to as discovering one’s spiritual purpose but we won’t use those words in this discussion because they have become so overused they no longer hold the power to open doors in consciousness.

      Each person has, encoded within their consciousness, the intention they set for their present lifetime. The awakened person recognizes this and begins stalking to learn about this intention. During the course of this inner journey, they will find themselves in many locations on the map of their own consciousness. There will be times when they encounter some aspect of themselves that is in need of healing and they must find within themselves the resonance needed to bring healing. There will be times when one encounters within themselves deep strongholds of resistance that requires focus and attention to transform resistance into harmony.

      Surrendering the Need for Approval

      The awakened person must keep their own council because there are few who understand the processes and journeys they undertake. In fact, often in the eyes of the world such journeys seem odd and ill-advised. To awaken to the universe is to surrender the need for outer approval. It is to release any claim one holds to self-pity and take complete responsibility for oneself. The awakened person learns to reduce their needs to the bare minimum in order to free themselves. They learn to channel their guidance within each moment and work with nature spirits to create a better world.

      Finally, and we will leave you with this thought, which we will expand in a later segment. The awakened person stalks the realities they prefer by working with their field of possibilities and cultivating and energizing the probabilities most aligned with their highest vision. Many threads of reality run parallel to each other. These threads are but a heartbeat from each other energetically but in physical reality they are worlds apart. It is through intention and stalking that one chooses the threads they will energize and experience.

      For more information, visit http://www.celestialvision.org

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