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Colleen Joy: a 1 minute message on family healing

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  • Ash
    Dear Friends For this week, I thought of sending you a very short inspirational and insightful message about family healing. Family Healing is one of the 6
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2010
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      Dear Friends

      For this week, I thought of sending you a very short inspirational and insightful message about family healing.
      Family Healing is one of the 6 Mastery workshops we teach as a part of the ILS Mastery courses.

      This video is available for you to watch. It's only a minute long...


      Insightful message about Family Healing (Lesson 17):  

      When I was young, I lay on the edge of our swimming pool drying in the warm sunshine, with my one hand hanging over the edge, dangling in the water. Isn’t it wonderful how when as children, we could totally lose ourselves in a simple moment, like the way your hand feels when it touches water? I would lift my hand ever so gently out of the pool and would try not to make the water move. No matter how hard I tried, the movement would make ripples that radiated out to pool.

      That day I let the water teach me. Our lives are like that pool; we make ripples because we are here, because we exist. We can’t help making ripples, life forces us to live. Complete stillness, without movement is impossible, if you are breathing, your chest is moving and you are held in the rhythm of life. So you can either dance with life or try to fight its calling you to live and to breathe. To fight life is to live in pain; to dance with life is to welcome joy.

      You don’t need to be “good” or “perfect” to make ripples; if there is you, there are ripples. In fact there is only your presence and the ripples of your existence. If you heal just a tiny bit of your love for yourself today, that will be what ripples from you; this will be the new gift of what you bring to the pond of life. By healing yourself, by loving yourself, you change the ripples – that’s your gift. Trying to remove yourself from life, for fear of the consequences, still has consequences, still has ripples. You belong to life and life is calling you to dance, to breathe and to free who you are.

      I played with the ripples, letting single drops of water fall from my finger, and watching to see how the light played in the patterns that would form in the water. It occurred to me that no matter what we do, every move we make affects us all. At some deeper level we are connected by the water of humanity. Our wounds are shared, our healing is shared. By healing your heart, by looking after you, you make a difference to us all.

      Today, while I write this email to you, I look out of my window at the large pond next to my house, some ducks are moving gracefully and ripples follow them. So today I think of you and how the gift of e-mail and technology helps us all to connect across the pond. I get so many e-mails, thanking me for the 7 years of these e-mail lessons, but today I want to thank you, because you remind me of the pond and the way we are all connected.    

      So today’s lesson is simple, think about the fact that you and I, and all of us, are connected, and find 1 way this week to make your ripples be ripples of healing, love and joy.

      • your healing is one of your greatest contributions to us all

      All best


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      'May we live in peace without weeping. May our joy outline the lives we touch without ceasing. And may our love fill the world, angel wings tenderly beating.'
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