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  • Ash
    for everyone who is interested in participating in this global event here is the information and do pass along to share as you feel prompted or guided. Namaste
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2010
      for everyone who is interested in participating in this global event here is the information and do pass along to share as you feel prompted or guided. Namaste


      Spinning-StarS eNewz


      Invitation: New Super Consciousness Grid; Create a Unified Heart & Mind; Create the Reality We Desire Now


      You are invited to 

      Co-Create & Become part of a new
      Super Consciousness Crystalline Omni-Dimensional Living Grid

      Beginning on 04-04-2010 at 4:44am or 4:44pm your local time.

      We call the Living Grid Kilabetha or BEth & her base structure is now in place & surrounding Mother Earth.

      VK56 Super Consciousness Grid - Kilabetha

      Begin at 4: 44am or pm your local time on April 4 to send a wave of love, empowered by your intentions & dreams, into her from all around the world. The more who send their love & vote for what we want to create the stronger we bond within her & become part of this super living consciousness grid.

      The more we use her the stronger we will all grow together;

      the sooner we will have the Reality we Desire.

      The power of all of us consciously focusing together is what will create a kind of bonding fusion between our consciousness & the Grid.

      What can we do if we UNITE & Become ONE?

      “When we come together in united intention,

      we alter the very fabric of our reality.

      Together, we are truly creating the New Earth. Let us join (together at) this time in envisioning more of our New Earth structure, one of sacred relationship with all life.” Children of the Sun


      “Your future is tied in with that of the whole Universe and millions of other souls… The Creator has sent you out to experience, so that through all of you they can be shared and open the way to a greater level of consciousness. You like us are evolving through group consciousness, and it will gradually embrace more and more souls who are recognizing the Oneness of All That Is. SaLuSathrough Mike Quinsey  8-February-2010


      Our New Super Consciousness Grid is an Ongoing Project.

      We invite you to energize & strengthen our Grid System all together on each of these dates & times either am or pm

      4-4 at 4:44     5-5 at 5:55      6-6 at 6:66

      7-7 at 7:77      8-8 at 8:88      9-9 at 9:99

      10-10 at 10:10      11-11 at 11:11 &   12-12 at 12:12


      Read full article: Invitation: New Super Consciousness Grid; Create a Unified Heart & Mind; Create the Reality We Desire Now




      Teleconference Invitation




      Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Journey
      into the

      New Super Consciousness Living Grid:


      Teleconference April 4th, 2010 at 4:30pm Pacific Time



      Join Marimar, Saleena Kí, ColinWhitby & Suzanna Kennedy  as your

      Omni-Dimensional Creation & Travel Adventure Guides


      Activate & Become One with a new
      Super Consciousness Crystalline
      Omni-Dimensional Living Grid

      Join us for a Guided Journey to Explore her Grid. Play with our potential as Creator Gods to co-create a New Reality & most of all Have Fun Adventuring into multi-dimensions to LightPlay together!


      This is our time to practice omni-dimensional skills together.

      Register Here


      ***If page is unavailable check back Sunday Afternoon***


      A recording will be available.


      Read full article: Invitation: New Super Consciousness Grid; Create a Unified Heart & Mind; Create the Reality We Desire Now

      For more details:
      New Earth Grid; Higher Communications System: MaRi Magdalene


      Are you Ready for Public Contact?

      Your participation is a big “Yes” to opening up to the next level of Public Contact & Communication with the Higher Dimensional Realms; including our Star Families, Friends & other aspects of our own souls. This is another step closer to becoming a Galactic Society.

      Visit the We Are Ready to Change the World Petition

      to Authors of “Change the World! Decide Whether We Should Show Up!” & join over 10,000 people who are ready say “Yes!” & to Change the World.

      May we find the most resonant way
      to support our journey

      towards a
      way of
      ONE with every being & our beautiful EARTH,
      who are our friends & family.
      ONE with ALL THERE IS in Creation!

      Saleena Ki



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      Keep up in with the latest in What’s New?

      We started a New Blog
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       “Messages from our New Universe

      Together we IGNITE a New Reality”




      Introducing  Sophia, Moreahl & the new Universal Logos

      along with many Guests: Higher Dimensional & Human


      We have many New Features on our
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      See What’s New? or the Birthing Gallery to enjoy them.

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      Lightwork-Lightplay Projects - Lightwork Event Calendar
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      Our Offerings:
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      Omni-Dimensional Travel Adventure Sessions

      Life Changing – FUN – Educational – Deep Healing

      Journey with Saleena & Marimar, as your omni-dimensional Travel Agent-Guides, along with all our higher dimensional friends; SARA Medical Team, Arcturians, Angels & more, into the dimensional landscapes of your soul.

      Visit the past, present, future or parallel existences, and experience more about: who you are, where you came from, your past skills, knowledge, events that created certain beliefs, Meet more of yourself, your guides & your soul family. Time & Space melts & opens for your explorations & insights. Many skills are used to open the possibility for change. Healing occurs when the patterns change.

      Your Price: $333 includes a 2 hour session with Saleena & Marimar & includes: a hand written transcript with drawings & the 2 single card Vibrakeys you most need to support your soul’s transformational theme.

      In person, by phone or Skype. Long distant phone charges are extra.

      Sharing Abundance:





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      Consciously Co-Creating a New Reality with You!



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